Bitchiness aside

Really not updated about me lately, yeah there was Last Friday Night that I posted last week, (I am feeling so much better now, thanks for not asking,) but it was mainly about some sad, insecure, drunken bitch that couldn't handle the alcohol - no not me! Don't judge me!

Lately, I have basically been feeling like shit, like right now I have eaten so many Haribos that I feel like I will just shit out jelly babies any minute now. Crude story aside, I have been so bloated and felt so heavy for a couple weeks, consequently, I have a cupcake belly and it hurts and sometimes feels hard; sometimes i will curl up into a ball and hope i die from the pain, sometimes it's just too much.

Also, my insomnia is worse than it has ever been. I will watch Alex fall asleep on the couch and I will take pictures of him because I am then bored but also need entertainment. No you can't see the photos, who do you think I am?! Anyhow, I will stay awake all through the night, make a coffee and a cup of tea, and then wake Alex up for work. When he's out for work, I then sleep. Shit times.

Adding to all that, my breasts have been so tender, actually, let me be blunt, my nipples have felt like i have been dragging razor blades across them or been poking them with needles constantly. So sore. On the bright side, my breasts have gotten twice the side, so I guess every cloud really does have a silver lining.

Furthermore, there has been horrible news in the family lately (you won't find out until I have the all clear to do so, but I have been writing drafts for you just in case!) and it has been taking up all my time, energy, emotions, and motivation. Thinking about it now, I think that's why I have been sleeping so much during the day, or why I have insomnia. Basically, I have been feeling so depressed and down to the point where it has been rare to see me laugh, smile or be positive - until today.

For the first time in a long time, I had a proper interview. The place is where I had an interview last year but sadly didn't get the job. However, this time round i felt it went so well and it was a complete contrast to last year! I will say no more because I don't want to jinx it, i have to wait until late next week for a call from them! *Fingers crossed* Wish me luck!

This was just a quick update for why I haven't been updating specifically about me, so here you have a short update!

Much love,


  1. Lauren you mentioned in a comment on one of my post how alike we are and now I completely get it! Your blunt and outspoken attitude is very me. I love your style of writing.

    Insomnia is a bitch by it's self (I know firsthand). Add in sore/tender breast and I get why your day has gone to shit. Hopefully your days have been getting better along with the family situation.

    You now have a new follower in me!

    -Brittany x

    1. aww Brittany thank you for such a warm comment! I hope everything looks up for you from now on and you keep on blogging the way you do. It's such a beautiful way of writing.

      Thank you for the follow!


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