Late Halloween

Happy delayed Halloween! 

How was your day? What did you lot do? What did you dress up as? If you didn't dress up, why were you such a drag and not join in with the spirit of Halloween?

My Halloween was so much fun! I did plan on getting drunk but I couldn't.. well I could, but seriously, I couldn't. I had to play 'mother.' You'll find out why later.

What did I dress up as?
A sexy Vampire, of course.

Not the kind of sexy that is just a mini dress and slutty heels with a LOT of cleavage out, mine was more of the mysterious sexy where I had a long cloak, short dress but not much cleavage showing - sexy high heels were in order too.

Warning: Quality of photos are crap. Please excuse any blurrs, smudges or Barbie-like outcomes.

Halloween Contact Lenses. 
All black.

My Step-Dad said I look like a Hamster.
He couldn't even look into my eyes because he hates anything to do with eyes.

Alex dressed up as the Joker from Batman Dark Knight Rises.

It was hysterical, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw him.
He had a nurses outfit on too. 

How would you react if you walked into your room and saw your boyfriend stood there in a dress?

Well this picture is kind of blurry - stupid person holding the camera phone.

Hayley dressed up as a dead Alice in Wonderland.
She did have face paint on which took me forever to do and it was sick, but her face started to get itchy because she is allergic to the face paint.
Damn it.

You know, because everyone has to kiss Freddie once in their lives.

Twinnies all ready to party! 

Apart from the fact that Hayley was doing Stoptober so she couldn't drink all month, including Halloween. 

She even went home at midnight when she should have had her first celebration drink for conquering her Charity quest. Dayum girl.

My friend from work joined us for a few hours.

'I'll only have one drink.'

A few pints and a few diet cokes later he went home.

Typical bloke! 

Me and Alex.

You can finally see our full outfits except our shoes.

Of course I had to cut the dress shorter so everyone could see my tattoo.
You know, because I am kind of a little slutty, but who isn't?!

I got the tattoo, I can flaunt it if I want to.

Girls, if you got it, flaunt it.
Not too much though, you don't want things slipping and popping out.
Now that is unattractive.

Halloween was actually a top night, sad thing was that I had to play mother towards the end because, well, Alex knocked his drinks back and got a little too drunk. I am not complaining, I am glad he had a good night and I did want him to let his hair down and get drunk - his wig ended up coming off, so yeah, his hair literally was down. Pun intended.

How did I play mother?

Well because Alex knocked so many drinks back, his bladder kept almost bursting so he kept nipping to the loo. When I say 'nipping' I mean sleeping in a cubicle for twenty minutes at a time. My friend from work had to keep going to get Alex from the toilets but he always kept sneaking back and sleeping.

This happened three times, so in the end I walked to the men's toilets and got Alex myself. I couldn't keep him in the pub at this state so I dragged him to mine and put him to bed. My Mum heard us come in and wondered why we were back so early, she saw me put Alex to bed and I told her he was passed drunk and was falling asleep in the toilets. 

Alex was trying to tell her that he wasn't drunk, that he is thirty-one and doesn't need a nineteen year old to put him to bed. But he was saying this half naked, lying in bed, and giggling to himself. Yeah, erm babe, you were too drunk to even remember all this and it was that funny I had to put it on my blog. Don't get mad. Haha! I Love You. *Wink*

Once Alex was all snug in bed and I knew he was safe, being the typical girl I am, I headed back to the party to enjoy the rest of my night and try and get myself drunk. My friend from work kept me company and we just chatted and drank for a few hours before we both decided to head opposite ways. Thank god he had a few diet cokes and not much alcohol so he could get home. 

Hayley and I went home. She was sober, but she said I was drunk. I wasn't. I remember everything, plus I hardly drank.

My Halloween was top. How was yours?

Much love,

Lauren Nicole O'Hara


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