Switzerland countdown - 2 days!

Two days. 
Two whole days!

Omg I can not wait until I am on my way to the Airport to jet off to sunny Switzerland! I have already packed most of my stuff but it was such a struggle to pick what I wanted to take.

Girls, you will understand what I am talking about when I say that it is a nightmare for us to pack! I mean, picking a certain amount of outfits and shoes we can take is such a task, because honestly, I want to take all my outfits and shoes!

I had to pick upto five outfits for my trip and it felt like I was picking five needles out of a haystack. I wanted to take all my clothes so I can have a wide choice of what I want to wear for a certain event. You have so many questions running through your head when you are packing, such as:

"What if I need this if we happen to go out to a restaurant?"
"Would this go with this?"
"Should I bring this just in case?"
"Should I bring this in case something else pops up?"
"What will the weather be like?"
"To have many dresses, or not to have many dresses?"
"How many outfits should I bring for 4 days?"
"What if there is more than one event on a day and I need more clothes?"
"What if I spill stuff on that and don't have another set?"
"Why is this so hard?"
"Why can't this be bloody simple!"
"Shall I put some of my stuff in Daniel's suitcase?"

I wish this task was easy. If I was ever marked on how well I had done this task, I would get a B.. I am I being too nice to myself, I think I would get an F. My mum used to help me pack and put in whatever was missing; I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on right.

Let's hope that when I get there, I don't realise I have forgot something essential. Fingers crossed!

All packed and ready to go!

I hope this is everything, shoes are at the bottom and clothes are on top. Alfie the Teddy isn't coming, I just thought the picture would look better with him on it.

Can you see my new bed sheets? woo! So pink! So much better than my usual stripy beige sheets. 

There is so much pink, I love pink! Can you see my pink FC United of Manchester hat and scarf? So pink, so cute, so mine hehe! 

Daniel is packing tomorrow because he didn't want us getting in the way of each other and our things getting mixed together if we packed at the same time. Which is good I guess, but I could have sneaked some of my stuff in there seen as I have ran out of room in my suitcase and I don't want to pay extra for another bag if my suitcase is too heavy.

On the bright side, at least my suitcase won't be too heavy to drag it along the Airport floor. Ugh, I am not looking forward to waiting two hours or more to get on the plane and then have another two hour flight. I am so glad that the train station is right outside the Switzerland Airport and comes quickly.

Everyone knows that the journey is the best part, but a plane is sooo boring! I think I best bring a book, or else I would end up annoying Daniel all the way there. 

Anyhow, enough about my packing, here's a selfie you can enjoy today hehe. So self-centred - sorry.


Even though Daniel is twenty, he came back from the Doctors today with the new 2014 Brazil World Cup sticker book. "Why?" you ask. Well boys never really grow up until they are at least thirty years old, and Daniel is a huge football fan and loves everything about football! I still can't believe he bought a sticker book though, aren't sticker books for children?

Eh, if it keep him happy... and quiet... then I'm happy. It keeps him occupied, but to be honest, I think it is a huge waste of money. What happens when he has filled the sticker book? Do lads frame it? What is the point? Ah well, at least it is only his money he is blowing.

Remember, tomorrow will be the last day of blogging up until either Sunday 26th or Monday 27th May and my blog about Switzerland will be in parts! I am excited to show you my trip, and I am also sooo excited to go to Switzerland!

Wish me luck!
Wish me the best!

I love you all.

See you later!


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