Everyone else's life

Think it is time to give you an update on life... well Daniel's life.. hell to that - EVERYONE ELSE'S LIFE EXCEPT MINE.

Why not mine?

Well people of the world, it is because I am temporarily a house wife. Yep, I have no job and I spend my day looking for work, cleaning the whole flat until it's gleaming, and I look after the puppy. The thing that is wrong with the whole 'house wife' situation is (i) I am a fiancee not a wife (ii) I am bored most of the time (iii) when the cleaning is done, I have to find something to keep me entertained (iiii) the puppy isn't allowed to go on walks until Friday so she wrecks the place (iiiii) i am constantly cleaning up piss and shit (not mine don't be crude.)

Being a house wife isn't all bad though (i) I can do what I want (ii) Lazy day is everyday (iii) I can blog more and keep my readers happy (iiii) cups of tea and TV is my new thing especially watching Sex and the City. Oooh, more pros than cons - maybe I should be a permanent house fiancee? I do like to earn my own money though and my phone contract is almost being suspended because I haven't paid the bill. Oops.

What's so good about Daniel's life?

Well good question - he lives with me of course, that's why his life is so good. I'm kidding, he probably wishes he was with someone else, living somewhere else and happier (not really, I am awesome.) Daniel has a great full time job that is a 10/5 thing and he loves it; though the long hours do bore him when he has nothing to do and he does wish he was at home with me and the puppy (see told you i was awesome.) This hard worker loves his life, but we are due to move out of the flat soon because the landlord's employees are absolute wankers. 

Why? The reason being, on Saturday we had to bring out a plumber because the employees sent out some dodgy maintenance dude to fix the roof end of last year (the water was leaking through the light fitting (see Archives from 2013)) so the water had decided to leak through the boiler now instead. Now, the landlord's wanker employees don't have an out-of-hours number so we couldn't ring them for them to send out a plumber, so we had to take matters into our own hands. 

The plumber is sending an invoice to the employees but they are refusing to pay it because 'we have no right to ring a plumber' and it is 'not their problem.' So these twats are getting their arses sued. How dare they say we have no right to ring a plumber when they have no out-of-hours number and we didn't want to risk water dripping from the boiler to the electronic gas metre below it. Like we are going to leave the water to possibly set fire to the place. ABSOLUTE TWATS. How dare they also say that it's not their problem, of course it's THEIR problem, the boiler, electrics etc. are their responsibility - we didn't cause the problem, their dodgy maintenance guys did.

So after this incident, both me and Daniel are looking for a new place to live - a house possibly. This place is now too small for us so we need a bigger place anyway. 

What are you going to talk about when you say: "Everyone else's life?"

With this, I mean my family. My Mum, Step-dad and two of my siblings are currently on holiday in Wales and I am slightly jealous - they are sat on the beach, soaking up the sun and getting a tan, whilst I am stuck inside cleaning up poo. Great. Knowing they are on holiday and having a great time, makes me wish that it was September now and I was jetting off to sunny Spain - hurry up September, this little blonde pale girl needs a tan and a cocktail by the pool! 

I am glad they are having a great time after the year that they have had.. I can just say it has been extremely stressful and they deserve happiness and a break from everything and everyone. Not being with them is a little sad because I have been on every holiday they have been on and now I am 19, engaged and living with my fiance, I can't couldn't go on holiday with them. Sucks. At least I can look forward to Spain, even though I have already been to Switzerland this year. 

Ah well, Switzerland was a football holiday where we were surrounded by hundreds of people we see all the time in Manchester, so Spain is mine and Daniel's alone and together holiday. Perfect really

So there's the update.

Oh Latte has now had her second injection and has been chipped. If anyone steals my baby, I will hunt you down, slice your hands off and feed them to the dogs I will be able to track where she is, get the police to arrest you and everything can go back to normal.

See you later.

Much love, 

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