14 things girls think during a Urine Infection

1. So thankful it's my day off. Maybe I should camp out in the bathroom?

2. *pees* Arghhh! Who put razor blades in my food and drinks?!

3. I have a numb arse. Why are toilet seats not soft?

4. Please God let this be no more, I will never take peeing for granted again. 

5. Shit, left my phone downstairs. What am I going to do to entertain myself now for the next hour whilst sat on this retched loo?

6. This bathroom could do with painting.

7. I'm going to cry, i'm going to cry. *Stings*

8. Do I have kidney failure?

9. OMG is that blood? Am i dying? I'm going to Google it. Water infection, blood, cystitis...CANCER?! *Faints*

10. Ah that's better. Time to go downstairs and catch up on Sex and the City. *Stands up, pulls onesie up, walks out the door, feels stinging, turns round, pulls onesie down, sits back on the toilet*

11. I can't remember what it's like to have a social life.

12. Okay, time to look up what home remedies help and what I need to stay away from. Give up alcohol for a week, sugars too - OK, I can do that. Please no, not sex too! Kill me now.

13. Maybe if i walked with my boobs close to my knees, the pain will stay away? Actually, The Quasimodo isn't a good look for me.

14. Hallelujah! Approximately four hours and twenty minutes later, I can finally stand.

Much love, 

Obese models and our views

Warning: A fair few of you women may be offended, but I am in no way offending any of you with this post.

There has been a lot of talk on one of Cosmopolitan UK's articles tonight and I just want to share with you what the article is and why there is so much fuss. I also want to show you some of the comments, including a couple from one specific woman whom I do not care about her privacy because she is so vicious. 

The article by Cosmo is about a woman called Tess, who created #EffYourBeautyStandards and was given a modelling contract. Before you start judging me and the other women who have commented, give the article a read. 

Let me just share some negative comments by readers of Cosmopolitan and you can see for yourself (I agree with some of the comments.) You must already have your judgements too if you have read the article by clicking on #EffYourBeautyStandards above. 

I am keeping the reader's names out for privacy reasons.

Here are some of the comments so far that I agree with. I have highlighted the most important parts in the huge comments.

 Way to promote being unhealthy 

And gives no fucks about her health clearly

Being that over weight is serious for your health and life style! I'm all for being fit not skinny but woah this is not healthy!

This is bad...not (only) the way she looks ( she can't do things because of her weight ) but to promote this..nowadays when so many kids and teens are overweight ---> ergo health problems...it's just bad. I was overweight too, I know what i'm talking about.

Sorry there's nothing wrong with plus size models but she's massive!

The fact is the girl is not a plus size model. She's obese. She's gorgeous facially, but unfortunately she's promoting obesity. If she was underweight I'd have the same problem. Why not aim to be healthier. You're telling me that this girl isn't suffering from rashes and sores, swelling, aches from the weight her body is carrying, possible health ailments? Ridiculous.

Good for her but I cant help but feel that being that overweight is unhealthy, and this is like the equavilent to having a model advocating anorexia.. I dont think she should be ashamed and if she's happy or even unhealthy and ok with it then go her.... and I think she is sexy / beautiful but I just find it a bit confusing... it's kind of like having a bald hair dresser or a toothless dentist.. models are supposed to make clothes look good and their are limited clothes that look good in that size... dont mean to come across as shallow and I wish the lady every sucess but beauty and fashion are two very very different things

I thought we were trying to combat obesity, not celebrate it?

She give no fuck after she was unsuccessfully lose her weight

Her face is very pretty and it's good to be that confident. But she definitely needs to lose some weight. Not skinny,but be healthier as many say here.

Nice message she's sending out, but there's curvy ladies, and then there's obese ladies. Being this size can't be healthy and that's not the right message to send out.

Why are we glorifying obesity. I continue to lose my faith in all humanity over & over again everyday. Like dying and coming back to life & dying again lolbvs W T F..... Yeah she says she "gives no fucks" all until she's shooting insulin into her gut everyday

There's a reason plus sized models are not signed. Layers of fat is unattractive. Nothing to do with her, I'm sure she's wonderful. Obesity is not pretty to look at.

Also, I wish people would stop saying "it's unhealthy" when they mean "it's ugly". She is not necessarily unhealthy. Just say what you really mean.

