Catch up. Latte - why are you so cute?

Whoop got my first kind-of-sponsor but not for my blog, but for Instagram. There is a small business that are setting up 'Team Voter' which I think it's to do with F1 and other race cars and I think it is German - they will be sending me shirts and other products to wear/take photos off where I just give them feedback of what I like and what needs to be improved, then post a picture of it on Instagram. 

They are also going to be making other things to send to me and I can then take a picture and put it on Instagram. I am not all about 'free stuff' as the none-bloggers say, but I am merely helping their business as well as helping myself. I think it is good that they reached out to me.

I am one happy girl!

What happened yesterday?

Of course, Daniel went to work and Latte was standing at the door barking, but as soon as you shout her name a couple times, she will run to the bedroom. The bad thing about that is, instead of her barking at the door, she will stand against the bed barking at me. 

Lose lose situation.

The reason she is barking at me is because she wants to get on the bed and bite my ears and eat my hair. Little shit. 

Thinking about the future, Daniel arranged to meet a woman (don't get excited) about going on a three year course to become a Commercial Plumber. She was here for over two hours explaining things and showing us DVDs of what will happen - she even loved having Latte jump on her and eat her bag. Okay she was only fine with Latte eating her bag because she has bought a new one and forgot to change her bags so Latte was just chewing on the old one.

The woman seemed really nice, what was funny though was that at the beginning of every sentence, she started high pitched. I couldn't help but giggle - I don't think Daniel noticed the way she was talking. Maybe it was just me because I do pick things out on people. It has it's perks, but when the person you talk about over hears you, you feel embarrassed for them haha!
I'm so mean.

I remember standing at the bus stop with my Mum and my twin a couple years back, and every person that walked by, we picked out what we didn't like about their outfit. Luckily, none of the people heard us.

The other scenario that I remember was when Mum, my twin and I were trying on clothes in a shop and we saw a girl wearing a full black outfit and bright pink shoes - it was a crash outfit, it was hurrendous. I couldn't help but say to my twin: "I am so glad Mum says what she likes and dislikes about our outfits before we go out. That girl is a disaster, look at those shoes, and why would she wear all black?" The girl overheard us and went running over to her Mum. It's not my fault it was a train wreck.

Oh the good old days.

Whenever I tell Daniel what I like and dislike about someone's outfit, he just says I am being a bitch and says: "what if someone was doing that to you." My response is always: "I wouldn't care," because I know I wouldn't go out looking like an absolute douche.

I am all for different and unique but some people don't even class as different, it is just purely what-the-fuck-was-you-thinking.

So what's happening today?

Well for one, I now have a kind-of-sponsor. 

Daniel is currently at work so I am looking online at houses/apartments to rent but there doesn't seem to be any around Manchester that seem nice or that allows pets. The only places that I found that were decent and allowed pets were in Wigan, Leigh and Bolton but all three of them places are just not convenient for both Daniel and me. 

I tried looking in my home town but there was only a skanky little studio flat which was way too small for us anyway, and a house that looked like a bomb had hit it. It was deceiving as the outside of the house looked nice and the kitchen was nice-ish but the rest of it was awful!

This whole looking for a house thing is getting pretty stressful. I just wish our Landlords weren't such arseholes so I would be able to stay in the flat. Well I can, but they want me to get rid of Latte - they think 'getting rid' would be so easy; how about you get rid of your kid or your pet with a click of the fingers. Too hard? SHAME. You want me to get rid of Latte easily which is impossible.

Impossible people.

I hope they rot in hell or their business goes bust. Either or.

Speaking of Latte, she has been really clingy lately and I am not sure why, nothing has changed. Maybe she got used to Daniel being around all weekend but now he is back at work, she is getting clingy.

Around 18:00pm, Daniel is due to come home. As soon as Daniel opens the main door to the flat, Latte stands at our door barking and getting excited for him to walk through the door. She knows who it is straight away because when other flat neighbours walks through the main door she only sits up - it's either strange or clever.

She has been getting really clever lately, I thought puppies were predictable but this little one is unpredictable and hilarious - you never know what she will do next. She is that hilarious, it's adorable.

+65/98///////////////////////////////// <- Latte stood on the laptop

Latte spam pictures!

"I is hungry, eat bra strap pwease?"

"What do you mean, No?"

"Don't talk to me, Mum."

No Mum. Go away!"

"I am being sewious, w
eave me awone. I wanted the strap."

"Don't twy and change my mind. What? I can eat the qwuilt instead?!"

"Okay deal!"


It is now 19:20pm and Daniel has gone to football. We went on a stroll as soon as Daniel got in for some milk, bread, and some other stuff to eat tonight. I can finally have my first cup of tea of the day - it is some kind of addiction. Am I addicted to caffeine? Or tea? Eh, it won't kill me and it's not like it's drugs or alcohol. 

Latte is being extremely naughty now and she is being put into the other room to calm down - well I thought it would calm her down but she is just barking and whining more. I can't win with her. She stresses me out! 

It has been 5 minutes and she hasn't stopped barking so I have let her out - she has just become clingy and like a little angel. Ugh why are those puppy eyes working so well, stop being so cute, you are naughty! 

Ugh she just made me spill some of my bru and she just laid in it... time to give her a shower.

I guess I have to go.

Until next time,

Much love, 

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