Reflecting on past posts

Below you will see my first six ever blog entries and I want to share them with you. Those who have been reading my blog since day one, you will be able to be reminded how cute and how simple my posts used to be. I, myself, can see a huge difference in the way I write today than how I used to write in September 2013.

If you have been reading my blog since day one, you will remember that my blog used to only be called Life as an Independent Woman, but now it is Lauren Nicole O'Hara, Life as an Independent Woman. Sometimes I wish that I had kept it the same and kept the blog address the same, but I know that I can't turn it back to how it was because everyone I know now knows my blog address as haha. 

The reason I am sharing these first posts is so I can remind myself how far I have come. It gives me a boost to keep on writing every day like I do now, and gives me a reason to keep on trying to make my entries the best they can be.

Please take a look at the six entries below. They are short and simple. I think they are cute.

Starting an independent Life

At 18 years old and starting a new life as an independent woman, I don’t know how hard it will be living in a new flat and moving away from parents. No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow or in the near future, we just hope for the best and work our arses off for the best future we could possibly want. As I have very recently just moved into a small flat in a town called Crumpsall with my 19 year old boyfriend, Daniel, I expect it to be hard and not all ‘butterflies and rainbows,’ lets be realistic, we have bills to pay. Daniel and I are happy to work hard to make a living, we work, pay bills and keep a roof over our head. Some people may think that just because young people have now got a flat and starting their own lives, that they think that we will fail and go back to living with our parents. No, let’s be honest now, young people are just as capable as every other older adult out there, we just need trust and we will full fill that.

Working Class Woman

Working in the Hospitality Industry can really take a toll on me; finishing shifts at early hours and then having to wake up some days at 5am to work all over again. Thankfully, it’s flexible working for the hospitality agency, ‘Mint Staff solutions.’ What annoys me most about working at events is the arrogance and the disrespect that some people give towards my fellow colleagues and I. I mean c’mon, we’re serving them their food and they complain or give attitude, worst of all they are sarcastic, especially Directors, my apologies to the polite Directors! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of polite and respectful people out there, thank goodness. As a working class girl as young as I am, there aren’t many jobs available where employers employ my age range; they just don’t feel comfortable. People in my age range are capable of challenges that are involved in any career at any level. Employers want experienced workers, but how do they expect us to have experience if we can’t get a job in that area in the first place? Where is the common sense? I am moirĂ© than greatful for Mint Staff Solutions!

First Flat Flaws

I am extremely excited to be living in a flat with Daniel where everything is new and exciting and we are finally where we want to be in our relationship. We know everything isn’t going to be perfect and there will be some complications with the flat. Take today for instance, we turned the oven on and the fuse box decided to blow. Having to call the electrician to fix the fuse box so we can have soup… yes soup, is hilarious. Now let’s get serious, when you’re my age and just paid the four hundred pound deposit for your flat, you’re pretty much left with next-to-nothing. How are you suppost to pay for food? Well as I have found out, you have to limit yourself especially as you have other bills to pay. Figure out how much you would like to spend on food for the month, don’t go mad; smart-price does the trick. Then when it’s the next pay day, you can then buy decent products for a tasty, filling meal.  It is definitely not easy, you will struggle at first, as I well know, but you can push through. I believe you can.

Be the Unorthodox

Do people realise how hurtful things they say about someone can really be? Why are people so judgemental? Every single day people are bullied and put down by others who are just plain jealous of the other person’s lifestyle. People are different and UNIQUE, stop judging others! Being different is better than being the same as everyone else, no one likes a copy cat so why do people expect others to be and act like them? One day these judgemental people will grow up and realise how ridiculous and pathetic they really are; putting people down and getting a ‘buzz’ out of it. Are they for real? You look around and you don’t see anyone that looks and dresses the same, everyone has their own style, taste, attitude and lifestyle. These arrogant, self centred people need to look at facts and see that they are yet just another member of the public who need to grow up and accept others for who they are. I admire those who stand out from the crowd with crazy piercings, tattoos, clothing and hair colour(s) because these people show others that society doesn’t have to be the same, we don’t have to follow others! I love being different, I have half my hair shaved with a pattern, a tattoo on my right ankle and I dress my way. I don’t follow a crowd; I am Me. Be unique and love it! Don’t let anyone else get you down because you are beautiful, unique and different!