 I know some people struggle with their weight (either putting it on or keeping it off) and I am all for body confidence but this woman's body is no healthier than a size 0 model. A 'model' should be a role model as young women will look up to her. If you like being bigger what's wrong with still keeping it in the healthy weight range for your height? Healthy doesn't have to be stick thin. I don't think it is right to promote an obviously unhealthy body

Here is the woman I was referring to earlier. She put a simple comment below the article and I decided to comment because hers was so random and irrelevant to the situation, plus she is just nit-picking to get noticed. Damn, why did I give her the satisfaction. Please do read on why.

Cindy Turner And who among all you haters have a modeling contract? You people are whats wrong with society

I said nothing wrong and BAM full insult!
Am I missing her point or is she just being a moody cow?

I have tried to see her point of view and I was kind with my reply to her, but then she turned vicious for no reason. Does anyone else agree with her lashing out and can anyone else see why she has done so? I don't and can't see any logic and legitimate reason why she had spoken to me in such a manner. Rude.

What is the big issue about Tess being a model? 

Well as you may already know, there has always been negative and positive attitudes towards plus-sized models, and don't get me wrong, I am all for models being healthy and not the size 0 sticks struggling to walk in eight inch platform heels, but there is a limit that should be taken seriously.

To me, I consider anything under size 4/6 UK unhealthy, and anything over size 14 UK unhealthy. Models, to me, should be the size between 4 and 14, and these should be the role models to younger children.

We want our children to look up to healthy, beautiful women right? So why should there be obese models that are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle when they are just looking for an excuse to be fat? Fat and proud? 

To be honest, I don't think they are proud to be fat, I think they have accepted that they have given up trying to be healthy and they are stuck the way they are. They are proud of failing to be healthy. Don't get me wrong, I have seen beautiful 'fat' women out there, where I have found their facial features and hair to be stunning! I just wish they were healthy and didn't have to suffer from bullying fat-shamers, and illnesses that come with being obese.

I can see where Tess is coming from and the message she is trying to put across, but honestly, I think a lot more women would agree with her if she was more healthier and in the 'role model' limit that most women consider normal and healthy. 

By 'normal,' I mean the average woman in today's society, which is a size 12 UK. This, I consider in the healthy limit. 

Tess is a beautiful woman facially and she has gorgeous locks, heck, she may even have a beautiful soul and attitude, but I don't agree with her being a model. Actually, maybe she could be a face model for Hairdressing Magazines or Beauty Magazines because she has the beautiful facial features for them.

All in all, I think we should be promoting healthy lifestyles. 

I have my views, opinions and feelings upon this subject and I stand by everything I have just said.

What are your views?

Much love,

Could you live without technology for a week?

Imagine waking up one crappy morning to find that all technology just broke, and I mean literally every single electronic device known to man. That includes the TV, mobile phones, tablets, IPads/Ipods, Laptops... which also means NO INTERNET. The horror!

Scary right?

On the other hand, what if it's the best thing to ever happen to us?

Think about it, how much has technology ruled over our lives, actually, over children's lives? Childhoods are not as they used to be, there will be no great memories they can share with their friends when they are older. 

The only memories they will share are about the cheats and codes they used for their games, or what phone they had when they were kids. It's really disturbing, really scary, really quite dramatic.

Take my childhood as an example. As a child I used to play with the kids on the same street: playing tracking, hide and seek, bike riding, skateboarding, skating etc. there were no IPods, Ipads, Samsung Tablets, Laptops and mobile phones in my possession. I had to be creative and imaginative when I needed some entertainment. I even used to cross-stitch and knit when I was younger and I actually enjoyed it.

My parent's used to urge me out of the house to get some fresh air, to get a social life, and to take me away from the TV screen. To be fair, I love watching TV and everyone else does too, but every now and then, the best thing to do is to get your arse outside and explore the world.

Nowadays, you see children with IPhones, Tablets, and Nintendo DSs rather than hearing the laughing screams of excitement as they roll up and down the street chasing each other, or getting cuts and bruises from the game of football they have played on the side street. Remember the good old days when we had to go to hospital because we had broken a bone or cut ourselves from playing too hard and falling over? This was a part of our childhood! I really feel sorry for the children nowadays, they really don't know what a childhood really is about.

Luckily, even though my little sister is twelve, she has been encouraged to go out and enjoy her childhood and isn't hooked on technology. Neither is my little brother, who BMX's and does stunts at the skate park. Yeah in the late evening they are both watching TV and/or on their phones/XBox, but thats after a full day of being out with friends.

