Some exciting news

Quick update and the news.

Today Daniel woke up to find that Latte had threw up on the floor (grim right?) but when I checked it, it was her pee with yellow gunk in it. I checked her 'area' and found that it was infact coming from her area, so I instantly rang the vets because it could be an infection and I didn't want to leave it to get worse.

It was around 26 Degrees or more outside and I needed to get money out from the ATM, so I walked Latte there with me. Within a couple minutes she was tired! She also tried to have a piss in the middle of the road so I had to carry her mid-way. Sorry Latte.

Ringing a Taxi, the person on the other side of the phone said it would be ten minutes so I decided to wait at Morrisons... twenty minutes later still no taxi so I rang again just to hear "he's on his way Lauren," cheers mate. I waited another ten minutes before he finally turned up with ten minutes to spare before Latte's appointment.

I double checked that it was £4 there including the dog so he said yeah. The reason I asked was because yesterday some cheeky fucker of a taxi driver tried to charge Daniel £9 to do the same route with Latte. Obviously Daniel told him where to go.  

Paying £4, I got to the Vets to find that it was some foreign dude (no offense) but he couldn't understand what I was telling him. I was trying to tell him that I found yellow gunk in her wee this morning and he kept saying: "she wees, we all wee, it's normal." DUH I know we all fucking wee! I even showed him a picture of what was up with her before I cleaned her up and he just kept saying: "Normal. Normal." I gave up and left.

Inboxing my Dad, I asked him if I should leave it until her next appointment of Friday where I can get a second opinion and he agreed. Every time I go to the Vets there is always someone knew - hopefully there will be an English person who can understand what I am saying next time.

So far Latte seems happy and there have been little signs of gunk. Hopefully it was a one time thing and she isn't going to get ill.

On the plus side of today, FC United of Manchester won three nil! Daniel had a seven hour drive to Maidenhead, I didn't go, but thankfully I was here to look after Latte and take her to a waste-of-time Vet appointment. Daniel left very early this morning and he won't be back until around half 11 tonight which is rather poo! 

My parents and siblings got back from Wales today and I have missed them. I did want to visit them today but plans got changed - I spent the day with my baby today instead. It has been pretty lonely, but at least I wasn't completely on my own - I have the TV of course *wink* and my puppy.

What's the exciting news?

I have FINALLY done it! I have actually published my first ever Vlog! Click this -> YOUTUBE to find my vlog. I am so excited! (sorry for the bad quality, it was by webcam. I don't have a video camera yet haha!)

WARNING: It is based about my 'Your POV is wrong' post that I was forced to take down. It explains why I posted it and why I want to put it back on.

Time to pay COD Ghosts now cos Daniel has just got in ! 

See you later!

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