Let me share with you...

My dream that I had last night. 

The reason why I want to share this is because it was so vivid like I was there and it was pretty dramatic. Plus, I wanted to see your point of view. Please tell me what you think this dream means in your own words, thoughts, opinion and views.

Okay let's start with the journey. It began where I was flying to what seems to be like China, but the flight lasted around a minute before I was already loading my stuff into the hotel room. I Moved everything from my bedroom into a small room in the centre of the second floor that opened up to the lounge area; everything was marble white and stunning with a pool in the centre. The walls were just glass so I could see the City and it was gorgeous - so modern and futuristic.

It was beautiful, i couldn't imagine this place being real. It was just outstanding, immaculate, and truly amazing - i would dream of being there... in real life obvs. Once I was done putting my bedroom into the new room (it took about 5 seconds before everything popped into place) I decided to take a look around the city to see what it can do for me. The thing was, once I was outside, all the chinese men were glaring at me and they wouldn't speak to me; i didn't know what I had done wrong. 

Tension grew too much so I headed back to the hotel to find it was deserted, it was like everyone had disappeared. I even looked back outside and it was like everyone had been evacuated - they had. I headed back upstairs but was stopped in my tracks by an employee who tried to rush me out the main doors to go back to England but I told him that I needed to empty my bedroom before making my way back. The guy wasn't listening, he just kept going on and repeating that everyone had been evacuated because their was a huge hurricane on it's way and it would destroy everything. 

I didn't listen and went back to claim everything back from my room and empty it but found four English girl's I have never met saying it was their room and tried to stop me claiming my stuff. My eyes suddenly went blurry and i had to squint to see around me, when I did, I saw a spider above a plug socket in the corner. It just sat there doing nothing, and then I passed out. When I awoke in my dream, I found myself standing up in the lounge next to the swimming pool.

I passed the pool area to find an employee and found dolphins swimming with fish floating on the water. I eventually bumped into the same employee and told him there were dolphins in the pool with dead fish floating on top of the water. We walked back to the pool and found no dolphins but the fish still there - it was like the dolphins evacuated themselves.

I ended up back in my room and the employee helped pack everything. But then I was standing outside and was looking around to see everywhere was deserted and it was raining.

Then I woke up.

Do you know what this dream could mean? 
What is your view on this?

Please comment! 

See you later.


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