Preparing yourself for the expected

My views are going UP UP UP! 

Which I am pleasantly surprised about - even the viewers are from all over the world! 

I shall keep blogging everyday to where I am keeping my viewers, and of course, myself happy. Though some blog entries may not be the usual long and/or opinionated self, I will still blog about my day to day life and happenings - even if they are short and less interesting.

When I first started blogging, I really thought that I would just write an online journal, not caring about the people around, but then thinking twice, I knew that I would really care about my viewers.

I do not:
1. Bad mouth anyone
2. Get people down about themselves
3. Bad mouth companies or people I do/have worked for
4. Slate anyone or make them feel shitty
5. Make fun of anyone
6. Swear... a lot
7. Get hate mail

1(a) I will never bad mouth anyone or make fun of how they look, write, or even live their lives. People are who they are whether others like it or not. I am all for unique and outrageous outfits and attitudes; even the simple outfits and attitudes are great to read about or even see. Everyone is unique and are themselves, and I admire those who are different to the rest of society. Except ex-boyfriends who I would happily shoot. (Have a sense of humour if you have just took that seriously.)
2(a) This relates to 1(a). Anyone can say something horrible to someone and they will just brush it off, but then people can go too far and make them feel down, so down that they may hurt themselves or worse.
3(a) I never will bad mouth a company no matter how much i hate them and they make me want to bring their business down brick by brick. I have dignity so I will not do that. A business is a business, the person may be a complete and utter dick, but you should never jeopardize their company and lifestyle. If you do that, then you are jeopardizing their life, home, family and emotions - it's just wrong.
4(a) + 5(a) Please see 1(a) and 2(a)
6(a) I don't swear a lot. Yes I may say the odd curse word when I am angry, but I still don't put anyone or anything down in the doing.
7(a) Believe it or not, after 7 months of blogging, I have not had one single hate mail and I am pretty proud of that. Okay,, I am going to sound obnoxious, big headed, and self-centred right now, but what is there really to hate about my blog? Like seriously, what do I blog that will make anyone email me and make me feel down about what I am like and how I blog. My blog is spotless!

Thus, I genuinely want to keep my viewers happy but also make myself happy at the same time. I will NOT and I mean NOT change the way I write or express my feeling, thoughts, views, or opinions for anyone or anything. You can tell me if I am too harsh (only if it is necessary) and I will change the post... if I feel like it. 

Seeing my views going up, makes me feel more confident about myself and the way I pursue the way I express my thoughts, feeling, emotions, views, and opinions in each and every entry. 

Those whom have been reading my blog from day one, I thank you for being by my side through the happenings of these past 7 months. Those whom are new to my blog, please do keep reading, I am grateful to you as well. 

Right now, blogging is my life - it is taking over my life! I really should stop looking at my Statistics because it is over powering my blogging. Every time I see my statistics, I go blogging-mad... or is that actually a bad thing?

It has its perks!

I see everyday other bloggers getting hate mail and having people try to put them down when the blogger is simply expressing her/his feelings, emotions and thoughts upon a subject. Some bloggers put humour into their blogs to show that they are not serious about some of the things they say, but I guess you have to have the same sense of humour as them. Some people may take things the wrong way, therefore making me watch what I say.

Should I really watch what I say seeing as this is MY blog?
If it is MY blog, should I watch my mouth too?
Am I really free to say what I want seen as this is a free world?
Are bloggers really restrained from saying what they think?

These are things fellow bloggers have to chance. If they say something wrong when they don't mean to, then would they get stick for it and end up having haters sending hate mail, commenting horribly on the blog, making the blogger feel bad about themselves, or simply making a forum for a ""?

People say "you shouldn't care what others think about you" but whether you like it or not, those things that are said will hurt and stick in your head. I dread the day that people start hating on me and my blog and sending me horrible emails and making me feel like shit.

Even with me writing this entry right now and knowing full well there will, eventually, be people commenting horrible things, I know that I am prepared. I shouldn't have to prepare myself, but now, in today's society, it's something that must be done. You never know what or whom is around the corner to 'shit on your parade' (make you feel down about something you love doing.)

If anyone starts a forum on either "anti-laurennicoleohara" or "ihatelaurennicoleohara" or something similar then please send the link via email or comment the links to me below. It would literally make me laugh and give me something to piss myself at every day. Maybe I should start up my own forum for that and see who comments on them haha! I am so weird.

I am not attention seeking if any of you are thinking exactly that. I am currently at a 'bloggers-block.' To be honest, I have actually forgot what little story I was going to write for you.. whoops..

Oh wait...





I think it's coming back!



I remember!!

Yeah, so let me tell you a little funny story. Well it wasn't funny at the time because I nearly shit myself.. literally.

Okay, so one fine drizzly afternoon about a month ago, (i'm in England don't forget) I was just sat on the toilet, doing my business (TMI?) and I looked down and out crawled a rather big spider. It was chilling there right on the toilet seat. I screamed - I was horrified!! I think it popped out to say "hello" but i wasn't having it. 

Immediately standing up, I grabbed some toilet roll and squished the bastard to death, then I said:

"See you little ugly creep, you don't crawl out from under the toilet seat whilst I am doing my business, who do you think you are? You shouldn't have been born, we humans hate you species and we don't need you. Yes you eat all the flies, but I would rather have flies that you eight legged freaks crawling around like the big-men you think you are. You know what, I squished you for your own good. Go to hell."

So I flushed the spider down the toilet and carried on with my business.

I didn't really say that, I am not some psychopathic freak that talks down to spiders. The only think that goes down is my foot squishing the mutants. 

But imagine just sitting down doing your business and a spider comes out from under the seat and decides to chill there until you notice and stand up and scream. You would be as horrified as I was!

From then on, I lift up the toilet seat, check round the toilet bowl, and cross my fingers that there isn't another spider that will surprise me - the bathroom is NOT a place you want to get surprised in. The only good thing is, if you are so scared and you literally shit yourself, you are already on the toilet so you're safe from embarrassment. 

Anyway... remember:
Prepare yourself for the expected.


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