My little sister even cross-stitches like I did when I was younger. I guess their isn't a full loss in humanity. I think we should all still have technology but only if we equal it out with having a social life and entertaining ourselves without electronics.

To be honest, it will be easier for children to give up technology to have a creative mind to come up with their own way to entertain themselves outside, it's the adults that would find it difficult to give up technology for a week, never mind forever! 

To this day, I find it almost impossible to give up technology for my own health. The most I have ever gone without my phone is a week and that is only because I didn't pay my phone bill so it had gotten cut off. It was hard for me, and that is damn right disturbing.

A week or so I went without the internet because my boyfriend's Sky had gotten cut off. It was dramatic - I thought I was going to go insane! This is what it's like with almost every adult today; technology and the internet have overruled our lives and it has become a serious problem.

Imagine going back to a life where we communicated by writing letters to each other, or interacting by getting off our fat, lazy, obsessed arses and walking to our friend's houses. Just imagine that. It would be so much better to actually go out and do something, to actually not get hooked on some electronic device. Imagine no internet and we relied on books themselves. 

Though, just opening your laptop and searching Google would be 10x easier, I think we need to realise how wrong it is now. We rely too much on technology that it's frightening. 

Life would be so much simpler if we could all manage to equal the technology with a social life out. I bet most of you couldn't live without technology for a week without feeling a little insane. 

I know I can't and that is a huge problem! 

Could you live without technology for a week?

Much love,

Feminism and Meninism | My opinion on The Sun's Page 3

What is Feminism?

Feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state.

What is Meninism?

Something that does not exist in the Cambridge Dictionary. It also indicates that it is a word men made up to take the piss out of feminists. Well played men, well played.

Before we start, I just want to say that I am a little Feminist, but I am not extreme and I do not hate men. I agree with equal rights with both women and men, and I disagree with the "men are stronger and in charge of women" sexist attitudes that some men have towards women.

Let's face it, there will always be the extreme Meninists and Feminists, but when does it all go too far?

Recently, there have been many articles and news readings about campaigners protesting about The Sun's Page 3 (a picture of a Topless Woman) after it has been branded a 'sexist anachronism' by campaigners. I have heard that Feminists have also been protesting against the famous Page 3 - wouldn't surprise me if they were the ones who started all this. Fair enough you may think women and men are exploiting a woman's body, but have you ever thought that it is the woman's choice to pose topless? It's a job they have chose, it's a job they get paid for, it's a job they enjoy. 

Why would you protest against it? The Sun's Page 3 has been around for more than fourty years and I have never heard a complaint, until now. Are Feminists just finding more excuses to protest and argue? Is it just another subject they can complain about? What is their problem?

Here is a small article I found on Wikipedia:

Page 3 and the January 2015 incident

""The Sun has defended Page 3 for more than 40 years, with (then) editor Dominic Mohan telling the Leveson Inquiry into press standards, in February 2012, that "Page 3" was an "innocuous British Institution, regarded with affection and tolerance." To mark the feature's 40th anniversary, feminist author, Germaine Greer wrote an article in The Sun on 18 November 2010 published under the headline: "If I ask my odd-job man what he gets out of page 3, he tells me simply, 'It cheers me up'".
In August 2013, The Irish Sun ended the practice of featuring topless models on Page 3. The main newspaper was reported to have followed in 2015 with the edition of 16 January supposedly the last to carry such photographs. After substantial coverage in the media about an alleged change in editorial policy, Page 3 returned to its usual format on 22 January 2015. A few hours before the issue was published, the Head of PR at the newspaper said the reputed end of Page 3 had been "speculation" only.""

The independent wrote an article on a bigger scale about The Sun's page 3

Cosmopolitan have recently wrote an article about a 16 year old Feminist called June talking about how she objectifies against The Sun's Page 3 and why she is "ecstatic" when she heard about the end of Page 3. Honestly, she fights a good battle and gives off some pretty fighting-talk points. Here are a few things she said that I thought were fair:

"As I sat annotating my History Textbook, a man came and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and he had the newspaper on Page 3. "You should stop reading that textbook. With those jugs you've got, I bet you could be on this page too.""

Honestly, this is disgusting. When has it become acceptable for a man to approach a school girl, let alone a woman, and talk to her like that? 1. Jugs? Mate, they are breasts. 2. It is plain disrespectful.

"Here was a stranger, telling me I shouldn't bother with school, because after all, I had the better option - I could show my breasts for men!"

