Could you live without technology for a week?

Imagine waking up one crappy morning to find that all technology just broke, and I mean literally every single electronic device known to man. That includes the TV, mobile phones, tablets, IPads/Ipods, Laptops... which also means NO INTERNET. The horror!

Scary right?

On the other hand, what if it's the best thing to ever happen to us?

Think about it, how much has technology ruled over our lives, actually, over children's lives? Childhoods are not as they used to be, there will be no great memories they can share with their friends when they are older. 

The only memories they will share are about the cheats and codes they used for their games, or what phone they had when they were kids. It's really disturbing, really scary, really quite dramatic.

Take my childhood as an example. As a child I used to play with the kids on the same street: playing tracking, hide and seek, bike riding, skateboarding, skating etc. there were no IPods, Ipads, Samsung Tablets, Laptops and mobile phones in my possession. I had to be creative and imaginative when I needed some entertainment. I even used to cross-stitch and knit when I was younger and I actually enjoyed it.

My parent's used to urge me out of the house to get some fresh air, to get a social life, and to take me away from the TV screen. To be fair, I love watching TV and everyone else does too, but every now and then, the best thing to do is to get your arse outside and explore the world.

Nowadays, you see children with IPhones, Tablets, and Nintendo DSs rather than hearing the laughing screams of excitement as they roll up and down the street chasing each other, or getting cuts and bruises from the game of football they have played on the side street. Remember the good old days when we had to go to hospital because we had broken a bone or cut ourselves from playing too hard and falling over? This was a part of our childhood! I really feel sorry for the children nowadays, they really don't know what a childhood really is about.

Luckily, even though my little sister is twelve, she has been encouraged to go out and enjoy her childhood and isn't hooked on technology. Neither is my little brother, who BMX's and does stunts at the skate park. Yeah in the late evening they are both watching TV and/or on their phones/XBox, but thats after a full day of being out with friends.

My little sister even cross-stitches like I did when I was younger. I guess their isn't a full loss in humanity. I think we should all still have technology but only if we equal it out with having a social life and entertaining ourselves without electronics.

To be honest, it will be easier for children to give up technology to have a creative mind to come up with their own way to entertain themselves outside, it's the adults that would find it difficult to give up technology for a week, never mind forever! 

To this day, I find it almost impossible to give up technology for my own health. The most I have ever gone without my phone is a week and that is only because I didn't pay my phone bill so it had gotten cut off. It was hard for me, and that is damn right disturbing.

A week or so I went without the internet because my boyfriend's Sky had gotten cut off. It was dramatic - I thought I was going to go insane! This is what it's like with almost every adult today; technology and the internet have overruled our lives and it has become a serious problem.

Imagine going back to a life where we communicated by writing letters to each other, or interacting by getting off our fat, lazy, obsessed arses and walking to our friend's houses. Just imagine that. It would be so much better to actually go out and do something, to actually not get hooked on some electronic device. Imagine no internet and we relied on books themselves. 

Though, just opening your laptop and searching Google would be 10x easier, I think we need to realise how wrong it is now. We rely too much on technology that it's frightening. 

Life would be so much simpler if we could all manage to equal the technology with a social life out. I bet most of you couldn't live without technology for a week without feeling a little insane. 

I know I can't and that is a huge problem! 

Could you live without technology for a week?

Much love,

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