Dave's taken one for the team.


How my OOTD? Very summery? What do you think? I hope you like it! 

Kind of like this one; seems so summery and necessary.

Though Daniel has been working and you don't see a lot of us doing anything date-like together, and we both spend quite a lot of time apart due to Daniel working, Daniel decided to spontaneously take me on a date-day so to speak.

I am so glad he came up with the suggestion because neither of us have done anything fun for a while and it was getting pretty boring staying in the house and doing nothing all day, except for myself waiting for Daniel to get home from work.

Our date-day was going to be good. I could tell.

During our date-day Daniel decided to take me for something to eat - Subway of course - i must 'Eat fresh,' right? Haha! Then he took me to the cinemas, or as Daniel calls the place the 'Pictures.' If you're American, it is the 'Movies.' 

Popcorn anyone? No? Okay, i'll scran it myself. S'all good.

How cute is this popcorn tub though? Each face of the tub had different famous quotes from the most famous films. I chose this one out of them all, well because it is E.T and who doesn't like E.T?

If you don't like E.T - you suck. No take backs. Ha! I love you all the same, but you suck. Bad.

Oh yes, Channing Tatum eat your heart out.

Ohhh yes! Now this is what you call a Top film. Omg, it was soooo much funnier than the first film, which is hard to do because normally the sequel is shit compared to the first movie. But OMG. Yes I mean OMFG this is a class film! 

I recommend you watch this. Like I said with E.T - if you don't like 22 Jump Street, you suck. Bad.

I could watch this film again and it would still be just a funny. I am not going to give out any spoilers because, personally, I don't want anyone moaning that I gave away the story line or the good parts. This is a MUST WATCH film!

Chinese Take Away

What is a better ending to the day than watching crappy TV whilst eating a good old Chinese Take Away? There is no other way. Let's do it the Daniel and Lauren way - the only way that isn't your sucky way. 

No offense. 

But seriously, to end a great day, Daniel treated me to a Chinese because he's awesome.. and I didn't want to cook hehe! I am so glad that Daniel took me out on a date because we rarely do anything together anymore and staring at the same four walls everyday was starting to turn me insane.

Two weeks from now, I probably would have been referred to an Asylum from going insane from the same scenery if Daniel didn't take me out for the day. Phew!


OOTD size 4 UK floral dress

How do you like my outfit? Cute right?

Today was the day I went to see my gorgeous surrogate cousin, Dave, I mean Ava (her nickname is Dave, don't ask why), at her Holy Communion party.

Ava looked absolutely beautiful at the party and I couldn't be happier for her, I am glad she had a great time! It was more of a kid's party than anything but I didn't mind because I got to see people I haven't seen in quite a while.

Daniel was waiting for the buffet to open (he loves food. As do i) because he hadn't eaten all morning. He didn't really know anyone at the party except my parents and siblings but he seemed alright - I went to his family friend's daughter's holy communion party the other day so I dragged him along to the one I went to today.

Warped bathroom mirror fun

Why would anyone put tiled mirrors up at all? How are you supposed to see yourself perfectly rather than warped. To be fair, you can get some pretty funny pictures out of it, but the mirrors really are a waste of time - I could get a better reflection on my phone.

Once Ava's party came to a close-ish, Daniel and I were invited to go fishing with Anthony and his friend, Jess, and because it was a beautiful hot day here in England (surprisingly) we decided that we would take up on the offer.

I didn't expect it to be so fun, but it was also relaxing and peaceful listening to nature and the animals around us. Honestly, I love just sitting in fields, walking through forests, or fishing where there is minimal people and you can just hear nature take it's course. It is wonderful.

Wow that was cheesy. 

There is no better sound than your surroundings. Except if you live next to a main road surrounded by nob heads shouting and beeping their car/bus horns at each other. Nature is best.

First catch of the day

"Dave's taken one for the team." Says the rest of the huge bastard Carps bobbing up to the surface eating all the food.

It is typical that we can't catch any large Carp and they don't bother bobbing up to the surface when our rod is in the pond, but when 'Dave' (the smallest of them ALL) get's caught, the large fish start feasting. TYPICAL.

FYI,  I don't know what it is about the name Dave but it seems to be a great nickname for pretty much everything and everyone without a name. Even Ava's nickname is Dave. The name Dave is well... Dave basically.


Hot Chocolate from McD's as you do.

Once the sun had decided to fuck off, the English summer breeze decided to spread to places breezes shouldn't go. Without the sun, I had no toes left and my fingers started to disintegrate -don't even get me started on my nose. 

Happily, well me being the happy one, Daniel handed me his wallet. Yep, he actually didn't hesitate to give me his wallet - trust is now at Mario level 100. I could have gone shopping - just kidding, it was Sunday, the shops were closed. Such a shame. 

Jess drove me to McDonald's where she had got Anthony and herself something, and Daniel payed for his and my meal. Result. Free weekend for me! Oi, the food was de-lish, I can't complain, plus it was free so I can't be rude.

Thank you Daniel for a great weekend!

Dave is that you?.. Oh. Nope that's Derrick.

Daniel squatting to have shit.

Hey Daniel, how the catch? It was great watching him - I have never seen him fish before. I had fished myself but only Mackerel fishing in open water.

Oh..oh.. I think he's caught a live one.

Well he wouldn't have caught a dead one now would he? Silly girl.

Who's a pretty boy then?

I was talking to the fish.

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