Shopping trip outcome

Because I had gotten money for my birthday off relatives rather than presents, I decided to go for a summer shop and buy some well deserved clothes for myself. Though England doesn't have much of a summer each year, I know I still needed the clothes because Daniel had booked a holiday to Spain in September.

Yeah, I am going on holiday AGAIN this ear woo! I am actually so excited because I haven't been to Spain since I was 8! 

Anyhow, when picking these clothes, I knew I had to buy summer clothes for abroad but also clothes that I will wear in England - it was hard to pick but I got there in the end.

Yesterday morning I met up with my Gran in town and dragged her round the shops. Don't worry, she loves it! 

Everything spread out on my bed.

Two dresses, two bikinis, two shirts, and one jacket.

I love love LOVE this dress!

I have wanted one for ages but never found a style that I had fallen in love with. It takes me sooo long to pick out dresses because I am so picky. 
As soon as i saw this dress I loved it, but I had a dilemma - I couldn't pick which dress colour. There was white, baby pink, peach, gold, a hot pink. In the end I picked hot pink because I love pink hehe! I thought seen as I had already brought a baby pink jacket, I didn't want to also have a baby pink dress.

Leopard print maxi dress

I know what you're thinking: "That dress is gross, why has she picked that out?"
Well believe it or not, this dress looks super nice on!
I didn't want to even try the dress on, but when I did, I just instantly wanted to keep it.
It compliments my shape and clings on so I don't have to worry about it falling down when I go for a stroll.

Baby pink jacket

Ever since I have been following Boutiques, I have seen so any jackets so similar to this and i just wanted one. Evertime there was a picture posted, I wanted to buy the jackets but I knew wanted it! 
So when my Gran saw this jacket and the colour, she knew I would want it; she knows my style so well! 

Holiday shirt

This shirt is exactly what i wanted for my holidays because it is so bright and colourful - and there is a beach picture on so it themes hehe.

It is quite long but it would be great for the beach when I just have my bikini underneath it; maybe some shorts as well.

Cute right?

See-through Disney shirt

Yes this is a very see-through shirt but that is exactly what I wanted.
o I am not a slut or a Rihanna wanna-be - did you see that dress??!! What the hell was she thinking! Was she using the whole Instagram issue a bit too much and making a stand for nakedness?

Anyway, the reason I bought this top is because it would be perfect for putting over my bikini if I don't want to walk around full on bikini; covering up sometimes is good.

Cute bikinis

I love my bikinis!!!
Especially the leopard print. I love animal print. I love animals.
I won't skin one though, I ain't no cruella devil!

Baby pink Hot Pants

These hot pants go well with my t-shirts and my baby pink jacket. Maybe I should wear a white top with my shorts and jacket. Cute right?

I am so glad these shorts are not like the other 'hot pants' where it looks like your arse was hungry and decided to suck in those bad boys. Ugh, I just pictured a fat girl wearing them.
Nightmares tonight.

So that was my shopping trip outcome and I absolutely love all my clothes that I had bought. I can officially say that it was a job well done! Most of my clothes were pretty cheap because I don't go for labels - I don't see the point in blowing most of your money on one outfit when you could buy the same outfit for so much cheaper else where. 

I am very sensible when it comes to money and I do love a good bargain! For those who buy clothes just for the labels, shame on you, there is no point and it is a complete waste of money. For the amount you spend on one outfit, you could buy three somewhere cheaper. No I am not a cheap skate, I am clever.

See you later!


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