Some never grow up with age, some just get older.

Woah, I really have just gone off the centre of the Earth with my lifestyle blogging. For the past few posts, i haven't spoke about my life but rather about certain opinions and thoughts upon a subject. 

Want to hear about what is going on right this minute?

Nothing. Boring right? Blah! 

(Blah is an actual word, I just learnt it means dull/lifeless. There's something new to start the day with.)

Daniel has got a new profession on a construction sight and is doing damn well for himself seen as a week ago he just started the job and was on a low wage, but now, he has gotten himself a 'promotion' of some sort where he is higher up the working ladder and above some old guy, let's call him Bill, who has been labouring in Labouring for over 25 years. (See what i did there? *wink*) Bill is 52, and he is still a labourer on a small wage. So sad.

Yep, Daniel has earned himself a bigger wage and is higher up the ladder in just a week. Result! 

It is comical how Daniel has been working on sight (this year (he has worked in this area before)) for a week and is higher up the ladder than Bill. The funny thing is, now Daniel is sort of like Bill's boss, per say, Bill has turned into a Bitch - yeah, you read right, a 52 year old man has began to be a bitch. How ludicrous! Bill doesn't know the aim of the game in this sort of work, it is a first come first serve sort of basis and Daniel got in there first.

If a manager comes up to you and says that a worker (higher up the ladder) hasn't turned up and someone needs to take him place (who has experience) then you must put your foot in first. There is no point in laying back and hoping for the best, you have to make sure you get it by putting your voice out there.

Bill. You dumb ass. No wonder you have been carrying out the same shitty profession for 25 years and Daniel is now a head of you and has only been there a week. Poor poor Bill. Where's your dignity? Did that disintegrate with age? Such a shame.  

Do you know what I have realised? Some people don't grow up with age but rather just get older. The senior people say to use Juniors: "oh, we have been on this Earth longer than you so we are more wise and knowledgeable. You youngsters need to learn from us because you really have no idea about life and working." For the love of humanity, STOP. The thing is, 'adults' who say this genuinely don't have a clue about life and think they know better because they are older. 

Older smolder.

To me, 'older' doesn't mean jack shit. They say: "the older, the wiser." HA, I laugh in your face if you say this to me. It is utter bollocks. You never really get wiser with age, you just get older. To be honest, the older you are, the more you just get older with age not wiser. There are people that are decades younger than the seniors who are more wise and knowledgeable. Some elders still need to grow up even when they are, let's say, 52 - BILL - which makes my point clear enough.

People will argue with my point, but this is just my opinion so I don't need people trying to tell me otherwise.

Where was I before I lost track? Oh yes, Daniel is doing really well for himself and it really is eye opening; he is setting a great example and I believe people should look up to him - I do. Daniel works 5 days a week on 10 hour shifts, which is good because he is now getting a decent wage, but it horrible being away from him for so long.

Daniel wakes up at 05:30am, sets off to work at 06:00am or 06:30am (depending on the time he has to start work) and doesn't get home until 16:30pm, which by then, he is intensely tired and all he wants to do is shower, watch the World Cup, eat tea, then go to bed. (Though we do have about an hour of Us time, I don't think it is enough.) Great. Quite frankly, I don't blame him after working long hours in this heat.

It's a good job my hobby is Blogging otherwise I would be so bored whilst Daniel watches the World Cup. Stupid football. I wish I had two TV's in the flat so I can watch my crap whilst Daniel watches his; any girl who hates football would understand. You know what I mean when I say I hate football - those players who get paid thousands a week to prance about, fall over and claim they have snapped something then miraculously bounce off the ground when they get a free kick. 

I do, however, love watching a proper team called FC United of Manchester, which is a none-league team FYI. There is no prancing or fake injuries during the games, they know how to play football like real men - thank god.

Anyhow, now Daniel is home from work, he predictably put the World Cup match on but now he has fallen asleep on the couch next to me - I have no room for my arms so it is hard to type. I hope he settles into this routine so he doesn't fall asleep as soon as he gets in from work, he can then have a sleep routine - though a 22:00pm bedtime sucks. 

Once Daniel goes to bed however, I do have Me time again but it does get quite lonely. 

Oh I didn't tell you! I had an interview the other day to work for Hair Solved in Whitefield, and I will hear back early next week to settle a trial date - if I am accepted. Oooh I am quite nervous, but I do hope I get the job. It is not a hairdressers as such, but a place where women with Alpecia, mental problems (they pull their hair out an eat it,) or women who have had chemo, can have hair again! It is amazing how these hairdressers can give these women another chance to have a full head of hair. I am in awe of this place and would love to work there. Please please pick me to work there! Fingers crossed... and toes... Wish me luck!

If i did get the job, I would be so glad I wouldn't be surrounding by a load of Bills. 

Some never grow up with age, some just get older.

See you later! 

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