Ask your husband / boyfriend this simple question

Will you still find me attractive if I was pregnant?

I read on Timothy Tiah's post on Dayre, which was all about how he feels about his wife and how he expresses his love for her whilst she is in her third trimester. Audrey sees herself as fat and ugly, but what Timothy said brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. This is how you should see you partner in her most beautiful state. 

Part of Timothy Tiah's Post:

""Shorty (nickname for Audrey:) "I feel so ugly cuz i'm so pregnant. I'm bloated everywhere and I can't fit into all my clothes."

Timothy: "Really? I like pregnant Shorty."

Shorty: "How can? It doesn't make sense. Why would you like something fat and ugly?"

Timothy: "I think it's very cute. The way you waddle like a penguin. And besides I only get to see pregnant Shorty twice or maybe three times in my entire life. So I savor it for as long as it lasts."

I remember when I first got together with Shorty 6 years ago. Every now and then I would catch myself looking at Shorty and thinking to myself "wow I can't believe this is my girlfriend." This properly lasted for the next few years even past the honeymoon period.

Today i've kinda accepted the fact that yes that is my girlfriend or actually wife now. And that yes I am that lucky.

But who makes me feel like that now is Fighter. (Timothy and Audrey's son) Even after 18 months in my life I look at him in amazement. Thinking to myself how I can't believe this is my son. I've always wondered how my kids will be like and Fighter just surpasses whatever expectation I had.

It's amazing.""

Once I read Timothy's Dayre post, I couldn't help but turn to Alex and ask him if he ever feels lucky to have me, he replied by simply saying: "I look at you all the time and think I am the luckiest guy ever to have someone like you." How sweet is that?! I wasn't sure if he was just saying that to make me feel good about myself, but then I asked him the big question.

I asked him "Will you still find me attractive if I was pregnant?" Do you know what he replied? He said:

"You will be ever more beautiful pregnant because you will be carrying my child. You only get a few chances a life time to see the mother of your child in her most beautiful state."

I couldn't help but smile and well up. It was the most beautiful and heart throbbing thing I could ever hear. Even when I put on a little bit of weight I don't think I am attractive, but Alex reassures me and tells me that I am beautiful - he even said he can't wait for me to be pregnant. He thinks I will look amazing and he will find me even more attractive in that state. 

To be honest, I thought Alex would prefer me as a size 6 and slim, but like the kind, caring man he is, he would love it if I was carrying his child. It feels so... what's the word?.. magical? To know that your boyfriend will like it also if you was carrying his child. It's a shame he will have to wait a while before he sees me pregnant haha!

Go ahead. Ask your husband / boyfriend this simple question. 

Let me know what they say in the comments box! 

Looking forward to hearing from you beauts!

Much love, 

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