Why I hate my landlord.

Today wasn't that eventful to be honest, however, it was quite cosy spending time with Daniel and Latte in the flat. We have been looking for other places to live because our stupid Landlord sent us a letter. It said:

"Dear Sirs

RE: Your Dog

We believe you may have a dog at your property. Please make arrangements to re-home your dog as we do not allow dogs in our properties. It is even more important that you get rid of your dog as we have just had the whole building treated for fleas.

Kind regards

P***** P*********"

Here is what I had to say to this letter.

1. I am not a Sir you bitch.
2. You knew I had Latte here for a good few weeks now. Daniel rang the landlord's employees BEFORE we got Latte and told them about the puppy and they said it would be fine! The landlord even said she was there at the time of the call.
3. Latte DIDN'T bring the fleas in the building in the first place. Before we got Latte, some skank brought home a flea-infested cat and then decided to piss off and leave the fleas here without telling the landlord that they need to be rid of.
4. Fuck off with your 'Kind regards' you arrogant fucks. I hate you, and I will NOT be getting rid of my puppy. You can suck on a big hairy fat one. I would rather chew off my arm and eat it for dinner than get rid of Latte.

The sooner I am out of this dump the better.
Does the Landlord not realise that if I got rid of Latte, they will be getting rid of us too? It's a lose lose situation for them. They will lose out on over £400 a month and will have to find more tenants to cover it all because of a dog. So Ha! Fucking gimps.

Everyone is this building is perfectly fine with Latte and they love to spend time with her when we are all outside enjoying the sun - we even have a dog sitter from time to time who lives in the flat above.

That reminds me about the other day. Some dude knocked on my door, ran to the main door and hid behind it and said: "I need to check your fire alarms, move your dog into another room, I don't like them." There was no please or thank you and this guy was pretty stupid. He wanted to check the alarms for flat 6 and he knocked on my flat which is number 4 - he said that on the sign it says section 6 means flat 4 - which is completely wrong.

Trying to explain to him that when my alarm goes off, number 4 flashes on the alarm box, he kept telling ME that it is number 6. I think I would know, I fucking live here. So yeah, he wouldn't take no for an answer and kept telling me to move MY dog.

Excuse me, you can't knock on my door, talking utter bollocks to me, tell me where I should and shouldn't put my dog, and then try and say that my flat is at fault with the alarms. Of course I told him my alarms were fine and to actually check flat 6 - a fucking three year old could figure that out. 

Teacher: "If section 6 is flashing, what number flat would be at fault?"
Three year old: "6"
Teacher: "Well done!"

What is it with proper morons these days? Jesus Christ! 

On a positive side of today, I am getting so much better at beating Daniel on Call of Duty haha! No I am not a gamer-girl per se, but I do like to kick ass from time to time. 

Much love,

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