Perfect, perfect, perfect!


"Your sister is your mother.
Your father is your brother.
You all f*ck one another.
The XXXX family."

Don't get mad at me if I have offended you. This is one of the song the FC United fans chant to the rival team, and to be honest, it is such a catchy tune! (Adams family tune) Don't get the fans wrong, this is only a 'joking' song meaning no harm or offense to anyone, it is just a bit of fun and the rival teams know that. There are plenty of tunes that stick in your head, but this one beats them all.

I was singing it, well screeching like a cat being dragged through a hedge backwards, yesterday morning. Over and over and over again. Why, oh  why, must this tune stick into my head when all I wanted was a peaceful morning?

Speaking of peaceful mornings, for the last few days there has been no noise in the flat above which is so strange because there is normally arguing, moving things about, music being played loudly, or.. yano... sexual activities.. *awkward.* Maybe the people above have been killed, or killed each other, or FINALLY moved out of the building. I hope it's the last one, I hated it when they kept making so much noise, but I do not wish death upon somebody. 

The day had started off slowly with the sun shining through the decorated lace curtains that cover the large window of the bedroom. Humid heat came through as if we have had the heating on all night; though it is not hot outside, nor summer, there shouldn't have been that much heat coming in.

Half-asleep I wandered into the front room, clicked on the switch for the TV, slumped on the couch and switched on my too-small-shitty-notebook of a laptop to begin my day of Blogging. Daniel decided that he would take a walk down to the shop to get more milk and bread so he can make a lovely morning cup of tea and a couple slices of toast - I reckon I am the most traditional English girl ever. Haha, not likely, there are an uncountable amount of people who love a morning cuppa and toast, wait.. even better.. crumpets. Yum!

Anyhow, Daniel strolled back into the flat, switched on the kettle, put the bread in the toaster, and started to make me my lovely breakfast. It was 13:00pm so it shouldn't even be breakfast, it is then classed as Dinner isn't it? Brunch? Brunch, let's stick with that! 

With our brus made, breakfast eaten, and the TV on, Daniel and I had begun our usual days work.. doing nothing except our hobbies. It is a career to be self-unemployed isn't it? Ah, but we are still looking for jobs right now, just in this day and age, it is really hard to get a job as soon as you want it, or even at all for that matter.

Has anyone put their CV on their blog?
Is it too much of a risk to do so?
Has it worked and got you a job?
Please help.

If you are an employer for an Advertising Company, please get in touch. Or any other employer - I would be extremely happy to either be: an Advertiser, copywriter or journalist. Please see my Contact Me page is you are interested. 

I have done the usual:
1. Go online, find a job I am interested, send my application with my CV and Cover letter attached, and not hear anything at all. Waste of time.
2. Gone outside to the shops so I can hand in CVs and Cover letters face to face... to get nothing at all. AGAIN.

For a matter of fact, it would be so much easier if we were in the olden days and we could easily walk into a shop and ask for a job. It was literally that simple. Now applying for jobs is just *ridonkulous and takes the piss. No one wants to spend their time applying for jobs online or even walking around the all the shops in hope that one company will hire you. 

I find CVs and cover letters pointless; we all know that no manager reads a whole CV, they read the first few boxes of information and then puts it to one side. If you can't make the few boxes in your CV interesting, then you're well and truly fucked. 

We all know that they are also pointless due to the fact you can never tell what the person is really like until you meet them face to face. Anyone can write a whole load of bollocks on their CV and Cover letter to make themselves sound better than they actually are, but on the other hand, people can be so much better than they are on their CV. Maybe they aren't that good at writing and expressing themselves through words, maybe they can express themselves through actions and showing people what they are capable of. 

The only job you can get nowadays through a CV is a sales/customer service job, which is either a Call Centre or door to door sales. I ain't doing any of them. I would rather be unemployed that embarrass myself. Who wants to be a door to door sales person where people slam doors in your face or verbally abuse you, OR have people slam the phone down on you or verbally abuse you if you work in a Call Centre. No one wants that. Especially not me.

Where was I before the whole CV topic popped up? Oh yeah, well seen as Daniel and I are not working at the moment, we have had more time together to do things we haven't done for a while due to stress from work and not having any spare time. I, especially, have had sooo much more time to blog, where I am creating long blog posts every single day. I am able to write down more thoughts, feelings, emotions, views, and opinions in my blog. which is benefiting me. As i don't carry a diary around, I love to do an online journal where other people are free to read my thoughts.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to read my blog.

Le Fiance is currently playing the game Ultras, which is shockingly the worst game ever. (To know what game I am on about, please check the Archives, I am not sure which post it is, so you can have a fun game of 'Guess Where.') Whilst he is playing that *ridonkulous game, I am free to watch whatever I want on the TV without him complaining; i normally put chick flicks, rom coms, or soaps on so I can catch up on them. Daniel can be on that stupid game all day, but to be honest, it isn't much of a problem. The worst thing is, I can hear *click* *click* *beep* *beep* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *crash* *beep* etc etc etc fooooking etc!! 


You all read yesterday's soppy post about how I miss my friend *James. Well he ad read it and now everything is sorted after talking through what we had both argued about; I feel so much better it is all out in the open and I can finally have my best friend back. 

My life is perfect, perfect, perfect!

Anyhow... I have applied for a fair few amount of jobs today but they are all office jobs, not that they are bad, I would just love to have a job in an area that I dream of doing. I am also going to do a course which helps me get a job in China so I can teach English to pupils - it would benefit me because I can travel to the country I most want to go to, plus I will be educating pupils on how to speak English. Whilst doing that, I will also be learning Chinese myself. It's great to explore to world and learn new things.

Daniel is also looking to teach English in China so we can both be in the same country, live together, and work in the same area earning almost the same amount of money depending on where we are placed in schools. 

Oh god.. Daniel is now on that stupid Ultras game; I hope he puts it on silent! I think I might start cooking tea and putting on my shows that I need to catch up on.

This is quite a long blog, so I shall just stop now before you get bored.

Adios Amigos!


*ridonkulous - a word i use that mean ridiculous, but sounds much more jazzy.

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