Obese models and our views

Warning: A fair few of you women may be offended, but I am in no way offending any of you with this post.

There has been a lot of talk on one of Cosmopolitan UK's articles tonight and I just want to share with you what the article is and why there is so much fuss. I also want to show you some of the comments, including a couple from one specific woman whom I do not care about her privacy because she is so vicious. 

The article by Cosmo is about a woman called Tess, who created #EffYourBeautyStandards and was given a modelling contract. Before you start judging me and the other women who have commented, give the article a read. 

Let me just share some negative comments by readers of Cosmopolitan and you can see for yourself (I agree with some of the comments.) You must already have your judgements too if you have read the article by clicking on #EffYourBeautyStandards above. 

I am keeping the reader's names out for privacy reasons.

Here are some of the comments so far that I agree with. I have highlighted the most important parts in the huge comments.

 Way to promote being unhealthy 

And gives no fucks about her health clearly

Being that over weight is serious for your health and life style! I'm all for being fit not skinny but woah this is not healthy!

This is bad...not (only) the way she looks ( she can't do things because of her weight ) but to promote this..nowadays when so many kids and teens are overweight ---> ergo health problems...it's just bad. I was overweight too, I know what i'm talking about.

Sorry there's nothing wrong with plus size models but she's massive!

The fact is the girl is not a plus size model. She's obese. She's gorgeous facially, but unfortunately she's promoting obesity. If she was underweight I'd have the same problem. Why not aim to be healthier. You're telling me that this girl isn't suffering from rashes and sores, swelling, aches from the weight her body is carrying, possible health ailments? Ridiculous.

Good for her but I cant help but feel that being that overweight is unhealthy, and this is like the equavilent to having a model advocating anorexia.. I dont think she should be ashamed and if she's happy or even unhealthy and ok with it then go her.... and I think she is sexy / beautiful but I just find it a bit confusing... it's kind of like having a bald hair dresser or a toothless dentist.. models are supposed to make clothes look good and their are limited clothes that look good in that size... dont mean to come across as shallow and I wish the lady every sucess but beauty and fashion are two very very different things

I thought we were trying to combat obesity, not celebrate it?

She give no fuck after she was unsuccessfully lose her weight

Her face is very pretty and it's good to be that confident. But she definitely needs to lose some weight. Not skinny,but be healthier as many say here.

Nice message she's sending out, but there's curvy ladies, and then there's obese ladies. Being this size can't be healthy and that's not the right message to send out.

Why are we glorifying obesity. I continue to lose my faith in all humanity over & over again everyday. Like dying and coming back to life & dying again lolbvs W T F..... Yeah she says she "gives no fucks" all until she's shooting insulin into her gut everyday

There's a reason plus sized models are not signed. Layers of fat is unattractive. Nothing to do with her, I'm sure she's wonderful. Obesity is not pretty to look at.

Also, I wish people would stop saying "it's unhealthy" when they mean "it's ugly". She is not necessarily unhealthy. Just say what you really mean.

 I know some people struggle with their weight (either putting it on or keeping it off) and I am all for body confidence but this woman's body is no healthier than a size 0 model. A 'model' should be a role model as young women will look up to her. If you like being bigger what's wrong with still keeping it in the healthy weight range for your height? Healthy doesn't have to be stick thin. I don't think it is right to promote an obviously unhealthy body

Here is the woman I was referring to earlier. She put a simple comment below the article and I decided to comment because hers was so random and irrelevant to the situation, plus she is just nit-picking to get noticed. Damn, why did I give her the satisfaction. Please do read on why.

Cindy Turner And who among all you haters have a modeling contract? You people are whats wrong with society

I said nothing wrong and BAM full insult!
Am I missing her point or is she just being a moody cow?

I have tried to see her point of view and I was kind with my reply to her, but then she turned vicious for no reason. Does anyone else agree with her lashing out and can anyone else see why she has done so? I don't and can't see any logic and legitimate reason why she had spoken to me in such a manner. Rude.

What is the big issue about Tess being a model? 

Well as you may already know, there has always been negative and positive attitudes towards plus-sized models, and don't get me wrong, I am all for models being healthy and not the size 0 sticks struggling to walk in eight inch platform heels, but there is a limit that should be taken seriously.

To me, I consider anything under size 4/6 UK unhealthy, and anything over size 14 UK unhealthy. Models, to me, should be the size between 4 and 14, and these should be the role models to younger children.

We want our children to look up to healthy, beautiful women right? So why should there be obese models that are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle when they are just looking for an excuse to be fat? Fat and proud? 

To be honest, I don't think they are proud to be fat, I think they have accepted that they have given up trying to be healthy and they are stuck the way they are. They are proud of failing to be healthy. Don't get me wrong, I have seen beautiful 'fat' women out there, where I have found their facial features and hair to be stunning! I just wish they were healthy and didn't have to suffer from bullying fat-shamers, and illnesses that come with being obese.

I can see where Tess is coming from and the message she is trying to put across, but honestly, I think a lot more women would agree with her if she was more healthier and in the 'role model' limit that most women consider normal and healthy. 

By 'normal,' I mean the average woman in today's society, which is a size 12 UK. This, I consider in the healthy limit. 

Tess is a beautiful woman facially and she has gorgeous locks, heck, she may even have a beautiful soul and attitude, but I don't agree with her being a model. Actually, maybe she could be a face model for Hairdressing Magazines or Beauty Magazines because she has the beautiful facial features for them.

All in all, I think we should be promoting healthy lifestyles. 

I have my views, opinions and feelings upon this subject and I stand by everything I have just said.

What are your views?

Much love,


  1. The average dress size in the uk is 16 and none of the women who wear that size are 'unhealthy' or overweight they are more than likely within the normal bmi range http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-25402020 your post also seems to suggest that you're assuming automatically that all people who are overweight are unhealthy and all people who are within the normal weight guidelines are healthy, when in fact this is just not the case. Weight is also strongly determined by genetics, although environmental factors like diet and exercise do play a significant part this is not the whole story. There are plenty of unheathy people within the normal weight range that eat unhealthy food and never exercise and Tess has stated that she has a personal trainer and works out 4 days a week. Furthermore the hashtag, #effyourbeautystandards isn't just used by overweight people, it is a fight against anything that the media and popular culture sees as 'ugly' if you take the time to search the hashtag yourself you would see this.

    1. Thank you for commenting your views, i appreciate your thoughts on this! To be honest, everything you said made sense and I can't disagree. I have looked up the hashtag before writing this so i wouldn't write what i don't know about. Again, i am thankful you commented and gave your thoughts


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