Update on my life

First, how about an update on my beautiful puppy? 

Latte is now 8 weeks and 3 days old and she is getting so big - she is growing faster than I thought! At her age, I thought she would be smaller but she is rapidly growing - stay small! Latte is now fatter and taller and quite frankly, naughtier.

Biting, barking and growling is her new habit which is seriously frustrating. Whenever is say "No" she will just do it more and bark louder and it seems that Daniel is the only one that can calm her down. I think she hates me. I am not even exaggerating - she literally hates me.

You see so many people being proud of their dogs and showing how much they love them and vise versa but when it comes to me and Latte, she doesn't get along with me and just pisses me off. 

She runs off to the bedroom when she has been naughty, even though she knows she has been naughty, she will just keep doing it. I love her, but she doesn't love me. When Daniel goes to work, she will run to me for attention. Attention seeking dog.

However, when Daniel is at home, she will be all over him and be happier. If she carries on hating me, when she gets older she may get more aggressive towards me but hopefully that doesn't happen and she gets closer to me.

Do you want to see a picture of my baby taken today?

Here you go!

Look at those fat layers.
How can you be so cute but a little shit at the same time?

Cute isn't she? Little shit.

Any-hu, Daniel is currently at work but before he went he managed to wake me up at 6am by making noise in the kitchen which also made Latte bark. THEN, he decided to put Latte on the bed. Bad thing is, when she is on the bed, she climbs all over me and tries to bite my nose, ears, arms and hands and won't take No for an answer. 

So I plonked her on the floor and was wide awake at 6am on a day I don't have to do anything. Actually, there are supposed to be people coming round to the block of flats to de-flea the place, but I doubt they will turn up when they were supposed to come last Wednesday. This time when the come round I am just going to tell the to Fuck Off as a reason of sorting the fleas out myself. 

Because they didn't turn up last week, I decided that I would take the matter into my own hands and de-flea the place myself. If they can't be arsed once, they don't get a second chance to try and come round - gimps. 

I also have to go to the hospital today for two scans and possibly a small operation but hopefully it won't come to that - I am scared to go under even though it is a simple operation. The Doctors will only need to put a camera in my belly button to search for something wrong with me.

Having many tests in the past couple years and everything coming out negative, so-called Doctors saying that I am normal, and being referred back and forth from the hospital has really taken it's toll. Some Doctors say that there is something wrong and I need lots of tests to find out what it is, and other Doctors saying i'm fine and I should go home.

I am not fine. I think I would know if I was fine.

If I was fine I wouldn't need to have scans and possibly an operation today now would I? 

The flea people turned up around 11:30am and it was fine for me to go out, I couldn't be bothered telling them to go away. My lovely neighbour invited me up to his place for a bru with Latte whilst my flat was getting sprayed; he is a great person and he is easy to talk to. He even offered to take Latte for walks when she is old enough because once he has had an operation on his leg, he will be able to walk properly - he loves Latte also!

Here are some self absorbed selfies of me that you can enjoy *wink*. Please tell me whether smiling or not smiling is better as I am quite self-conscious about my smile. I one day hope to get my gums shrunk to bring out more teeth on show.

Serious face haha! 
Unintentional of course.

And smile.
Try not too concentrate on my teeth

Now the flat is all done (13:00pm) I can finally put Latte's stuff back where it belongs. The landlord doesn't know I have Latte so I had to take down her cage, grab all of her toys, empty her bowl, and shove it all in the wardrobe.

Apparently the landlord' son is a bit of an arse hole so I had to take Latte out of the building and walk round the park with her until my neighbour let me know the son had gone. Like I said before, my neighbour then invited me to his flat whilst mine was drying.

Daniel and I are also going to be looking at the flat at the top floor of the building because we need to move into a bigger flat. The top floor flat is currently being refurbished, maintenance being done and sorted, and carpet is being laid down, so once that is all done, we will be having  a nosy. We don't want to be on the bottom floor anymore because it is too small, plus having the main door in front of our door is really getting on my tits.

Next Monday, the people are coming to de-flea the flat again and the following Friday they are underlay under the carpets and putting new ones down on the stairs and in the hallway - it is way too loud when people walk around. Everything will be more quiet - thank god.

Questions/thoughts of the day:

Why do people act different in front of the camera?
Why do they talk like they have a shitty script and dramatize a conversation?
Why has Cheryl Cole got a married only after three months of dating. Will it last longer than Kim K's before she gets divorced?
Will everything be okay at the scan and I won't need the operation?
Imagine if David Beckham was your Dad... so wrong on many levels. If I was 25 years older, I would go for him. Ah well, I can drool over his picture anyway.

Time to stop gibbering.

Much love,

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