June is right to be angry, the man was disrespectful and had no right to tell a young school girl that she should show off her breasts to men instead of bothering with school. Vile.

""Look at the tits on that!" I am tired of being called "that.""

When has it become right for men to treat women like objects? "That" is such a horrible term for a woman. She is a human, a living being. The best term to call a topless woman is a "her." Get some respect.

"Imagine if for the last 45 years, The Sun had showed a big and young scrotum everyday in a national family newspaper. Imagine it was normal for us to comment on balls the whole time. To judge people on them. To grab them. And then imagine us calling it "a bit of harmless fun."

She has a point. This quote will also be in the disagree section below. 

"Feminists are not denying women a choice - we're just saying that having nipples everyday in a family newspaper is not right."

Fair play to her. Nipples at the breakfast table, yum? Not everyone would like to see nipples at the table.

"I have a little sister. She's eight and she wants to be an architect. She puts boys in her class in their place. She is smart, beautiful and kind. She doesn't know about Page 3 and she shouldn't have to. I never want to have a conversation with her about naked women showing their breasts in a family newspaper."

I agree, she is only eight and she shouldn't have to look at Page 3 seen as she is only a child. I wouldn't have wanted the same conversation when my little sister was eight either - awkward. This quote will also be in the disagree section below.

Now here are some things she said that I have to disagree with:

"I recently heard a group of year 10 boys who said when they grew older; they would replace their love of fighting with sex. I don't know about you, but that sounds terribly wrong to me. This sex will probably be violent and non-consensual."

I'm not being funny but just because the boys said they would replace their love of fighting with sex does not mean sex will become rape. To me, it sounds good in a way, they won't fight, but they will love to have sex. Who says it will be violent? Their lads after all, they are hormonal and beginning to know what 'horny' is and feels like. Let the lads look at a topless women and love sex, it is better than them fighting each other black and blue, right? To be fair, I can see where June is coming from, but I think she has took this the wrong way.

"Imagine if for the last 45 years, The Sun had showed a big and young scrotum everyday in a national family newspaper. Imagine it was normal for us to comment on balls the whole time. To judge people on them. To grab them. And then imagine us calling it "a bit of harmless fun."

Though I said before that June has a point, I have also put it in the disagree section because it is just hilarious and a little bit pathetic. On Page 3, the women don't have their vaginas out do they? They are topless showing breasts and nipples. I think June should have said that there should be topless men on the next page showing pecks and nipple, not their penis and balls. Makes it equal. Top for top.

"For men who feel they that inevitable end of Page 3 will mean they are denied their daily titillation at the breakfast table, i'm ever so sorry but you're going to have to use something called the internet. I know it's hard, for so many years you've had to flick a page, but give it a go."

1. There was no need for the sarcasm. 2. What's the difference between looking at topless women on the internet and looking and topless women in a paper? (Yes I know, ones paper, ones online.) A topless photo is a topless photo no matter where it is published - it still 'exploits' women. Feminists don't even have to flick to page 3, they could easily skip past it if it's not their cup of tea, just like they don't have to search 'topless ladies' on the internet.

"I have a little sister. She's eight and she wants to be an architect. She puts boys in her class in their place. She is smart, beautiful and kind. She doesn't know about Page 3 and she shouldn't have to. I never want to have a conversation with her about naked women showing their breasts in a family newspaper."

A child shouldn't be looking at Page 3 in the first place. I haven't known an eight year old to pick up and read the newspaper anyway so I still think Topless Models should be allowed to stay on Page 3. The term 'family newspaper' involves the parents as well as the children - there are sections strictly for adults, and there are articles that children can read too. 

You can read more of what June said here - 16 year old Feminist . There are some points I have agreed with but some I felt I disagreed with. I have answered the quotes honestly and felt I spoke my mind with what she has said. 

Comments found on Cosmopolitan's link to June's article: [144 likes so far]

"Honestly, I don't think it's affected our generation. I don't mind page 3, the men hating feminists do. The Sun has had page 3 for god knows how many years and all of a sudden it's a problem. Just another thing for people to moan about."

"My thoughts exactly Lauren! If these women felt "objectified" then they wouldn't pose.!!"

"If you don't want to see it don't buy the paper, simple! I don't see the same fuss being made about cosmo's naked centrefold surely it's the same thing?? (I'm not complaining just making comparison." 

Just to point out, the comments were all made by women.

After reading June's article, I think that I truly disagree with June, Page 3 should stay. 

