Mr. De-Flea guy.

Sick of arrogant men who literally don't have a life but try and tell me what to do with my own flat and my own pet.

That's right, some bloke, who looks like an English version of the man vs food presenter but is much fatter and hairier, decided that because he was the guy who was de-fleaing my flat, he would tell ME what to do. 

Waking up at nine o'clock in the morning to my neighbour telling me the de-flea guy, who has turned up an hour early may I add to spray the flat, wants me to get out now so he can do his work. I wasn't even dressed, I was in my underwear (I went to the door in my dressing gown of course,) and I needed time to get ready, fold down Late's cage, hide everything that is dog related (the landlord didn't know I had a dog,) and walk Latte whilst my neighbour looks after my flat whilst I am gone.

I was pretty much forced to rush. How wrong was the de-flea guy to think he had the right to chuck me out of my own flat.

That's not even the worst part. When I opened the door, Latte ran to him and he said: "Oh, you have a dog, get it off me." Yes Mr. Cunt. Do you want me to polish your flip flops too? Yeah because I can catch a puppy that is running and licking his leg in the space of a minute. He even had the cheek to tell me that the puppy shouldn't even be out of the flat at nine weeks.

Do you go to the vet appointments Mr. De-flea guy?
Did the vet tell you that the puppy can go out in the garden at her age?
Did you see her have two injections and be chipped so it's okay?
Oh, I didn't think so.

Did he expect me to leave the puppy in the flat whilst he sprayed liquid that could kill Latte?

This does not make sense. He tells me that my puppy shouldn't be out at her age, but she also had to get out of the flat because he was spraying it. What did he want me to do with her? Tie her to the door? Get my neighbour to look after her? Oh... Oh I know! I would balance her on the top of my head because she can't go on the floor outside or in the flat can she? Perfect! 

Fucking gimp.

The de-flea guy dares to tell ME to first get out of my own flat because he has work to do, tell me that my puppy shouldn't be out in the garden yet she can't stay in the flat, and then he even has the balls to act like I am a fucking dumb ass bitch. 

He told me that he sprayed her food by accident and not to feed it to her because it will kill her.
DUH! Tell me something I don't know you fat lard.

Is it because I am a nineteen year old girl?
Does he think I can't think for myself?
Do I have "DUMB" written across my forehead?
Does he not realise that I live in a flat WITH MY PARTNER and can look after MYSELF?

Yes Mr. De-flea guy, you may parent me and talk to me like a piece of shit. Here, have a cream cake. Sorry, i've sprayed it with your flea spray. May you suffer a painful and slow death you arsehole.

What's even funnier. Mr. Cunt probably grassed on me and Daniel having Latte because our landlord rang us today and confronted us about Latte. Thing is, their employees knew about the puppy so the landlord said: "oh I was there when you rang, let me speak to *name.*" So it isn't all bad. Her employees will get a earful, not us!

Seriously though, I could have punched Mr. De-flea guy, but I had to control myself - I needed the flat spraying of course. 

Much love,

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