We all know someone like this

Now everyday you hear people say the most random things, whether you are in the house, walking down the street, in a lift and someone is on the phone, or you are at work. Some of the things people say are so funny that you can't help but give out a little giggle, or praise them for their creativeness. Even Daniel has created his own sayings, but some he has just caught on and naturally says them.

Then again, you also see people do the most random things. Sometimes they are so random that you think they are weird and just keep walking as if they are invisible. With Daniel, the things he does makes me either laugh or get annoyed.

Seriously, I just want to share to you all what Daniel says and does because most of them are so random that I just laugh whenever he says or does some of the things. It is even more funny when he is playing on the PlayStation4; you will see why when you scroll further down.

Whilst playing FIFA 14, personally, I can't stop laughing when Daniel plays FIFA because of what he says and the way he says them in a weird voice, plus sometimes he doesn't even realise he is shouting at the TV until he hears me laughing at him. There are also annoying things that he does when occupied by the games.
(Warning. Lots of swearing)

Things Daniel says/has said whilst on FIFA:

"Woah, you fucking wee bastard"

*huffs* "s'cunt"

"why would that happen, ever."

"flicked your baby toe. Baby toe, you just don't know oh, how I, I"  
WTF, distracted by my toes. Didn't think they were more interesting than this game of FIFA.

"PUT IT IN!" ... *cough* 

*throws arms up* "ugh! Cunts."

"What's the fucking point!!" 
I ask myself that question every time Daniel goes on the bloody game.

"Lauren, there is always someone injured during every game on here. There's a torn muscle, pulled muscle, snapped leg. How? How does that happen?"

"He's injured again? He can fuck right off. I bet he's just broke a nail or something."

"First game back and injures himself again. What a nob. What an utter pie."

"Stop fucking whinging at me!!" 

Things Daniel does that annoys me whilst playing FIFA:

1. When I said that Daniel does annoying things whilst playing the game, I mean that whenever he moves his analogue stick with his thumbs, he also moves his feet in the same motion. Now when you are blogging or generally just interneting on your laptop and you feel your boyfriend's feet digging into your sides and pushing your arms, it is really hard to type and starts to get on your nerves. 

Daniel has never noticed himself doing this and constantly asks why I keep elbowing him in the shins or pushing his feet away. Seriously, Daniel. STOP WITH THE FEET

2. Another annoying thing Daniel does whilst playing FIFA is that he whistles all the songs, but sometimes he sings the songs. His voice isn't too bad so I can cope, but I don't like whistling. I am not sure whether that is down to the fact I can not whistle, but I don't like it! Yes I can't whistle, not everyone can. I am just one of the weird ones. No wonder Daniel is with me haha!

3. Below is what annoys me as well. Daniel is in orange, and I am red. This is how much room I only get on the couch to type up my blog posts on my laptop whilst Daniel is happily spread across the couch. I need space too Daniel.

Here are some funny things Daniel does whilst playing FIFA:

1. He will pull faces i.e raise his eyebrows high whilst sucking his lips in
2. Make weird noises i.e splat, moans, groans, sniffle etc.
3. He commentates everything. I have learnt to blank this out and zone back in when Daniel asks me a question.
4. When he has won a game, he will turn to look at me whilst pulling a face. When I look up he will stick out his tongue, turn back to look at the TV and then whistle a song.

Things Daniel says/has said:

"Yano, we should point a mirror at the sun so it can blind itself instead of us!"

"Don't look at me in that tone of voice"

*hears the noise, and looks at me and says:* "Maybe he has a wooden willy?"
Daniel said this because we keep hearing a sound like someone keep purposely dropping stuff on the floor and bounces.

"Sowwy, I didn't mean to.. erm... sowwy... I love you!"

Things Daniel does:

1. "Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch." (whilst scratching a body part)
You get what I am on about. Daniel commentates everything he does.
2. Makes *slop, slurp, slop, slurp* sounds whilst eating his food. Ugh, it really irritates me!
3. Randomly stare at me for a while, then either pull a face and make a noise, or he will blow me a kiss. I don't know whether this is weird or cute.
4. Talks to himself. A LOT.
5. Randomly insult me but not being serious. We both do it to each other. We have such a funny relationship.
6. When he has caught his foot in a wire he will scream silently like a girl and say "Stuck. I'm stuck. Help me." 
7. Walk in the room where I am and randomly dance, or throw a small object at me, then walk back out the room without saying a word.

So that's all that I wanted to share today. I am not being mean to Daniel, I also do most of the things he does. Maybe one day Daniel will do a post about me. Who knows.

See you later!


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