Honestly, I don't think there is a problem at all with Topless Models on Page 3, as it's the model's choice to be 'exploited' per se, and yet, both men and women enjoy looking at the pictures. I think the Feminists are choosing [another] subjects to pick at and say "it's exploiting women" and/or saying that the pictures "give off a bad impression of women."

If Feminists and 'Meninists' constantly complained and protested about every single thing that they felt uncomfortable about or felt that women and men are being treated like objects then there would be nothing left for men or women to look at and/or watch i.e nude posters, cosmopolitan magazines, porn. Not even to mention there would be no films like Magic Mike ladies! How do you feel now? Imagine there was no Magic Mike in the world, pretty depressing right? 

There is a bounce back with everything Feminists and 'Meninists' protest against. They think about the negatives and not the positives. Everything they do has a negative impact in this day and age. Take the Page 3 incident, have they ever thought that removing the traditional Page 3 will mean that the workers will lose their jobs, that the models will lose their jobs, that men [and women] readers would never be 'cheered up' or be able to enjoy that page? 

One positive that I can think of from removing Page 3 is that the Feminists will shut up about it. 

There are a lot of angry people out there that want to keep Page 3. Seriously, what's the big problem? And if there really is a problem, why is it only just being brought up as some seriously MASSIVE issue after over fourty years? I think people who have protested against the page should grow up and accept the fact that people like to look and enjoy this page.

Let me just say one thing: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT IT.

Wow, that was a load off my shoulders. It really wasn't, but it felt good to let it out anyway. 

What do you think about the whole Page 3 incident? Comments welcomed.

Much love,

Guest Blog | Cristina Nika Kask

Today we are going to take things a little differently on the blog. A talented blogger from Sydney emailed me asking if she could Guest Blog - of course I was going to agree. She blogs in a similar style to me and I couldn't be happier to let her have free reign of today's post. 

Please enjoy this post as much as I had fun reading it!

Dress-A-Little, Play-A-Little

In my opinion, there are only three ways for me to have some really good time with my girlfriends when getting ready got the night out:gossiping (wine included), dressing up and drinking games. Luckily for me, still single and trying to stay that way with the occasional relapse into a relationship, my friends are mostly getting hitched and they invite me to their hen's parties. And, believe me, those things combine all of it: gossiping, drinking and dressing up.

The What?

How many times have you asked yourself What to wear? It seems like, no matter how many times I got to those parties, it never gets easier to choose that I'll wear. I swear, costume parties seem like a true relief now, as I don't have to think too much about it and you can never show up overdressed. On the other hand, I don't want to miss out  on a chance to look my best. In words of Samantha Jones, when I choose my dress for the night out, "Hi, I need something that will make the guy c*m in his pants as soon as he sees me." But what if I show up wearing that, and everybody else is in their jeans and flats? I don't want to be that girl! I hate those girls. Except guys. Which is generally a good thing. Well, you understand.

Here is my secret recipe when I go to the party with girls that I don't really know. I get a little black dress and I wear my flats. The LBD is probably the most versatile thing you can have in your closet. However, I use my bag and put my ridiculously sexy pumps in there, some statement jewelry and makeup there. So, when I get there, if I stay in my flats and with toned down makeup, I'll fit in if nobody else got dressed up. On the other hand, I am only 15 minutes away from looking like a diva. Dark eye shadow, something sparkling and voila! I'm ready to rock! And girl - you can NEVER EVER wear too much glitter when you are all in black. Black and tight! 

The How?

The question is How to party? What would a girls' night out be without any games? If you ask me, I love playing drinking games. Obviously, this happens when we really don't have a lot of time and want to get in the mood fast. On the other hand, dare cards for the hens night we sometimes rock, always work best if you want to get in the mood or naughty. No better way to hook up with a guy than on a dare! Once all the girls are ready, relaxed, laughing their fake eyelashes off and not caring - it is time to hit the clubs.

So once you are ready, dressed up and in the mood, call the cab to the club and in the words of great and amazing Patsy Stone_ "Darling, you are a fabulous, wonderful individual."

Nika's Bio:
"Cristina Nika Kask is an aspiring fashion blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, healthy lifestyle and doesn't know when to stop shopping. She buys shoes. Lots of them. Her favorite TV show is Fashion Police and she was deeply affected by the death of Joan Rivers."

