You should do this, you should do that.

"You should do this, you should do that."

I don't think so.

Scanning through blogs and comments from years ago, I came across certain people telling the owner of the Blog what to write and why they should write about it. In all honesty, you shouldn't tell a Blogger what to do in his/her blog at all; what right have you got to tell this person what to do?

Does this Blogger tell you what to do in your day to day life, what you should write in the comment box, or how to think? Does he/she? No. I didn't think so.

Though this has not happened to me, not at all, but I do wonder why some reader's think they have the right too. What crosses their minds when they type utter bollocks in the comment box?

As a blogger myself, I don't comment nastily or hastily on fellow blogger's posts; it is just not in my nature. Every time I see a blog post that I disagree with or dislike, I will just turn my head and look the other way - there is no point in even beginning to act out of the ordinary, horribly, or acting as if I want to start an arguement.

I will never start an arguement, there is no point in being a horrible person - it doesn't get you anywhere in life. Unless you're a lucky blogger and get many many fan's of your blog, get praised for being a bitch and become famous. Which rarely ever happens.

Yes people will say: "it is freedom of speech and in my human rights." Of course there is freedom of speech, but I believe there is also freedom to shut the fuck up. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. Period. That was so cliche right?

Let me give you some examples of the comments I have come across. Believe me, I want to swing a baseball bat right across the back of these people's heads - don't take this to heart, I genuinely won't, I am no psychopath... yet.

Some of these comments aren't on blog posts, but rather on Instagram photos. Here are examples from both blogs and pictures:

"You are fat, you shouldn't be taking pictures of yourself."
"Ugly slut."
"Eww you fake ass la!"
"Hale to the invention of photoshop."
"Nikki Minaj called, she wants her hair back."
"You look like a train wreck."
"U so fugly hehe need more plastic surgery."
"You look like a crushed insect."

Some even go to extremes and make a XX-hater account. One account is currently called 'Xiaxue-hater' and is set to private, but the bio says "UGLYY Xiaxue has a big ASS head! An ugly chinese clown bitch who loves to play w/ her dickheads!" This person, well THING, has commented several times on Xiaxue' pictures calling her an Ugly Bitch and, most hysterically, a poop face. How pathetic - it really grinds my gears.

Who in the right fucking mind would say such horrible things, or at most, make a hate-account? People like this really do need to get a life. We all know for a fact that the people who do shit like this really do not have a life and is completely jealous of the Blogger (or anyone for that matter.) 

On the bright side, if some uncalled for piece of 'poop' comments nastily on your blog or one of your photos, your true fans/readers will defend you and compliment you. You then know who you're true readers are and who really does love you and your blog.

I mean, if you purposely write to piss people off in your blog, then you are going to get hate comments and a hate party, but if you write for yourself, (putting your reader's feelings first) you will feel proud and joy that you can write to make yourself and your fan base happy. You do, however, get the few nob heads who think it is funny to become a hate fan and comment nastily to try and bring you down. They will also tell you what you should and shouldn't write about because THEY don't like something you have conveyed in your post.

Well tough luck. They can suck on a very large and hairy camel toe for all I care. 

No one should ever try and bring you down. I have a fellow blogger friend all the way over in Malaysia and she, personally, made me an award for being friendly. I love it! Being a nice and polite blogger, putting my fan base (readers) first, helping other bloggers, commenting what I like about their posts, even communicating with bloggers in the blogosphere, has gotten me somewhere in my writing. I love how I have made friend's over the waters, well the other side of the world for that matter, because I know I have been the nicest and friendliest I can be and becoming friends through the blogosphere has brought joy and encouragement in my life.

To those who believe in me and my writing: thank you so much, I can not do this without you. You encourage me to keep on writing and boost my confidence every single day - you keep me going. You're the fuel to my car, the butter to my bread, the sweet to my sugar, the leap to my frog, the beat to my heart... you get the picture. Without you, I would have closed my blog down by now, gone all historic and written on pen and paper in a Diary. 

With love,

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