Derby Day Shift

Being a chef at Etihad Stadium in Manchester is such a great shift to do and I love the pressure. It was derby day today where Manchester United played against Manchester City. The score was 4-1 to Manchester City. Anyway, back to what I was talking about; it may be hectic at times being a Chef but if you’re organised and know exactly what you are doing then the day just flows. My boss, Head Chef Gavin, is extremely helpful and such an easy guy to get along with, as he is the type of person you can have a laugh with and he doesn’t get worked up if you’ve made a mistake; he will stay calm and help you fix the problem. Daniel also works for mint Staff Solutions so he was also a Chef on the Etihad Stadium shift, he is such a good Chef and he know exactly what to do and is so organised! I love how Daniel and I work for the same agency, it is so convenient and I love working with him!

Daniel and I

Being in this new flat with Daniel is such a good feeling and I am more than happy to be living with him! So far we are managing on little money; we are having to get lifts to work because we can’t spend any money on travel. We know that as soon as we get our next wage we will be absolutely fine. People doubt us, even family but Daniel and I are determined to prove them all wrong. If you are young and just moved into a flat with a partner or on your own with little money, then you know how hard it is. No matter what, do NOT give up! You will push through the hard times and you will come out on top, you will feel so proud to accomplish what you have been longing for! Keep your head up and carry on, it will all be worth it. Today, I accomplished my first long-hour cleaning shift at Event City in Manchester. I am normally a food server/waitress but I decided that I would take today’s job as a cleaner. It was hard work but everything has been done so it was worth it; it is now spotless! Daniel was at Event City as well but he was a Porter; lifting heavy part of Bars! I’d say we are good at our jobs, as we just get on with our shifts and get the job done!

Look how far I have come in Blogging

After looking at the posts above, I realise that I have come so far in my writing skills. Those few posts are so short but simple, but now I am able to write so much and be proud of what I have written. I want to please both myself and my readers and so far, I think I am accomplishing that. 

I have noticed that in these past couple days, viewers have read my Daniel and I post and it was quite surprising because that was my sixth blog post and I have over 130 blog posts now. It seems that it isn't just me that has taken a look at my first ever posts.

People have complimented how I write, but back to when I first started, I didn't get many compliments. Though not many people knew I blogged because I was on the 'down low,' I thought that people would hate my writing and I was slightly embarrassed. My embarrassment has completely gone and I really couldn't care less if someone hates my post because in all honesty, it isn't their place to tell me what I should and shouldn't be writing about.

You all know by now that this is MY blog with MY thoughts, opinions, views, emotions and feelings going into this blog and I put my heart and soul into it. I spend hours on end every day typing up my post entries and making sure they are spot on. I do make some grammar mistakes so I have to go back and read over what I have just typed so it makes sense to everyone and people can understand what I am on about more clearly.

I think the posts above are actually cute and a good start to my blog. My favourite post out of them six is the Be the unorthodox because it truly came from the heart, plus it is so true. I love how unique people are, I don't get scared if people are different to me - I find it fascinating. There are so many different dress senses and it is amazing what someone can put together!  

I was first so shy to blog, so those posts were sort of a little diary entry and view. Now, today, I can express more about my thoughts, views, opinions and feeling in my blog and can write them down no problem.

Knowing most of my readers like what they read, I do keep them in mind to keep them happy as well as myself. There is no point just making myself happy when I might be making my viewers angry or upset with something I have so carelessly typed down.

Comments would be great on my blog because I can get feedback and see what people really think of my blog posts. I would also love to see the age range, countries and gender that most of my viewers are so I can see what I can do more for them. Please do leave comments! Even if the comments are simply your age and gender, I would appreciate it so much and I can have a better idea of my audience.


ps// don't forget to vote for me for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 for the Best Newcomer blog award! 


  1. I think it's important to look back to where you came from for sure! I think it's awesome to see how you've developed overtime. Saw your link on Jenny's post today!

  2. Nichole I completely agree with you :)

    Ahh cool I forgot my link was on there haha!


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