Are men threatened by women?

Naturally we all flirt, but when does flirting become too much? You have the odd creepy guy that squeezes your ass or tries to give you a cheeky kiss, but there are other people who won't leave you alone even if you tell them you are taken or not interested.

This hasn't happened to me, it is just a thought. 

Why do some people not understand the word no? Is it really that difficult to stay away from someone who isn't interested? When did society turn into a freak-fest?

Working at a bar in the past, I came to realise that there are far too many disrespectful, creepy, and damn right rude men out there. Everyday was a struggle to not get harassed or abused. It wasn't just verbal abuse - men tried to feel me up or lift up my skirt.

Just because I was dressed in an Oktoberfest dress does not give them the right to think I will accept or deserve that type of abuse. One man even tried pouring beer onto my cleavage like it was Spring Break and I was wearing a white see-through top with no bra on. It is not on. No woman should think they are objects to the opposite sex.

When did women become objects to men?

Didn't men used to respect the women and treat them like Queens? Are men pansies and feel threatened by women that they have to give off a little evil and try and show who's boss by making the woman feel small? Are men that threatened by women?

When did it become right?

So many questions. So little answers.

Let me just get one thing straight before I get any hate comments and abuse. I do NOT hate men, not ALL men relate to this post, not ALL men are creepy freaks who feel threatened by women. Just getting that bit straight if any of you men reading this feel any kind of offence. If the boot fits however, you know you are one of these men I hate. To which, I don't care.

Me, well I think that men began feeling like this when women stood their ground during the Suffragette movement. Women across the UK deserve equal rights. You can say I am slightly feminist, I won't find any reason to slag off men - I don't hate men. I just want equal rights in EVERYTHING. 

Sexist comments are the worst. I absolutely hate them and I will kick off if anyone is sexist towards me - it infuriates me! Some lads I know will give off the odd sexist comment, but whether they are joking or not, it shows that they do in fact think little of women. Why would you even say the comment in the first place knowing full well that women, including me, hate it? 

I remember writing a post about HobbyLobby with a little women's rights involved and I still stand by it now. To be fair, I did come across strong in this post but I still stand by it - I do not hate ALL men, just the odd 'twat.' Here's the post if you are interested: HobbyLobby&Women'sRights

For now, we women are actually doing quite well with women's equality, but it still isn't good enough. However, looking at other countries, I do feel sorry for the women - they are belittled, they are 'ruled' by men, men pretty much tell women what they should and shouldn't do, but also tell them what they should and shouldn't wear.

If any man started telling me what I should and shouldn't do or wear, I wouldn't stand for it. To be honest, it is embarrassing that SOME men still act like this towards women - women can make up their own mind, women are the ones who help bring men into the world. Seriously, without a woman you wouldn't have been born. See it takes TWO to make the world go round. 

Without women, men can't have kids. Without men, women can't have kids. Equal.

I could waffle on for ages talking about Equal rights but I would just like to know your opinion on this subject.

What are your thoughts?

Much love,

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