In an Interview, should you be yourself?

Have you ever thought: "What's the point?" when it comes down to jobs and interviews?

I have.

Every morning we all wake up to do the same routine: get up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, sleep. Repeat. It's all the same, do we work for a living, or do we live to work? Is there much of a difference?

I remember a taxi driver once said to me: "Girl, we all have to work, but remember, we don't live to work, we work to live."

Is this true? Are we really working to have a life? Or is work over ruling our life altogether? 

When it comes down to jobs, most of us will never live the dream we want. One in a million or more will wake up in a penthouse by the beach and stroll along the hot country seaside to their yacht. Nowadays, everyone works to pay the bills and do the same things over and over each day.

I don't want to do the same old shit routine everyday. I am currently unemployed because society, these days, want people to have an unrealistic amount of experience before they get into the career they dream of. Me, being nineteen, is expected to have a great full time job or successfully apply for the area of work I want to get into. 

I apply and apply for jobs in the area I want, but I constantly get an email back saying that I haven't got enough experience, or the lie of: "due to the high amount of applicants, you are not successful at this time." Bullshit. That is not an excuse. It's because of my age - I know it is. Sometimes I will successfully get an interview in the area I want, but because I am being myself, I have realised that it just does not cut it. People my age are just as capable as the thirty-something year old that strutted into the interview with high hopes, wearing a slutty tight dress, with long blonde hair swaying down to her breasts then flirting with the boss. I wouldn't be surprised if she slept with the boss beforehand. 

Should I do that? Should I strut in to a company building searching for the boss, wearing a slutty little outfit with huge 8 inch black heels, wearing long extensions and then flirt with the boss? Should I show a little leg, or arse? Maybe cleavage? Should I sit on the boss's knee and beg for the job by showing him a bit of skin and flirting with my attitude by whispering in his ear: "Oh what a huge successful man you are, does a gorgeous man like you need a smart, beautiful woman like me to work for you? Can I do anything for you, Sir? Shall I bring Sir a whisky, maybe whilst wearing sexy lingerie? Would you like that, Sir? Would you like me to tickle my tongue on your..." HELL NO!

To this day, I will keep my dignity and stay the way I am. Even though people say: "be yourself, that's what employers look for." It's a total lie. You can never be yourself in this day and age, where does it get you? No where, that's the truth. No businessman or woman will want someone like me; I am nineteen, capable of doing what the elder people do, but because I am still a teen, I get judged and seen as a child. 

It pisses me off. It's discrimination.

What is the point when it comes down to jobs and interviews?

Should you be yourself?


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