Blackpool and Socceraid!



Having to search for jobs everyday and being stuck in all the time can be a right pain in the arse and can really make you feel down. Though I was feeling quite depressed and annoyed, Daniel and a few friends invited me to go to Blackpool for the afternoon with them. 

I instantly cheered up because I was finally going out and wanted to enjoy myself. 

A few friends, Daniel and I traveled by car, which is easier than going by train. I like having a road trip because we are all together on the motorway, having a few drinks and listening to old school music. The music nowadays is dire and really gets on my tits; every song seems to be the same and nothing new ever comes out anymore - the older the song, the better - especially the 80s and 90s tunes. I really do enjoy 80s classic rock the most though.

Blackpool Tower and beach

Blackpool is not as good as it used to be, it is so run down and the atmosphere has completely gone down. This place used to be so good and such a great day out, especially having the old no-top trains on the lines - it has been upgraded to trams now.
I want the old transport back!

Daniel and my Minion

A friend won two minions, one for me, and one for a girl friend.
I thought this was really cute of him.

Once we had gotten to Blackpool, we instantly headed off to the Arcades, but because it was so warm in there and I hadn't drank or ate that day, I started to feel like I was going to pass out - everything went cloudy and blurry and I couldn't see where I was walking properly. 

For a second, I thought that I was going to collapse but I managed to get outside and sit down for a while and get a bit of fresh air - it worked. Until I walked back inside. As soon as the warmth hit me, I felt sick and dizzy again, so yet again, I walked back outside but a friend was by my side to keep me company.

Finally, the dizziness completely went and I got some well needed water and food. I could finally enjoy the Arcade.

Though I didn't spend any money, I did enjoy watching a friend win jackpots on the 'Party time' machines and watching another friend get angry because she couldn't win anything. It was pretty funny! 

Waste-of-money machines

I just could not bring myself to waste money on these machines, but if I found money that had fallen out, I did use it on the horse racing machine. I won, but only doubled my money - 10p. Woo. -_-

We got tired of the Arcade eventually and headed off to the pier to go on a ride and look around. One ride we went on, but it was pretty good. Quite enjoyed it actually haha. All five of us went on the ride so I didn't look like a complete tool on the ride by myself.

Rock... Rock hard.

Walking around a rock store, I never thought ever I would see this type of rock.
It is legit. Viagra rock. Would old men buy this for their wives or themselves?
*Shivers* *Vomits*

Look at the size of this whopper

This rock cost Daniel £2, and i think it is worth the money.
Whoppers like this will last for months!
I'm not going to have any teeth left.

Enjoying your dummy Daniel?



If you don't know what Soccer aid is, it is a group of celebrities and a few football legends having a football match whilst raising money for Unicef. The teams were England vs The Rest Of The World. By ROTW, I mean celebrities and legends that are not from England.

'On 8 June, two teams of football legends and famous faces from music, film and TV thrilled a crowd of close to 70,000 fans at Old Trafford as the Rest of the World beat England 4-2 to win Soccer Aid 2014.'

Find out later how much they raised for Unicef further into this post! You won't believe how incredible they have done to achieve the amount they did for Unicef.

Teams warming up

England (White), Rest of the World (Blue)

This year's Soccer Aid line up:


Sam Allardyce (Manager)
Robbie Williams (Assistant Manager)
Peter Reid (Coach)
Bradley Walsh (Coach)

The Celebrities

Stephen Moyer
Jack Whitehall
Mark Owen
Olly Murs
Paddy McGuinness
Jonathan Wilked
amei Theakston
Ben Shephard
John Bishop
Marvin Humes
Dominic Cooper
Danny Jones

The Legends

Jamie Carragher
Teddy Sheringham
Jamie Redknapp
David Seaman
Matt Le Tissier
Des Walker
Kevin Philips

Rest of the World

Jose Mourinho (Manager)

The Celebrities

Michael Sheen (Captain)
Gordon Ramsay
Adam Richman
James McAvoy
Patrick Kielty
Nick Byrne
Santiago Cabrera
Jeremy Renner
Kevin Bridges
Sam Worthington
Mark Salling
Martin Compston

The Legends

Clarence Seedorf (hat-trick hero)
Alessandro Del Piero
Andriy Shevchenko
Edgar Davids
Edwin van der Sar
Jaap Stam

Rest of the World on the winner's stand

I didn't take pictures through the game because I was fantasizing over the fit celebs. Not really, I just didn't, I was watching the game and seeing all the drama and comedy in it.

But if I was to fantasize, it would be over Sam Worthington (starred in Avatar), Michael Sheen (starred in UnderWorld), Nick Byrne (singer of Westlife), James McAvoy (starred in X-Men), Mark Salling (starred in Glee)Santiago Cabrera (starred in The Musketeers), Jeremy Renner (Marvel's Hawkeye)and Jack Whitehall (Comedian). It's not everyday I see fit celebs running around in short shorts. *Yum* *Dribble* 
Excuse me whilst I find my dignity. 
Hell to that. 
I am a woman and I find these celebs attractive.

ROTW and Champagne.

Glitter bomb woo!

I'd hate to be the groundsman and having to clean up that mess.
Foooook that.

It's pretty though.

Topped off with Fireworks. Pretty.

They had a right to celebrate.
These celebs and legends, with the help of the public, raised:

£4.2 Million (Still counting)

How amazing and a great achievement!! 
All this money goes to Unicef!

Well done everybody!

Today's cheeky selfie.

See you later!


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