My 19th Birthday

Happy 19th Birthday to Me!

On Saturday 31st May, it was my Birthday! Sadly, it wasn't just my Birthday to celebrate because it was my Twin's (obvs) and my little sister's 12th birthday. That's not all... it was also a family friend's birthday too. Every year the birthday people, and their family and friends all gather together to have a four-way birthday celebration which is a BBQ.

In the Morning, Daniel promised to make me a Birthday bru and breakfast but we woke up late seen as my parent's were picking us up at a certain time. Daniel gave me the cutest card ever and it did make me laugh because of how cheesey it was.

Here it is:
Cheesey but cute right? I love it!

Do you want to know what Daniel got me for my Birthday? 
He got me a caterpillar birthday cake, a card... a trip to Spain in September.. and a PUPPY!
Omg I can't believe he had got me a puppy after saying he would never let me have one because he doesn't like dogs! And he booked a holiday to Spain for both of us to have quality time together abroad. I am one happy girl!

During the day, Daniel and I went to my parent's house, where I obviously saw my family but also opened my presents. I got pajamas and jewellery haha! I like opening presents with family around because it reminds me of all the other years where I lived with my parents and I used to get excited and wake up early to open all  my presents; I wouldn't like to open presents without my family. 

Once everyone was ready, we all went to my Grandparent's house... we do a lot of visiting on my Birthday. My Auntie and her husband and kid came to visit when we got back to wish us all a Happy Birthday; it was cute and my cousin made me a bracelet as a present. (You will see a picture later on in the post.)

Whatsapp message from Elaine.

Waking up to this message actually made me smile so much!
It was a great start to the day and Elaine made it even better; she is such a nice girl and I do get a long with her. Maybe next year I would have met her and spend my birthday with her also.

Please subscribe to her blog if you love her as much as I do!

Click Elaine's name to visit her blog.

When my parent's and the kid's were ready, my Mum and her husband walked Daniel, Hayley, Caitlin, Kenan and I upto the Ainsworth Arms where we were going to have a meal.
Of course I had the Cavery and so did everyone else EXCEPT Hayley because she was awkward and ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala. 

She had to be different didn't she.

The food was sooo nice and I wish I had room to eat more! 

Hayley, Me, and Daniel

I love this photo! 

Me and Daniel looking so Formal

He's so fit, I love him!

Look grim Lauren, s'all good.

3..2..1.. and pull face!

Hayley and I

Do you know how hard it is to get a decent picture with Hayley?
It's harder than getting Daniel to smile in a Selfie with me.

Yeah, this girl is my twin and she is so weird. 
I love her though.

Eh, half decent...

Loom Bands!
As I was saying before, my cousin made me a band for my birthday, and it is the one that is on the right.

I love it.
I have now got a thing for Loom bands.
Give me more.

I even know how to make to simple ones.
I feel like a 12 year old.

I think age is just a number, I don't feel 19, i feel 12.


Please ignore my face and concentrate on the outfit.
Stupid face,

Anyway, I love this dress because it is so clingy, casual and smart!
I am also wearing my black wedges to give me a little height, plus I can only walk in wedges rather than heels. Heels hurt, wedges don't. If you don't believe me, try it out!

You'll thank me later.

My Birthday Cake

Caitlin's cake (left) Hayley's cake (right)

We actually got our own cake this year! Normally me and Hayley share a cake and Caitlin gets her own, OR we all share a cake.

Thank god we all have our own cakes hehe!

I feel fat now I have a cake to myself though.
And Daniel bought me a cake.

2 cakes.
2 fat.

Daniel digging in


If you have read my post is the past, you would know that Anthony Horricks is an amazing singer and a good friend! When I had come back from seeing my family, Daniel and I had organised to go to an event Anthony had created to raise money for the FC Lounge. 

Now I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to hear Anthony sing and raise money for the club I love to be with. We got to the Lounge at half 7 but there was no one there - everyone turns up later than the time they should be there, but Anthony wasn't due to sing yet anyway.

Someone had put a flyer on the table that I was sat on, and it was a flyer saying that someone was giving away around 9 puppies for free to a good home. The puppies were a cross breed of a Shar pei and a Staffy and I fell in love with one of the puppies picture.

I begged and begged Daniel for a puppy but he kept refusing, so a friend on the table was helping me out and putting the flyer to his face and doing puppy eyes. (We wasn't forcing Daniel to get me a puppy, we were only messing around and he knew it.) So eventually when I gave up and walked over to one of the FC Lounge members to have little conversation. 

After a while, I turned to go back to the table I was sat on to find Daniel had moved to the Bar so I went over - I thought he was buying me a drink. I was wrong. He was getting me the PUPPY!! I could not stop smiling or hugging him with happiness - I couldn't believe he was getting me one!

The puppy is only a week old so I have to wait til the 19th July before I can bring the puppy home. I hope time goes quickly!

If you want to know what Anthony sounds like when he sings, please click on his name to view his YouTube channel and his song he had wrote himself. His song is called Funny Shade of Red. I love it!

Overall, I had a great birthday and I am glad I was around family during the day, and the FC Family and Anthony during the night! To everyone who was there and wished me Happy Birthday, thank you so much!!

See you later 


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