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[WARNING] Lots of pictures

Staying in the Ibis Budget hotel, it really did show in the name that it definitely was a budget; the mattress and pillows were so thin and hard that I could hardly get any sleep! Daniel and I were supposed to get up at 08:00am and knock on fellow fan's doors as they were joining us for the day, but we accidentally woke up at 10:30am.

Our plan for the day was to visit Zurich Zoo and as you could tell from previous posts, I was super excited and I just could not wait to go! I love the Zoo. 

Here are plenty of pictures of the Zoo (below). If you do not wish to see pictures of animals, please scroll down until you see a picture of McDonalds haha. You will see why there is a picture when you scroll - it is a decent excuse and I am not a weirdo.

Beautiful morning sky after a dull afternoon the day before.

Centre of Zurich City

Gorgeous don't you think?
(Not the old man, I mean the building and statue.)

Trams and the Swiss flag

Wide Trams.


Meet Hunter (actual name) a huge dog.
We thought the baby would be scared.

We were far from wrong.

Finally reached to Zoo after travelling by train and then a tram!

It started to get sooo hot out.

Saint... or sinner?

Which one are you Daniel?





Rainbow coloured lizard!

Glaring monkey.

"I am going to kill you, I am going to jump through the glass and kill you ugly humans."

"You heard me right, I am going to kill you, you son of a bitc-oh look, a Banana!"

It's arse matched it's face... and I thought baboons had it tough.

OOTD themed with the Zoo.

Monkey with a mustache. How awesome.. and cute!

First time I have ever seen a sloth.

No look at me Sloth! The camera is here for you!

Oh hey sloth! Finally thought you would turn to look at me? 
Want a picture?
Here, here's one.

Look it's Daniel.


Nope, that's just the ugliest toad I have ever seen!

There's Daniel.

Wrong again?


Spot the Crocodile.

Iguana kill you.

Pun intended.

Shingleback lizard.
I love these lizards.
My Dad has one.

I call them two tail because their head looks exactly like their tail.

Still in that pose?

It's arms must be as big as Dwayne Johnson's.

Happy feet.

Happy foot?

Nope, just stand there and be boring.


How funny is this fish!

Chick, chick, chick, chick, CHICKEN, lay a little egg for me.

I have  no idea what this animal is....

...but this is it's mum.


A cross between a squirrel, a rabbit, and last night's dinner.

Check out the Orangutan's face!

Baby Orangutan!

He's got bigger boobs than me. Oh the shame.

Sort of FairyTale land park for the kids, right next to a restaurant.
So expensive!

You would think that a McDonald's everywhere would be the same-ish price and not very expensive... well that is what I thought until I got back to the Centre of Zurich City and popped into a McDonald's for a spot of dinner.

This very small meal cost me 12.30 franks, which is around £8 or £9 in England. 
For a small meal in Manchester, it is about £2, so paying £8 in Zurich is just ridiculous; we knew we wouldn't get McDonald's cheaper anywhere else - we had to buy it.

Fucking well expensive in Zurich.

Knowing how expensive it is in Zurich, I found out that [FACT] the minimum wage in Zurich is (in GBP) £22 per hour! Here in England, the minimum wage is only a shitty £5.31

Once Daniel and I were sick of Zurich, we decided to head off to Winterthur (where our hotel was) to find where the FC United of Manchester (FCUM) fan's were. We could hear them but couldn't see them; they were outside the Widder Bar, who kindly offered the fan's to come to their bar for their drinks.

Turning up at the Bar, Daniel and I needed something to eat because the McDonald's didn't fill us up. We found a cute Italian restaurant just around the corner in the centre of Winterthur and we were welcomed by the staff.

The staff could hear the FCUM fan's and kept looking and me and Daniel and laughing. We weren't embarrassed at all - promise. Daniel ordered a Spaghetti Bolognaise whilst I ordered the Lasagne - it was de-lish! I must say, the staff were so friendly; they were men, so my conclusion to Swiss women being horrible is on target. The women really were not selling themselves and made me hate them even more. 

Hey Marlene. Daniel is in the background videoing all the FCUM fans singing and chanting - also drinking like no tomorrow. Hell to that, they were to be absolutely pissed up the next day after the football match!! 

(Part 3 will be the football game.)

I have no idea why I took a picture of my Vodka and Coke.

Hey Mandy.

Final picture for now!

Daniel and I at the Widder Bar in the Centre of Winterthur and enjoying ourselves!
Wow, I look like I have some chubbiness in my face - I am not fat, nor curvy.

Ta Ta for now! 

ps// it is my 19th Birthday tomorrow!! :D 


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