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Coming to the conclusion that I think having a baby would be so much easier than looking after a puppy, I do love my puppy so much. Latte is so much hassle though, but maybe that's because she is my dog - she is so naughty, but on some days she can be good as gold. 

Though we have only had Latte a week and three days, me and Daniel know exactly what she is like and what she needs and when. She will wake up a few times in the night, eats at 05:30am every morning, goes back to sleep for a few more hours and then fully wake up which means she wakes both Daniel and I up.

Daniel wakes up for work at 06:00am on a weekday so he will sort out Latte's needs which lets me sleep in and get a few more hours for my beauty sleep before she wakes me up by crying and trying to jump on the bed. 

Last Friday, Latte had her first Vet appointment for her first injection which I was quite nervous about but it turned out fine; she is the perfect weight, perfect height, her teeth are good and her muscles, so she had her first vaccination. Latte weighs 3.15kg, as a result, she is bang on target for her breed and age. When we took her to the Vets, she just cried because she was in a different surrounding but as people came over to pet her, she eased and wanted to jump around on the floor - sadly we didn't let her because she hasn't had all of her injections so she could catch illnesses off the other pets in the store.

In the appointment Latte also had a flea treatment as well as the vaccination, subsequently, I was so thankful by cause of the whole block of flats I live in is covered in Fleas. Why? The virtue of some twat who brought home a flea-infested skanky cat and didn't de-flea it or give it any treatment, so now every flat in the building has fleas. 

Furious! Before we got Latte we noticed we had fleas in the flat so we asked our neighbour who told us about the twat upstairs. Latte is too young to have a flea collar so Daniel and I were so thankful to have a Vet appointment as quick as we did.

On Wednesday, there are professional people coming in to the block of flats and de-fleaing every single part of the building, consequently everyone and every animal has to be out of the building in the morning. Luckily Daniel and I will be at work... that's right, I have a job trial! Say whaaaaaat? 

Yep, I now have a job trial working in a hair salon but not any hair salon. There are only four of these hair salons in the whole of the UK because it is for women or men who want hair after having Chemo or have Alpecia. How nice is that? This salon, called Hair Solved, give people a second chance to have hair! I love helping people and making people happy any way I can, so this job will be perfect for me. If the trial goes well, I will get the job, but I have to see if I am capable and emotionally stable to work there because of some of the things I will see people do. (A woman working there fainted because her client pulled out her own hair and ate it in front of her.)

Anyhow, last Saturday something very frightening happened WHICH made me cry. Latte trapped her bottom jaw in the table leg gap and she was scream crying and freaking out. Luckily both Daniel and I was right next to her when it happened so as soon as she got her jaw caught, we freed her.

It was quite hard to get her out considering she lodged her jaw in, so I had to lift her up throughout the time she was panicking and in pain, having to restrain her from flipping her body side to side, to the top of the table leg to free her. I got her out and instantly and held her close to my chest so she can calm down.

She was so shook up so I rocked her like a baby since it calms her down quicker and I gave her plenty of kisses to make her feel better. Once she had calmed down, I burst into tears because I hate to see her in pain and it scared me so much. Daniel held us both to calm us down.

I put Latte to bed so she could wake up happier and not in pain but when I went in to see if she was aright, she wouldn't move. Daniel went to see why she wouldn't move so he clicked his fingers and clapped his hands because it normally makes her stand up and get excited. Nothing happened. She just lay there staring at us with a sad expression. 

It was scary.

I picked her up and took her to the front room and cuddled her. Once Latte was feeling better and comforted, she went back to her happy, hyper and biting self.

Thank god!

Now she was happy again, Daniel went straight online and ordered a brand new wooden table to replace the metal one we have with gaps in the legs. We didn't want a repeat of what happened that night, so we instantly wanted a table where Latte wouldn't hurt herself.

She also hurt herself the other day when she was playing and biting her cage, she caught her jaw in a gap but managed to free herself when i was running to the other room to help her. Bloody puppy is always hurting herself so Daniel and I keep an eagle eye on her.

Daniel also ordered new blinds just for the sake of it, plus we needed something to block out the sun through the lace curtains. We also got pet insurance due to not wanting to risk racking up a massive Vet bill if and when Latte hurts herself again.


Latte is 7 weeks old today and twice the size from when we first got her, which was only a week and three days ago! It is crazy how fast she is growing but she also scoffs her food when she eats. She needs to stay small, she is my baby!

Don't worry not all of my posts from now on will be about Latte, I just thought I would give you an update. I will now go back to my usual blogging ways.

Much love, 

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