The moving Latte

Before I start this post, I just want to say: my blog has over 11,000 views altogether now so thank you to all my readers who support me in what I do. Much love to all of you! Mwuah! x

So anyhow, Daniel went and picked up my Latte yesterday evening and I was so excited! I already love my Latte so frickin' much, I just want to stroke my Latte.

"Why are you getting so excited over a Latte?" You ask.

Well the reason is, I own a Latte that moves. Literally, this Latte can move, run, jump, shake, roll, wiggle etc and is the best damn Latte ever! My Latte is so talented right? Are you jealous of it? I would be if you had it and I didn't.

Do you want to see a picture of it? You will be surprised as it will not be what you expect.

Well, the thing is. My Latte is NOT a drink. I bloody hate coffee and I heave every time I smell or sip it. No, my Latte is a PUPPY! I love her so so so so much! 

"What gave you the idea of calling your puppy, Latte?" You also ask.

I didn't name her. Daniel said I could have the puppy for my Birthday, only on the agreement of he gets to name it. Of course I agreed. Thinking of names myself, I thought that Daniel would pick a great name like Coco, Bella, Biscuit (ok, maybe not that one,) Amber etc.. but NO, Daniel had to go all-out and name my puppy, Latte.

At first I was pessimistic, but now I have gotten used to the name, I actually like it. It suits Latte considering it is the same colour as her coat - she is such a cutie. Secondly, the name is unique and you all know I love the unorthodox of everyone and everything! However, Daniel says he hates dogs because they always bite him and doesn't know why dogs resent him, so he told me he is worried this dog will hate him too. I told him not to be daft and because we are both bringing Latte up together, Latte with eventually grow up to be protective over us.

(He has never had a pet dog in his life.) No wonder he isn't comfortable around them. My Dad has a pet dog and other random pets therefore I am not afraid of animals so I am the only one out of Daniel and I to be excited about the Latte. Well, Daniel isn't so uncomfortable as he started to get a little excited towards the time of picking her up and knowing we were soon to be looking after a puppy. 

I know he loves her really, and he will protect her. In reward, she will grow up to protect him.

During the day yesterday, me and Daniel sorted out the house - pretty much baby proofing all the rooms. Well a puppy does what a baby does, right? We also went shopping to buy puppy food, flea repellent shampoo, puppy milk, bowls, toys etc, and when I got home, I rearranged a few things and made Latte a little bed. She also has a teddy, how cute! 

Latte is a cross breed of a Shar Pei and a Staffy.

Here are some pictures from last night:

Latte absolutely adores Daniel and he her. 

Obviously she was really shy and nervous in her new surroundings and hearing new sounds; she shook a bit but after a while she happily trailed off to explore her knew home.

At first when I was introduced to her, she was predictably shy and kept waddling to Daniel for comfort as a result of him spending some time with her prior. Though once I fed her and gave her some formula, she began to trust me, be more relaxed and playful.

She settled in nicely.

The only way she would follow you at first.

Check how small she is. Daniel kept on playing and relaxing her and due to her not wanting to move out of the front room, he found a way to get her to follow him and conquer her fear of exploring a new place.

Nonetheless, last night when we put Latte to bed, she slept straight away with no problem - perfect.

I thought it was going to be for the whole night.

At 03:30am we woke up to Latte crying yet after some comfort, we managed to get her relaxed and asleep again. Sadly at 05:00am she woke up again but this time she was hyperactive - breakfast time. Like a good girlfriend, I left Daniel to sleep and made Latte her breakfast and formula. The cheeky bugger fell asleep after her breakfast in the front room, sadly, I was already awake, I wasn't able to head off back to bed and sleep.

I haven't been awake at 05:00am for over a year.

Pictures from Today:

Fallen asleep. Again.

I didn't comprehend how often puppies sleep during the day in advance. All day she has a nap, then has something to eat/drink, plays for 15 minutes-ish, and then goes back to sleep - unless she needs the bathroom. 

Latte is half toilet trained - she knows where to go but sometimes she won't go there. I am not sure whether she is just playing up or not considering when I place her on the newspaper, she will walk next to it and do her business. Luckily she will only pee next to the newspaper and does her #2 on the paper.

Daniel thinks she is purposely being naughty, but she will learn soon enough. She is actually really clever so she can't act stupid with us - we know her game.

How can you resist this face?

You are just too cute Latte. 

Sleeping on my lap.

Why so sad little one?

Daniel's brother came round with his Dad to visit, but the Bro stayed for a few hours instead of heading back with his Dad. Both Daniel and his brother are now in town having a drink in the Gay Village; I would go but I have a puppy to look after, plus I wouldn't want to ruin the brotherly bond.

I am happy looking after Latte since she is so cute and playful, but she does 'bite'.. well nibble on your clothes, feet and hands - it doesn't hurt, she doesn't grasp.

Latte is currently asleep as I am typing right now! 

Honestly, Latte could sleep for so long, per contra, I do wake her up after a little while so she can try and sleep all night from not having long sleeps during the day. Hopefully after a while she will sleep less during the day and sleep through the night! 

Having Latte makes me realise how hard it will be to have a baby of my own; I didn't realise how hard it is to wake up during the night when I am used to sleeping up to thirteen hours straight.

So you have met Latte, super cute right? I love her so much! 

See you later!

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