It's almost half past midnight and I haven't even started updating my Universal Jobmatch account, where I put in the notes box all the jobs I have applied for. I update it either the night before or a few hours before I am due to leave to travel two hours to the place where I am sat for about 4 minutes then told I can leave - pointless journey.

I job hunt all through the week because I gotta do 35 hours worth of job hunting and applying for jobs, write down on paper all the jobs I have applied for and interviews I have been to (including phone calls) and then the night before my appointment I will update my Universal Jobmatch account.

Kidding! I do 35 hours worth of job hunting and writing it all in my notes box the night before my appointment. Who needs a whole week to do it? If you do, then you have serious problems, my friend. You can do 35 hours worth in one night. Obviously, you will be ringing and having phone calls from employers during the week so that doesn't count with the whole 'night before' thing.

Maybe it's just the way I do things, who knows? It has always been like this for me including when I was in High School and College. Let's just talk about College projects okay? Well I was set to do projects at least once a month and given that month to do the whole project including finalising it all, but like it has always been, I will sit about talking and helping others with theirs before I even consider doing my own.

I literally did all of my work in the last week it was due in - I still got good grades. Whaddup positive laziness! All in all, I still got my target grade at the end of the two years and I got my Diploma. DMM bitches! I could have worked harder and got a DDD but I really wasn't that clever; I am still good at what I love doing most.

Want to see my view right now?

Damn you TV, why you gotta distract me from Job Hunting? Actually, Blogger is distracting me but I gotta write down my thoughts. And right now, my thoughts are about how I am easily distracted and about my positive laziness. I am also watching Vlogging videos because I have recently become obsessed so if you are a LIFESTYLE Vlogger please leave your links in the comment box. Thanks. 

Please don't send me Make-up and beauty tutorials, because if you haven't guessed already, I am not a beauty or a make-up fan. Basically, everyday is a scruffy hair-up-no-make-up kinda day, unless I go out, then it is natural make-up day with winged eyeliner.

And now Alex has just put the film Immortals on. NICE ONE. Now i'm not going to get any work done!

Does anyone remember Latte? My readers who have been following my blog from the very beginning, or as from last year, will know what I am talking about, so HOLLA to you beauties! Well I don't have Latte anymore and I have a new boyfriend. Alex and I have decided that we want to get a puppy of our own and we have been searching for one we can adopt but have had no luck.

Out of nowhere, the Vet I got in touch with a while ago got in touch and asked us if we are still interested in the puppy. Of course we are! This puppy was abandoned when it was a few days old, and was found in a bin. Who the mother'effer would put a new born puppy in a bin?

Do people not have hearts? If your dog gives birth, don't dump the puppies, send them to the RSPCA, dumb fucks. Have a heart! So anyway, as I was saying, I was told that the puppy is still up for adoption and I couldn't be happier. I finally get to have my baby! 

When I say baby, I mean my own little critter I can say is my own and look after it as if it was actually my baby. The puppy is only a couple weeks old, so the Vet is coming to do a house visit, then Alex and I are going to be visiting the puppy at it's home until it is old enough to come live with us. 

We are not sure what breed the puppy is but it looks like a cross breed between a Jack Russell, German Shepherd, and a Beagle. The puppy is a boy, and is called Dexter. Cutest. Name. Ever.

Want to see a picture of the little critter?

Dexter, the unknown breed of cuteness!

I love him. I love him. I LOVE HIM! Look at that face!

To the none-dog lovers who are knocked sick by the sight of the sweet little babies, shame on you! You are the ones who will dump this baby in a bin you absolute munters. I love Dexter, he is soon-to-be Alex and my baby. Eeek! 

Updated: due to changes in plans, I will not be getting Dexter anymore. Gutted.

Much love,


  1. Hi there, came across you blog randomly. I am a pet sitter from India and run a food blog. Dexter is super cute, have fun petting him :)


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