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My nerves were all over the place, I didn't know whether I was excited or extremely nervous to be going to another country and flying on a plane. I have not been on a plane in just under twelve years, and even then I was only eight years old so I can't remember what it was like to be on a plane. 

Though, when Daniel and I were setting off to start our journey to the airport, we had to take the metrolink tram to the centre of Manchester, then get the Train to the Airport - luckily the train station stopped right next to the Airport; it is less messing around trying to find the damn place.


It wasn't too long before we got to the Train Station, and this is where Daniel was getting more excited to get to Switzerland. He went to Germany last year to watch FC United play football, so I can understand why he was so excited to watch them play in Switzerland this year. I had yet to experience an international football game and by the sounds of what Daniel explained to me last year, it is going to be one hell of a trip.

I wasn't too excited at this point though, I was still pretty nervous about the flight. Sometimes, you stupidly think about the documentaries and short clips of flights that have got wrong and end up crashing or landing in the sea, so you are extra nervous and, so much so, too scared to even get on the plane. 

Yes I know it is quite rare for a plane to disappear, crash, or even land in the sea, but you never know what will happen that day - you don't know whether it will be a great flight, or your worst nightmare come true.

Train Journey

Too occupied on his phone.

Fast pace walking escalator type things. 
I don't know what they are called.

After around fifteen minutes, we finally reached Manchester Airport and we set off to find out Terminal and gate. Like everyone else, we took the "walking escalator type things" because they are just like walking on the moon - you know exactly what I mean. They are fun to walk on even though they don't look fun at all; speed is fun, so I didn't want to be boring (and slow) and walk by the side of the things. 

Daniel and I finally got ourselves something to eat after not eating all morning. We quickly grabbed a sweet chilli chicken wrap, some thing sweet, and a bottle of coca cola. I have to say, the wrap was De-Lish! 

Typically, as per usual, the Coca Cola bottles didn't have either my name or Daniel's so I picked second best. Obviously my bottle is 'Gorgeous' ... you know I am, what you saying? *wink* and Daniel's is the Handsome bottle. I picked his because it is true, plus he's not called Dave. Dave? Where did Dave come from? Okay, okay, stop playing about now Lauren. 

Thirsty Daniel?

Slow down, you'll get the hiccups.

I actually really hate waiting. 
Shoot me.

Hurray, we finally stepped foot on the plane and found our seats.

Now I was nervous. I was sick of waiting in the Airport, but now I didn't want to set off in case something bad happened. I had so many worries going through my head:

"What if we set off and the plane comes tumbling down again?"
"Will we crash?"
"Is this too much for me?"
"Am I just being silly?"
"You won't crash Lauren, but you may set on fire."
"Oh god, what if an engine catches fire?"
"Shut up Lauren. How old are you? Obviously you're going to be fine."

Once we found our seats, we could see the other FC United fan's coming aboard the plane - it was good to see a few friends. After all, it's better to die with friends than to die alone.. right? 

OMG there was a right snotty bitch sat behind us. She had someone sat in her seat when she found where she had been plonked, and instead of asking that person to kindly move to the next seat along, she had a sarcastic and bitter attitude towards them. She even sat still for the rest of the flight with a face like a slapped arse. Bloody bitch. At least I had a kind, quiet woman just getting on with her own business - I think she was studying for a test.

Not crashed... yet.

I forgot how beautiful the sky is. It looks like I can jump on the clouds like they are made of marshmallows.
Imagine that.

Smile for the Camera, Daniel.

You may look stunning and sexy, it doesn't make a difference.
But.... Yum!

Eh, close enough. 
He looks cute with bug eyes.
I am happy.

Swiss Airline's crew are so nice and they made everyone feel so welcome and important. The crew even went round giving out FREE food and drinks - we all got a berry tart, chocolate, and a drink of our OWN choice. Daniel obviously got himself a beer, but sadly the crew didn't have Rose Wine so I was stuck with Orange Juice; it wasn't the end of the world and I got over it quickly enough - after all, it was free.

The view was so pretty!

Move your fat head out of my view!

I think this was just before Paris. I can't be too sure, but it was definitely there-abouts.

Look at our TV.

Though we had a TV, we couldn't even watch a film. That's right, you read right. NO FILM. We was stuck watching the SatNav - it was sooo NOT interesting. Flippin' SatNav. Bah!


Daniel looking so relaxed.

I think we were just outside of Zurich, the Capital of Switzerland.
One of the World's Most Richest Countries.
I was in for a surprise.

Welcome to Zurich.

If you are Swiss and hate the English, please barge pass them on the plane with your huge filthy bags, bad attitudes and your socks and sandles. The English love it, so please carry on doing it, we love being pushed to the side and letting your horrendous ego's go first.

It's the Swiss women that were the worst (not all of them, if you are one of the nice Swiss women like some of the ones I met, then you are on my good side) if you were the snotty bitches with the bad attitudes and the selfishness then I want to slap you silly with your fishy fanny. Tramps.

Second class, because we are too poor for first class. After all, we are only British.

Double Decker Train

Can you believe it? A DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN! I love these trains so much, they are the best things I had ever been on. They are the complete opposite to the Trains in England where they are loud, rock side to side, and you can't have a conversation without shouting to one another.

Here, in Zurich, the trains are so silent and so smooth that you can't even tell you are on a train. There is no too and fro, no rocking, no noise - I wish England had these trains. England need to up their game, get in touch with the engineers of Switzerland, and get these bad boys to England because I am IN LOVE with them. 

I don't know what it is about bikes in Switzerland but the community have so many bikes that they have made their own bike parks. As in Car Parks, but for Bikes. They were EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you looked there were hundreds of bikes parked up and so many people riding their bikes on the roads. 

Though the crew were nice on the plane, there were so many Swiss people I wish I had punched because they were so rude and inconsiderate, not to mention selfish! Some of the people on the bikes thought it would be good to ride almost into me because they thought I would move - no, I will not move for you when you saw me from up the road and decided to move to the side of the path that I was on. I will not do it.

Pretty flats.

Daniel and I's hotel room. So cosy, costly, and small.

Most of the FC United fans stayed in the same Ibis Budget Hotel, including the football players. When Daniel and I went to reception, we heard one of the receptionists say that the whole Hotel was fully booked because of the English football fans and players which I found great! 

This is a restaurant that was opposite the Italian Restaurant Daniel and quite a few other FC fans went to for their first meal. I loved the restaurant and we all got treated like kings and queens, and the baby got treated like a princess; the waiter was awesome! 

The service was the best I have ever had; the waiter would get our drinks straight away with no fuss, he gave us a free starter each, he kept coming over asking if we are okay and if everything was fine, and he bought our food over as soon as it was ready. Speaking of the food - it was delicious and the best pizza I have ever had!

After we all had a few drinks, the waiter came over and gave the baby an ice lolly for free, which we all thought was sweet because the waiter thought of all our happiness's. 

What's the Swiss Frank in a sign i.e £? Anyway, because we were in Switzerland (the world's most richest country) and the food was so expensive. Daniel and I shared a pizza because it was 18.50 franks! A glass of coke was 4.00 and a pint everywhere was over 5.00. One of the fans even payed 10.00 franks for a pint - how ridiculous! 

When we had finished the meal, we all went to find a cheap(er) bar to have a few drinks in. Though the other FC fans decided to go and have a few more beers in the centre of Winterthur (where the Ibis budget hotel we stayed in was) Daniel and I decided to have an early night seen as we had a long journey to get to the hotel and we were to have a long day the next day.

Our first day was pretty eye opening. 

FACT: In Switzerland the languages spoken are Italian, Swiss, French, (some) English, and German.


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