Hobby Lobby and women's rights

This is in my opinion, (very strong opinions) anyone who disagrees is free to comment and voice their own opinions, but I really couldn't care less because you're not worth it. For those who do not believe in women's rights and men are the 'Alphas' of all things including women, then you are a waste of space and I hope you drop dead. Women are just as important as men, and women should be able to do what she wants when she wants to her own body.


We live in 2014 not 1014, women have stood up for themselves and become more equal to men. You know what, 'men' is a bad term in this subject, so 'men' who do not support women in fighting for the rights will now be called 'twats.'
I went on a rant on Twitter (@lnohara95) about Hobby Lobby. If you click on the link it will direct you to a post all about them. 

I do not pardon my language.

Even though I am not American, I still stand up for women's rights anywhere (just how I don't agree that Muslim woman should have to wear Burqua when the Quran doesn't state they have to. Don't even call me racist.

"The Quran has no requirement that women cover their faces with a veil, or cover their bodies with the full-body burqua or chador.Many Muslims believe that the collected traditions of the life of Muhammed, or hadith, require both men and women to dress and behave modestly in public."

See, so no Muslim man has the right to make his wife/girlfriend wear a Burqua or call us English woman slags etc. because we wear what we want and show a bit of skin. No we don't walk around half naked, don't be so dramatic! We stand up to our men and show them whos boss.)

A woman is a human just like a twat. Some twats are sexist pigs and will agree with Hobby Lobby that a woman doesn't have the right to get some of the contraceptives free, but twats will be able to get Viagra for free. How fucked up is that?

If a twat supports Hobby Lobby then I hope Karma bites you in the ass and also your dicks fall off.

Women deserve to get any contraceptive she wants FREE just how you twats get Viagra FREE. I think Hobby Lobby are sexist pigs and women should fight against the SCOTUS. What happened to equal rights?

The law came in when Hobby Lobby won, but what happened to women fighting for their rights? Did the women have a chance to say their opinions or were they not allowed? Just because some of the contraceptives available will abort any fetus (the morning after pill or UID) but they should still be available to EVERY WOMAN for free! What if the woman was sexually abused and didn't want to chance being pregnant? What if a woman has menstrual problems and needs a pill to help it become normal? What if a woman isn't able to have any contraceptives except a certain pill because her body rejects them? 

Have Hobby Lobby thought of this? No? Fuck you Hobby Lobby. Selfish bastards.

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This picture is bang on!

Vise versa, what if women took away your rights to contraception, would you like it? Oh, how about we women take away your Viagra... or your PORN. Wouldn't that be a shame?! Us women should protest to ban men from watching porn, masturbating, taking Viagra, and having their rights taken away! 

Too far? Nope it isn't. Now Hobby Lobby, we women have heard you have gotten a law about contraceptives in your 'religious views' and won, guess what: it doesn't state anything about being against contraceptives in the Bible. Oh.. what's that? You sexist pigs have made up some religious shit to take away a women's right to protect themselves against pregnancy? Well done, you have really pissed off thousands, maybe millions, of women across America. Or if you want to protect women's rights when you are living in another country, like me, then there could be millions more women who are pissed off because of you Hobby Lobby!

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Preach it Obama! 

Here are some Tweets I found when I searched #HobbyLobby. For more, just check it out for yourselves.

John Fugelsang ‏@JohnFugelsang  1h
Hey #HobbyLobby - wanna know what an attack on religion is? Claiming the Bible's against contraception when it isn't so you can save a buck.

Xeni Jardin ‏@xeni  1h
So basically #HobbyLobby’s Hobby is to Lobby against fundamental human rights, like affordable and safe access to women’s health care?

Sally Kohn ‏@sallykohn  2h
People saying low-wage workers should just buy their own contraception have never lived on $7/hr. Costs 5-10% of monthly income! #hobbylobby

Ellen Page ‏@EllenPage  2h
Hobby Lobby still covers Viagra!? How charming!!!!

Julie Borowski ‏@JulieBorowski  3h
Hobby Lobby Decision isn’t About Birth Control, it’s About Bullying:

I honestly don't understand 'men' and the people who support Hobby Lobby; they are messed up and don't respect women. I really hope the twats who are for this law get banned from watching Porn and taking Viagra. I wish upon The Grim Reaper that your dicks fall off so you can't have any sexual pleasure and that you may never find a woman to love or sleep with. 

Women are not objects.

Some women who have menstrual problems can not masturbate or have sex for pleasure (sometimes can't have kids) so men don't deserve sexual pleasures either! Having no contraception means there is also a chance for women to get pregnant so guess what 'men' looks like you will be getting a HUGE bill for child support. 

Let that bite you on the arse!

Peace out!

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  1. The whole way through reading this I was just laughing at how bad your language is! There's a swear word in almost every sentence :/ christ Lon!


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