Summer time!

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I was having a great day at my parent's house with Daniel and enjoying the summer sun.


I can't believe how hot it has been, I was shocked to even get burnt - my shoulders and back are burnt, ugh! At least it will turn into a tan and I won't be as white! 

The day started off where Daniel and I had to wake up at 09:30am (normally we will wake up at 13:00pm because we are lazy) as my mum was picking us both up at 11:00am to take us to my Nana and Grandad's for a visit. We haven't seen them in a while, so going there was great. I missed them loads.

Once we had spent time with my grandparents, mum drove Daniel and I to her house so we could spend the day there. though Hayley had work soon, Daniel, Hayley and I decided that we would spend some time at the local pub in the beer garden to enjoy an ice cold drink and the sun the typical British way. (I don't half make the British sound like drunks haha!)

Typically, Daniel wouldn't smile for the camera. He was quietly enjoying the Budweiser I had bought him so I thought I would leave him alone to enjoy the sun and his beer. I can't believe he wore black when it is super hot outside (black sucks in the heat than brighter colours which reflect some of it.)

Hayley having a blast with all her pub friends and wearing only a workout bra and shorts. Yano, because she's a bloke. Kidding, she's just a tom-boy. I actually like this photo a lot, even if I used Dayre's filter to make her complexion and skin colour look tanned.

Yet again, he wouldn't smile for the camera. So now you have a photo like this, well played Daniel. You look like the sun is blinding you... er... so it is! He still looks cute though. You've gotta agree with me on this.

Flabby flabby, flab, flab. Kidding, she's not fat, her posture is incorrect. Mine is the same. 
Boo imperfections. Anyway, real life shot, sunny day, fun day, loved it! 

See, told you she was wearing a sports bra.

It was really hot outside so I'll let her off.


Hayley stole my phone and decided to take selfies. I would have put them all on here because she looks like an idiot, but I thought I would be nice and only put one on. Damn. Shouldn't have deleted the rest. I could have put the other photos on here because I'm cruel la devil. 

We wasn't ready OK. I look a mess but I don't care because I was enjoying the sun and I loved it! I wish we have months of this sun, but we English, would be shriveled into prunes because we wouldn't be used to it and we would dry out. 

I wish England had great summers, I garentee that this sun will last less than a week until it starts to rain and the weather goes back to it's gloomy self. No wonder people take the sun so seriously.

We hardly have any of it!

It is so hard to get him to smile on command. He has to be willing to show some happiness when it suits him. I still look rough on this picture, and wow those glasses do not suit me at all. Oh well, stops me being blind.. shit what if I had gotten square panda eyes.. eek would have been bad! 

I really enjoyed the beer garden that day but Daniel and I decided to go inside and play a game of pool because the heat was getting too much. A little pool game inside was great to cool down. 

Yes all them yellow balls are mine that are left. I would have lost the game, but stupidly, Daniel potted to black and then one of my balls after it so I won from technicality woo! I would have been a sore loser because I didn't pot any of my balls. I am usually good. It was the sun's fault, it distracted my concentration. 

Okay, I will stop looking for excuses. 

I still won though hehe.

When we had got bored of the pub, Daniel and I decided to come back to my mum's house and help her with a spot of gardening, because we are nice like that. I did help pull weeds out the pebbles but I started to get dizzy so I decided to sit down instead. 

This is Daniel pulling out all those weeds in this part of the garden. Yes, all of them green grass looking things, not including two of the plants, are all weeds. Daniel spent ages pulling all those weeds out, and he did a pretty good job too.

Mum in orange pulling out the weeds from the other half of the garden. At this point I was sunbathing... don't judge me. I can't help if I feel faint from the heat! 

They were doing a grand job themselves and I would have messed it up myself if I had helped. Honestly, it was for the best that I didn't help. Yay sun!

Both of them together clearing the weeds from Daniel's half of the garden. Look how much Daniel has done from the other picture of him. I say that they have done a great job and I will help out next time.. I promise... only if I don't feel faint again. OK, I can't promise anything. Hehe!

Me sunbathing! Wow, looks like my boob is about to fall out of my crop top.
Just keep smiling, just keep catching rays. Everything will be O.K.

Daniel thought it would be funny to drop a worm on my stomach; it stunk and was sooo slimy. I screamed when he dropped it on me, but I am not scared of worms, it was just to shock. My skin doesn't look so pale on this picture, go me! Rockin' those baby pink pants though aren't I ;)

Whoops, Daniel caught me taking a photo of him. Luckily he didn't delete it like he normally would, too bad his hands were covered in dirt and couldn't touch my phone. Mwuahaha! 

