Sorry for...

... the lack of updates, I have just been super busy and really tired. I'm here now though so you can all cheer up! 

So where have I been and what's new with my life? Well I HAVE A JOB! Yeah, you read right, I have a job, a full time proper grafting job. How proud are you of me?? :D

My Step-Dad did help me get the job though because he knew I needed money and was stressing out due to failed job searching and interviews - I am extremely grateful for my Step-Dad and his help to get me a job.

I now work at a Factory in Middleton, which I have to get up a 4am to get there for 6am when I start my eight hour shift. For the first day, I really didn't expect so much tiredness to hit me, I thought it would be easy to wake up at 4am to go to work.

Luckily, on my first day, my Step-Dad picked me up from mine around 5am to take me to work for my induction. It was quite confusing to figure out where I would have to get off and on the bus near the Industrial Estate in Middleton, but to this day, I am quite good at finding my way round - once I figured it out of course. 

My first Day.

When I got to the factory, my Step-Dad showed me where to go and told me to wait in the Canteen for my boss to come and find me to give me an induction, but when she came in she also had four other new starters with her - none of them were English and they all seemed to know each other, they even spoke to each other in Lithuanian and I couldn't tell if they were talking to me or not.

Luckily, I was sent to a different department to them to do a little job - I like doing it, but my back and feet hurt from standing for so many hours; i'll explain later if I don't forget. When I got to my department, I was set some tasks next to a couple of elderly women. One looks like a punk Grandma so let's nickname her Punk Gran, and the other woman looks gross. Only kidding, she's alright I suppose, she was a bit of a moody bitch with me and so was Punk Gran.

I was doing my task and Punk Gran came over to me and started being a bitch and giving me attitude. She came over next to me nudged me a bit, grabbed the stuff I was using and said: "Do you mind.." Do I mind what? I haven't moved, I haven't said anything, I have simply just got on with my work you bitch. Get back to your own table and mind your own business.

After that, I wouldn't speak to Punk Gran or her friend - I don't associate with pain in the arses like them, what's the point? They literally made my first day feel like hell and I just wanted to go home.

I got over it though and came to work the next day to show them I don't take shit and I ain't scared of them. Surprisingly, Punk Gran came over to me and apologised, she said: "Sorry for being the way I was, it is not a personal hit against you, I have just been moody." Then she began to be really friendly with me so I accepted her apology and had a conversation with her; she even gave me pointers and helped me figure where everything was. Punk Gran is actually awesome.

So today.

Today was pretty good to be honest, I was moved to a different department and was told I would only be helping in that area for an hour.... six hours later I was still there. Eventually after packing over 2000 pillows, I was knackered and was then moved back to my normal department for the rest of my shift. Two Thousand pillows though, how crazy is that?! 

Punk Gran was being creepily friendly like someone had said something to her as in to back of or something, but whatever has happened, I am extremely happy she is being nice - her friend is still a bit of an arse and her facial expression always seems to be stuck in a moody bitch kinda way. At least one of them are friendly.

Oh I forgot to tell you, no one at work knows that my Step-Dad is my Step-Dad. The reason being, he can sack people and he doesn't want anyone to know that he is my Step-Dad so I have a chance to mingle with other people and gain friends. If they did know my Step-Dad is sort-of-related to me, they would probably start to back off and be weird with me because I am sort-of-related with their boss haha! 

We will get figured out eventually, but for now, I will try my best to mingle before people start being cold with me. Better to have friends at work than to feel isolated and sad at work.

Why my back hurts at work... for one you already know I have mild scoliosis and have to wear insoles in my shoes to keep my feet and knees straight to help my spine go into a straight line again. Two, standing for hours on end not sitting down and bending forwards and up again to pick up stock, puts so much strain on my back and it then starts to throb. I only have half an hour break also which isn't long enough because by the time I have sat down, there isn't enough time to sit down and sort my back out.

When I get home from work after an hour two-bus journey, all I want to do is sleep, but I have to sort out Latte's newspapers and feed her, then she jumps all over me wanting to play with her toys with her. It is so exhausting! This is why I couldn't blog for so long, all I want to do is sleep and eat, then sleep some more!
I am sorry for the lack of updates but this is my life and I have a job. I still can't believe it. After all this time, I finally have a job! It may be a headache getting there but at least I can start earning some money.

That's not all the good news. Daniel and I have found a two bed house and we are moving into it in a couple of weeks AND pets are allowed. BONUS

It's all looking up! I am SO happy!

Here are some pictures for you to have a gander, they are also on my instagram - link is further down the post.

"What the F mum, did I say I wanted a photo. 
You can clearly see than I am not ready."

Yeah, I hashtagged on Blogger.

Latte wasn't sad, she turned around whilst I took this.
Daniel looking hot as always.

(Left) Aged eighteen or nineteen
(Right) Age 20

It is crazy how different Daniel looks just after a year. Seeing him everyday makes it look like he hasn't changed at all, which is a reason why I keep all of my photos of him. I scrolled to the end of my photo album and found the photo (left) of him and thought he looked adorable and like a boy, so I scrolled to the top and found the photo (right) and thought he looked so much maturer and fitter.

What? He is absolutely gorgeous! Yum! And he's mine, hands off bitches *wink.* If you follow me on Instagram: lauren_ohara_x  you would have seen all of these pictures and the photos of Daniel. You would have seen the change in his appearances, maybe not as obvious but you would have seen some change.

Latte chewing on a lid
She wouldn't give it me.

How cute is Latte though!
She is such a little poser! 

See you later!

Much love,

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