30 Things about Me

1. I have a twin sister. We are technically identical but during high school we went opposite ways with our appearances.

2. When I watch TV, I can't watch it with the windows open.

3. I can't listen to more than 2 surrounding sounds at once because I will get agitated.

4. I hate it when people relate what I have said in my post about them and get on their high horse and give me grief. But as I have said before: if the boot fits, lace that bad boy up and strut!

5. I delete my posts when people are unhappy with it. I like to keep the piece and make amends.

6. My all time role model is Sarah Jessica Parker

7. Gravy is my all time obsession, i can drinks mugs after mugs of it.

8. Gained myself two Diplomas. (i) Creative and Media L2 (ii) Interactive Media L3

9. When people talk to me whilst I am already listening to something else, I literally can't hear them. Selective hearing?

10. I am an internet whore. (I am obsessed with Social Media, not that I post naked pictures of myself.)

11. Reading blog posts is better than watching vlogs, in my opinion.

12. Spongebob, Sex and the City, and Coronation Street are my favourite shows/episodes to watch.

13. I edit photos of me so I look better. (Clearer skin, contrasted etc.)

14. Standing up for myself is what i have been brought up to do. I don't take shit from no one

15. My image means a lot to me and I always try to look my best even if I am just popping to the shops.

16. I am known to be a bit of a bitch, but every girl has a bit of bitch in her personality.

17. My eye colour is green. My Mum's are brown and my Dad's are blue, so how are mine green?

18. I like to make lists.. hence this post

19. Over thinking has become a hobby

20. Caring people who look out for me make me smile and feel closer to the blogging community.

21. I am a very opinionated person and some people hate that. I can't help it.

22. Sometimes I just blurt stuff out without thinking.

23. My favourite films are the Pirates of the Caribbean's 

24. I plan to travel to the South Asian countries in the future

25. Culture in the South Asian countries fascinate me

26. Being me, I am a very nosy person

27. A few years ago I had problems with my weight. Sometimes I wouldn't eat, and you could see my ribs and hip bones. I am now at a healthy weight and happy.

28. I can judge a person's personality in the first conversation we have: I can see a fake a mile away.

29. I can actually be very caring and friendly

30. The worst thing I hate is when people take my blog post out of content and everything gets skewed like a big game of Chinese Whispers. My last blog post (deleted now) was pointing out that the girl was getting appraisals for posting a half naked picture, but when a skinny girl posts the same kind of picture, she gets grief. That is my point, don't twist what I had said because it is not what you think. I do NOT hate big girls or think they are disgusting. I have also publicly apologised.  End of this subject.

Much love,

Ps// MY blog is for me to vent my pelled up anger about certain issues i feel strongly against. 


  1. Love your post!
    I am definitely on your vibe! I can't stand having two sounds at once, especially the tv in and the Hoover or washing machine! And don't get me started with other answers on your list! Lol


    1. Thanks Shanna :)
      Haha finally someone who relates with my issues! I'm terrible with sounds.

      Thank you for commenting ☺ xx


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