Ice Water Challenge and its problem people.

We all know the craze going round about throwing ice water on ourselves for Charity - it's fun but also for an amazing cause, but there's always people who will try and put a downer on it all.

"People are throwing water on themselves and Africa is suffering."

Last I recall, there was an advert to give money to Africa and it was showing them loosening the water pipes and dancing in the spraying water that WE PAYED FOR.

To Africa I say "you get what's given, waste it on your own life and death. It's your own fault."

In the less harshest way possible: if nature is making them suffer then we know that those suffering aren't meant to live long. Maybe nature is telling us that. Maybe it is survival of the fittest. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be for them.

We all know that the money we give them doesn't actually get to them and the government takes it all - look how rich that country actually is. If the goverment actually gave their own community, the money we raised for them, they would be perfectly fine. Us giving them money is just like putting a lighter to a heap of money - it's a waste of time.

There are charities that will go out to the country face to face and give those who are suffering clothes and life saving medicines, but if you give money through adverts, it's more than likely just going to get into their governments hands.

I lost track of my point.

Okay my point with us throwing water on ourselves for charity has nothing to do with Africa. There are people out there that relate everything we do to Africa.

We deserve to do what we want with the lives we have built ourselves. We worked our arses off for hundreds of years to get where we are now. If we want to throw water about for whatever reason and cause we want, we damn well can and we shouldn't have people trying to put us down for it.

I am about to run a bath so it is full and pull the plug just for the sake of it.

Kiss my arse to yous who are trying to put us down and relate everything we do to Africa.


Ps// don't take everything i say seriously. The only posts that I am 100% serious on are the ones about my day to day life.

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