Don't be so obnoxious

Obnoxious [uh b-nok-shuh s]
1. Highly objectionable or offensive; odious: obnoxious behaviour. 
2. Annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff or attracting undue attention to oneself: an obnoxious little brat. 
3. Archaic. exposed or liable to harm, evil, or anything objectionable.
4. Obsolete. liable to punishment or censure; reprehensible.

Why have you posted this, you ask?

Well today was quite eye opening. Not that I never knew that this was happening, but the fact that I confronted it face on. No one was being obnoxious to me, but rather to someone else - two famous people to be exact.

Why are you bothering with them?

I am not, I am just merely looking at what they have to face on their day to day life and how they put up with such behaviour.

The reason I have pin pointed one number out is because this is exactly what I think of the people who 'hate' for no reason except to make themselves feel better. In all honesty, I do think people hate because they are jealous and their lives are not as good as they hoped - they wish, but don't get.

On Twitter I randomly pointed out one famous person - a Teen Mom - to look at her comments because I constantly see that she is really getting a lot of grief and being put down because of her life choices. Listen you obnoxious brats, it's HER LIFE and HER CHOICES just like everyone else SHOULD know. For some reason, I feel that I need to protect her.

I guess my heart is into protecting people I do and don't know because I am just a caring person. For a while now, well years, I have felt pain and upset from other people around me. If someone is upset, it will make me upset. Like when my friend tells me about her ups and downs, even when she told me something personal that only she would ever feel - I felt some of that pain. I love my friend with all my heart so that is probably why I felt so much hurt and cried with her.

When it comes to other people, I do feel protective like I need to look after them when they are getting hit virtually with baseball bats. No type of hating at all is good, no attempts to put people down is right, I don't see the point in people doing it. Low lives.

To me haters means: bullies who are not getting any attention in their life and wish to constantly have paparazzi and fans coming upto them asking for photos or to have many 'likes' and 'follows' on their accounts so they are virtually famous - they are attention seeking. Attention seeking whores to be exact. 

If anyone who tries to talk to me and comes off as obnoxious, I will not even make an effort to put them straight or even bat an eye lid at them. Even patronising people to me just makes me think: 'fuck you, I don't need to be patronised, go die.' People like that don't even deserve the time of day - I have no time for them. Friends of mine are not obnoxious or patronising because I can tell what a person is like within the first 5 minutes of talking to them; I don't judge by their style of clothing - I am not shallow. 

What started me posting about this was when I read a hurtful comment which just maddened me; I wasn't going to post about obnoxious people until the hurtful comments starting to be tweeted.

Okay, so some little brat tweeted calling this girl a 'used up junkie whore' and a 'fucking idiot' (in capitals.) Why? What was the point? Was this person trying to score points against other low lives? Do all these haters have a tally chart and every time they say something horrible they mark down a point? Fucking arggggghhh! Virtual baseball bats to the back of all your bullshit-brained heads! 

I am going to bring this to an end because I will just end up stressing myself out.

Anyhow, my next post is all about Feng Shui. Stay tuned to check it out.

I love you all 

See you later!

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