Catching up on life

Since it has been such a long time since I gave you a life update, I will happily tell you everything that has happened.

Warning: lots of 'selfies' and other photos.

As you well know, I have had too many days full of drama since I have broken up with my ex-fiancé, however, you don't know the half of it. I mean c'mon, who's breakups are easy as pie and has no drama after it? More about this later, here is the good and different news.

Before I went on holiday but after I broke up with my ex I decided that I was extremely sick of my short hair seen as I have had it short and shaved on one side for nearly three years now, so after I got my first few wages, I saved up and got myself some micro hair extensions. It was so worth the money - check out the difference below.

Such a change right? I loved my long hair, but it was such an effort to look after it seen as washing and blowing drying it took forever. I do recommend Emma to do your hair extensions, her website is printed on the photos above.

Some time later:

Caught up with my baby girl, Loren! Remember her? It's been such a long time since I last saw her and since you saw anything about her. Don't ask me why I haven't seen her but it is just the way our friendship is - we won't see each other for a long time or even talk much, but when we are together it's like we haven't had any time apart. I love her!

Since I moved back to Radcliffe and back in my parent's house, I have finally realised how much I have missed on, and how much I have missed my family - especially Hayley. We used to be inseparable, but then I moved in with my ex and didn't see her at all. I blame him - he said that he doesn't want her round to visit because he doesn't like her. What kind of person keeps you away from your own family?!

I missed my sister more than anyone (who isn't a twin) would be able to know. There is that bond that twins have that is so so so much stronger than normal sisters - we've been together since we were dots, literally.

Now that me and Hayley are joint at the hip again, we spend so much more time doing things as twins. Hayley moved out before I moved back in with my parents, but after a couple of months she moved back in. Damn sharing a room, but at least I have my sister back for myself.

Hayley works at the local pub.... a few houses down from my house.. how convenience right? *wink* so I spend most of my Friday and Saturdays there. Here are some photos from the pub.


With one of the locals.

I did tell you we were inseparable
I love all the photos of us above, I even got them professionally printed.


Remember in my last post when I said that I was keeping 'the new guy' a secret for a while?
Here he is.

Meet Alex.


More kisses.

So there you go, pictures from the pub with a local, my twin and you have just met Alex.... that's not all of my news, there is plenty more to catch up on!

  I got my nose pierced.
So did Hayley.

Do you ever have that feeling of being super spontaneous and you just end up at a tattoo or a piercing shop? I did, and because I dragged Hayley along with me, she got a piercing too. So now, both me and Hayley have exactly the same piercings - nose and lip. Sadly, Hayley got her nose piercing on the other side of her nose to me.

Talking about spontaneous, after getting my nose pierced, I decided that I also wanted to get a tattoo, but not just a tattoo, a sexy one. What's the point in not getting a sexy tattoo when you know it will make you look better?

When I was with my ex I couldn't afford anything of my own, I watched my ex do things he wanted but I stayed at home, poor. Now I work, I live at home, and I save up, I spent my hard earned wages on a huge thigh tattoo. Hayley got hers and I was so envious that I decided to get mine done. Best Decision Ever.

"Alex do you want to come watch me have my tattoo done?"

"Yeah sure."

"Babe, i'm over here..." 


Finished outcome.

I absolutely, completely, utterly, love my tattoo! This has to be one of the most sexiest tattoos ever. A garter, dagger and a rose on the thigh. Hands down the best decision I ever made!

I even got myself some winter socks, but made sure they match my tattoo - I have to be colour co-ordinated, I think I have an OCD problem... fuck it. Honestly, looking at this tattoo, i'd have sex with me. I know I know, how self-absorbed of me, but I am just telling the truth, i'd rip my own clothes off. Okay, i'll stop.


I got sick of trying to keep my extensions in tacked with my natural hair, sick of spending forever washing, blow drying, and straightening / curling my hair, so I decided to take the extensions out. To me, I think I look different, like a lot different. With my long hair I looked younger and more Barbie which I did like, but it felt so heavy and gave me head aches most of the time, now I have my short hair back I feel so much more lighter, more professional and older, but my face shape and bone structure fits more with shorter hair.

It has grown a little, but it is not passed that awkward hair stage where you constantly have flicks from your hair on your shoulders all day. Sigh.


On the bright side of this whole drama with my ex, I made acquaintance with his now ex. Yeah she finally realised how much of a dick he is and dumped the bastard - good on her for realising what he is really like before things got serious. It was too late for me, so I am happy for her: she's a smart girl.

We started messaging each other and telling each other what we thought of this whole thing and telling each other we were sorry for what we said to and about one another, but there is still a lot of drama going on.

Alex's ex, a complete whack job, added my ex on Facebook to try and make us both jealous, but in a matter of fact, it has done the complete opposite thing his ex wanted - both me and Alex find it hilarious how pathetic she is. Plus, she has forgotten I blocked my ex and she has blocked me so whatever she does and says to him as a Status on Facebook, I can't see. I only found out about all this because a friend from work showed me.

However, it is extremely awkward to walk past Alex's ex at work (yep, she works at the same place) and it is only awkward because I have a huge urge to slap her. She has said some things to me, that you will never know, that caused my blood to boil. She needs a right good punch. What I will tell you though is that her and my ex have both planned to have sexual intercourse with each other as an act to make us jealous, but what my ex doesn't know is that she uses men to get pregnant. To hell I will tell him this, he deserves everything he gets and if she does fall pregnant.... HA-fucking-HA! Not my problem.

Side tracking now.

Now I have Alex in my life, I spend most of my time with him but I also make time for my family because they are most important in life. I love my family, and because I spent most of a year away from them, it's great to have them back.

I guess I came back as a different person, I mean, I am still me of course but I am more mature and feel much older than I actually am. Before I moved out of my parents at 17, I was immature and constantly argued with both my parents and my siblings, now I am back I have realised I was being stupid saying I hate them and blocking them out of my life. I don't argue with my siblings anymore and I feel so much closer to them - I hope they feel the same.

Kids are kids after all, but now I am 19, I appreciate who and what I have in my life. I am lucky. Extremely lucky. Everyone around me didn't give up on me and our bond has gotten stronger. Forgive and forget.

Alex is now very important to me, I can talk to him about everything and anything. I think his age has something to do with it. Yeah, he's thirty-one, but he knows how to treat a woman right - he is a true gentlemen and he knows how much family means to everyone. He will never keep me away from everyone in my life and thank god he isn't the jealous type. I keep in contact with my male friends, and he doesn't mind if I go and see them. Alex has made me realise how much time in my life I have wasted with my ex - I wish I never stayed with my ex every time I broke up with him. Chance after chance and he never changed. So glad he's out of my life and Alex is in it.

Ugh, Lauren stop getting soppy.

I do apologise.

Much love,

Lauren Nicole O'Hara


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