Much love,

Dear sixteen year old self

Get your act together. You know nothing about life, you are some sixteen year old girl who has just left High School, what do you know? Ugh i really hate high school kids. Though you are young and think you know everything, there is a lot that will and may go wrong depending on which path you choose to take. There are many regrets; many mistakes you will make along the way whatever path you choose.

Believe me, whatever step you are about to take now, think carefully. Today you could just simply stand on the bug, the next, you could be hit by a bus. Splat. You have so much potential, yet you are naive and think you know best - you don't, not yet. Please listen to the advice I give you because who can you listen to if you don't even listen to your future self?

One suggestion I want to just strongly push towards you is DON'T even think about dating that guy you saw at your sweet sixteenth. Absolute waste of your time and space. Initials D.B. Though he seems sweet and funny at first, and the times you spend together you will cherish, but something just clicks and breaks, he isn't the one for you but you have to learn that for yourself.

Another thing. START EATING PROPER MEALS. You aren't some salad eating mutant, get some grub down you girl, meats good. Steak, eat steak. You love the steak. Otherwise it is just one big downwards spiral to bone city. I know - you want to have that perfect jaw structure and cheek bones, but you are so young, your body is still changing and you still have your baby cheeks. Those will go, I promise you that, just give it time. 

You don't want everyone worrying about you now, do you? Okay, I have to admit, you finally have your dream body, but I worked hard to get healthy because of the stupid decisions you may take right now. Please eat Lauren, please find foods you love but also foods that will help you stay strong; help you be healthy; and most important, help you stay beautiful.

So young. So naive. So damn stupid. You are about to go to College for two years so do me a favour and get better grades than a DMM. You won't know what that means yet but it means Distinction, Merit, Merit - they are good grades by all means, but you are Lauren, you can up your potential and show everyone what you really are capable of.

Lauren, now listen closely. You will meet a guy with the initials D.L. and you will fall for him. You may or may not listen to me but if he proposes, say no. There won't be and never will be a ring. I am pretty sure it is a pity proposal that he will do, but you never know, he could choose a different path in life too - he could be the man of your dreams. He is gorgeous, yet he wasn't for me at that time; he chose a wrong path, turns out that I did too.

However, you and D.L will build a friendship after a long rocky road throwing insults back and forth to each other, but you will reconnect and you will get back onto speaking terms. This may happen, it may not. You are both extremely happy with your lives right now; you both found loved ones and you both seem to have made the right decision to call the engagement and the relationship off.

When the time comes, you finish your two years of College, so please do the Pre-Degree and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's free, and you won't get that chance again - don't do the same mistake as me. Go to University too. Believe me, I took the wrong path at this point; I wish I could go back and do exactly this, you have time, you can carry on your education. Whether you choose to listen it's up to you, just make the right decision.

Forget about men for the time being, focus on your career. Men are an open distraction and you don't need it. Aim to be the best.

However, one thing I know for sure is that those huge DD breasts you have are a gift you should cherish now, they will shrink. Shame really. Don't worry, you will still be sexy as fuck and extremely self-absorbed in four years time.. with a habit if swearing too much. Anyway, enjoy those breasts whilst you have them. Oh, start saving for a boob job now, just a little warning.

If you choose to ignore everything I have just told you, you will suffer the consequences of the life I have had. It's not all bad, it just takes you four years to go right back where you started at sixteen: jobless and living with your parents. On the plus side, you will/may have an amazing boyfriend. Initials are A.L, don't worry about his age, your parents will love him anyway. A.L is more than you will ever hope for when it comes to a man and relationships; he is the male version of you. 

He keeps promises; he makes you happy; he believes in you when you don't believe in yourself; he is your King and you are his Queen. Keep hold of him, he's a good'en.

Lauren, you eventually figure out you are a very spiritual person just like when you was a toddler. You will be able to feel and sense spiritual presence around you, especially in A.L's house. Don't be afraid, it is extremely friendly - I am pretty sure it is the old woman that sadly passed away in the house. Be polite, say thank you, tell her you don't mind her being there. She doesn't mind you being there.

I hope you listen to your nineteen year old self, yes she is still young, yet she has many life skills and mistakes to learn from. I honestly think that I am not extremely happy with my life, yet I would change some of my past if I could. I hope you take everything I have said into consideration.

Take no prisoners,
Pick your path,
Pick wisely,

Four years into the future,


Ps// you have an amazing blog that you will be extremely proud of soon enough.
Pss// Don't take no bitches, be the Bitch.
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