Tutorial - simple Loom Bands

Let's start off with the basics. You can get any Loom Bands from corner shops or supermarkets for just £2 a pack. Each pack comes with the loom bands, a small bag of hoops and a picker. On the left you should see a hoop and on the right is some coloured loom bands I had picked.

Now I don't use the picker because I find it easier not to. To start off with, you can pick any colours you want, and how many you want depending how long you want the bracelet. You can even make necklaces, but in my own opinion, I recommend you don't, unless you are making it for a child.

Step 1. Pick your first colour and loop in around your first two fingers in an 8 motion. This way it it is easier to loop the rest of the looms together. 

Step 2. Choose another two colours and place them over your fingers. Three is the best to begin with. You can put as many on your finger as you want but let's start off simple.

Step 3. Grab the right side of the bottom band and pull it over your right finger so it is placed over the top band.

Step 4. Do the same with the left side and put it over your left finger. Make sure not to over lap the band because it wouldn't look right in the end result.

Step 5. Now grab the hoop and loop it under the loom you have just put over your fingers. Here's a close up picture so you can see clearly what I am explaining.

Step 6. Place another loom on your fingers above what you have already done. Again it can be any colour to match your pattern.

Step 7. Repeat step 3 and 4.

After repeating the whole process a few times you should see the looping starting to happen like the picture. Don't worry if it looks all messy and grouped together; just pull the hoop to stretch it and it should all spring into place.

Step 8. When your band is long enough and you want to link the band together, remember to pull all the bands over your finger except the very top band. 

Step 9. Now grab the hoop that is already on your band and loop it over both parts of the top band, like in the picture.

Your band should look like these.

I hope you have fun making to loom bands. Once you have got the hang of the process of making them, you can tighten them whilst making the bands by using more than three looms at once.

See you later!


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