My year in words

Wow, where has the time gone? So much has changed: some good, some bad, some that make me dance on the tables and do back flips because is has been some damn good hallilujah shit!

Praise the lord!

Actually screw that, I praise myself for finally doing something about my unhappiness - yeah! I didn't realise how unhappy I was this year, I thought everything was top notch & hunky glory but it really wasn't, it was horrible.

Though I should be thankful for my healthy life and family and hope they live happily for years to come. Yada yada. If only I felt that way.

I got engaged and I was the happiest i thought i was ever going to be. Wrong. I argued with the ex before he proposed - pitty proposal? No ring!

Celebrated Valentines for the first time in my life and celebrated the only way I ever have - got drunk!

Er.. nothing happened.

Ex turned 20 & Step-Dad turned the big old 40! Two big birthdays, one I only.really gave a shit about, so happy my Step-Dad had a great time and celebrated his birthday properly!

Finally went abroad after nearly twelve years. I think it was twelve. Anyway, visited Switzerland and watched our football team play against a Swiss team. Was actually a good holiday tbf so booked another holiday for September to Spain. Got a puppy, Latte, remember her? Yano, before my ex stole her. Oh, I also turned 19. Lame age.

June & July
Brother's sixteenth birthday. Quit my job.

This is where it got interesting. Broke up with my ex towards the end of this month. Hallilujah. He stole my dog - bastard.

Went to Spain with ex - awkward. Couldn't have had a worse holiday if i tried, on the plus side i gained an alright-tan. Eh, there are positives in everything, as Alex says. I met Alex this month, first kiss and everything *wink* couldn't have been happier.

Finally got my life back, got back in contact with old friends, made new friends, gained myself a social life. This month was pretty decent seen as I also celebrated Halloween with the family and Alex properly for the first time ever.

Bonfire night. Back to basics. This time instead of going to the local Cricket Club for the fireworks display, I was instead invited to Norden's cricket club with Alex, his roommate and his girlfriend. Who I both love so dearly *wink.*

I can't remember exactly when it was but I went to the same cricket club but this time for a rewards ceremony for Alex's roommate (plays cricket.) This place was pretty much filled with the la'de'dar lot, whom I got on well with. Then after we went to a local club and got drunk. Night sorted.

T'heres 't' season 't' be jolly tra la la lala la la la lame. Not much to say about Christmas to be honest except the fact that it was MINT. Best year for Christmas so far, a part from the fact it DIDN'T SNOW. Why am i not surprised? T'is England for you. Christmas didn't end in tears like it did last year when i got dumped Christmas day hahaha!

Alex spent Christmas with my family and i think it was boxing day or the day after that I finally met Alex's mum and older brother. They are so sweet, it's crazy how they all smush into one (as in how close they are alike.)

Sadly, a couple days later I ended things with Alex- a story to be told NEVER.

Ended the year single, started the new year single. Well done Lauren, played that card right you mong -_-

New Year I actually celebrated with friends for the first time ever, got so drunk I can't remember half the night. Now thats a New Year start!

Basically 2014 was shit. *thumbs up*

However, as from October onward it actually started picking up. Every other-ish weekend I was out in town with two of my guy friends at clubs, and I spent the rest of my time with Alex and my family.

Now there is just going to be a few photos from December as a half catch up sort of thing. Plus under then is a 'ps//' find out what it is by simply scrolling down.

Phone case my cousin gave me for Christmas.
I love it.
Hayley got me a 'sister' ring.
Long time coming.

Ps// me and Alex are back together. Happy Ending *smiles*


  1. Lauren, what a year it has been for you! You know what, you seem like a great person and I bet you this year will be even better because you've discovered who you are and realizing what makes you happy. Love the photos by the way! Funny thing I went to a "Stache" party over Christmas, for a one year old, but adults were involved so it turned out to be fun! Here's to a great year!

    1. Donna thank you for the kind words! Stache parties are hilarious, I am glad you had a great party over Christmas :D

      Have a great year too!

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