When Mum said that all the weeds have been pulled out, Daniel and I decided to go back to the pub seen as Hayley came back and told us that she was getting a paddling pool and cocktails. I love cocktails! Once we got back to the beer garden, it turned out that ASDA had ran out of paddling pools so we couldn't get one. Screw you other people buying them for your kids - so inconsiderate.

Though there was no paddling pool, Hayley had bought some water balloons, which were shit because most of the kept splitting so we only had around 10. Danny (step-dad) joined us all in the beer garden with Daniel and I. 

Hayley threw a couple water balloons out of the window to try and get Daniel and Danny but she missed us, she almost got the guy next to us. It was a bad shot. Once all the balloons had gone, Hayley and I decided to get two jugs of water from the kitchen and run down the stairs to chuck them at everyone. Hayley threw one at one of the customers (she knew him and they were having a water fight prior so it wasn't weird (the customer threw a glass of ice cold water all over Hayley)) and his left side ended up soaked.

I gave mine to the customer to get back at Hayley but as he got her when she ran inside, he also soaked the floor. Hayley and the customer had to mop the floor haha! 

When I was looking the opposite way to Daniel, he decided to pour half a jug of water down my back. I was soaking and I was wearing jeans. My bum was wet and sticky - it was horrible. I stood with my back to the sun hoping I would dry. 

Mum and Caitlin joined us in the pub once mum got ready. Daniel, Danny, Hayley and everyone else were all sharing stories about what mum had missed and we all laughed and joked. It was such a good time, and the weather was beautiful. 

Caitlin, being cunning as she is (she thinks like me and Hayley) decided to fill up her bottle with water and squeeze it all over Hayley. Hayley got her back with a jug of water, it was fun to watch but then Caitlin poured water all over Daniel's back for getting me prior, so it was even more funny then. Daniel had to take it shirt off and lay it on the wall to dry, so he was topless and I was not complaining. Yum.

The time in the beer garden came to an end and we all went back to my mum's house and ordered a take away. Chicken, chips and garlic bread. Now that's what I call a tea! When Danny and Caitlin went to bed (Danny had work at 4am) and Hayley went to work, Daniel, my mum and I all sat down to watch Frozen. I don't see what the buzz was all about, I didn't find it good at all. I love the old traditional Disney films e.g Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White (all old version of course.) 

Then we all went to bed and had sweet dreams. 

The end.


Again, the weather was beautiful! (I am wearing the same top, because I got egg on the other one (I will explain later.)) Today, Daniel and I woke up to find the house empty and we thought it was so weird because my mum never normally leaves without waking us up to let us know.

Instead of ringing my mum to see why everyone was out, Daniel and I decided to make ourselves a cuppa and watch the TV and I found that Hayley was still in bed so it was alright. Turns out Caitlin had gone to her friends and my mum had gone to ASDA for a food shop, she then came home and made Daniel and I a bacon and egg butty. Woo! It was soo nice.

I did end up biting into my butty and not realise the egg had burst and poured down my white top. Well played Lauren, that was smooth, now you have to wear the same top as yesterday. 

Though I was visiting my mum for the weekend, Daniel and I had gone to my Dad's to visit, but we also took my Dad's staffy dog, Jess, out for a walk. We took her to the field for a run around, and then to the lodges where ponds, goose, and swans were. Daniel was so fascinated with the tad poles in one of the ponds haha! Bless him.

We had forgotten to bring out some water, so we had to go after a while because Jess seemed really thirsty and tired. At least we had a nice walk! Once we brought Jess back to my Dad's, I had a little natter with my Grandma and Dad, then headed back to my mum's with Daniel where tea was being cooked and Danny had come home from work.

We all sunbathed until the tea was ready, with burns on my shoulder, and my mum being sprayed with water by the drunk next door neighbour. Yeah the next door neighbour is an old drunken woman and she decided to mess around with her fountain and spray my mum; the drunk got her washing wet even though they were hanging on the washing line to dry. She is an idiot. A raging alcoholic idiot. 

Tea was ready so we all sat round having a nice meal of Gammon, Lamb, Salad and Rice. this isn't that interesting to you so I won't go on about it.

Daniel and I were given a lift home from my mum after tea and we were back to our blogging and play station self. Just how we like to be!

Overall, this weekend was so good and I love the summer! Spending time with family and having a blast is what I love to do. Daniel and I will be jetting off to Switzerland next Thursday and I can't wait for that - summer sun, football, sight seeing and possibly going to the Zoo. Perfect! 

(I won't be blogging from Thursday til Sunday next week, just to let you know)

See you later!


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