I got it done again

Such a drag start to the day YESTERDAY. I know, I know, I forgot to blog about my day yesterday, so here's today and yesterday for you. You're welcome.


Alex and I thought it would be wise to set our alarms for 09:30am, a few hours before we were due to leave the house, but we both couldn't remember turning our alarms off when they went off in the morning, which then lead us to getting up late.

Bummer. Though we knew we only had an hour to get ready, we still lay in bed chatting instead - whoops. I didn't even have an outfit ready so I was rushing up and downstairs looking for something to wear. In the end, I decided to dress like a twelve year old:


However, even though it is a cute outfit, I came to realise that it is also winter, so I had to wear tights. Plus I left my converse at home so I was stuck wearing boots. OOTD isn't as good as I had hoped; do me a favour and imagine no tights and I am wearing converse. Cheers. Thanks. 

As it was cold outside, I wore Alex's friend's grandpa cardigan which is so cosy. Plus it matched my outfit so it was s'all good!

Just because.

There was nothing for me to get excited about for the day except that I was going to head off to Prestwich for my Universal Credit appointment and then head home to bore myself to death. so I rang Katie to see what she was upto.

I set the day off by walking with Alex to the bus stop, and the sad thing is, I didn't get to say goodbye to him properly as the result of the bus turning up straight away! Let me just tell you something that surprised me. 

OK, well the bus journey that I usually go on to get to Bury takes about 40 minutes so I thought I would give myself plenty of time to get there in case of traffic and what-not, so I got the bus at 13:00pm. The bus stupidly broke down after only five minutes of driving and I had to sit there for ten minutes before the next bus was due so I can change to that one, but once it turned up I had to wait five minutes for the bus drivers to switch buses. Finally, the bus set off and I was in Bury ten minutes later, which makes the whole journey only twenty minutes long. 

HOW?! How has it taken twenty minutes less time to get to Bury when it broke down AND only took that long when it usually takes 40 minutes. I'm shocked. Genuinely shocked. But at least I could meet Katie quicker and go shopping as I has £30 worth of vouchers to abuse. I spent £18 worth of make-up and then realised I had a spare £20 note to abuse too.

Readers who know me through my blog, you know for a fact that when I shop and have spare money that I will think of something so spontaneously out of the blue that I am awesome enough to go through with it. Guess what I did?

I got:

Who says size 6UK girls aren't curvy?

How cute is it? I got it in Turquoise! Last time I got it done I was in Afflex in Manchester City Centre, and it turned bad. Well not infected bad, but blister bad. What are they called? Keloids? Well anyway, I decided that I would get it done at P2 in Bury instead.

How cute can the guy behind the counter be? I mean, not in looks but the way he talks to his customers. The total for the piercing and the bar itself was more than I had, so I told him I only have £20 on me, so he said I can just have it done and have the bar for only £20. I LOVE HIM. He is always so nice when I get my piercings done; he did my nose piercings in the past.

I love my belly bar, I missed it. However, you can now see how much weight I have lost and the scars from my last belly piercing, because I now have two scars next to my new belly bar. The last one I had, I was bigger and it was slanted, but now it is straight and I have lost weight. Eh, oh well. It's not even noticeable until I point it out.

Anyway, once I had got it done, I had a quick stop at Katie's house and then she drove me to Prestwich for my appointment. She is such a babe. Traffic was horrendous though - road works everywhere, plus school traffic. Ugh. I was on time though luckily!

Sadly, the traffic was even worse after my appointment so I thought I would cheer myself up and buy myself a Costa. Yum. If you are from Manchester, UK, and get the bus on the 98 First Bus route, you will know that it is one of the worst for timetables and being on time; I waited forty minutes for a bus but at least it was sunny and quite warm for this time of the year.

Though the bus finally came, I was sat in traffic for almost an hour. It should have took twenty minutes to get home, but NO, there had to be road works, school traffic, and after-work traffic. Typical. 

I pretty much chilled for the rest of the time because I was so tired and I could not be arsed..... until Hayley invited me to go watch her at the local pub for the pool match. I was only there an hour on a Wednesday, calm your tits. I then went home, put YouTube on, watched Vlogs, then went bed. Night sorted.


Dayum! I woke up lay on my belly. Do you know how much that hurts when you have only had your navel pierced the day before? Fuck me I was in agony. Even when I stood up it felt like my belly was stretching - I folded up my vest top and let my belly breath hoping the pain would subside. 

If you haven't already noticed, my blog today is sounding like a Diary entry, but to be extremely honest, I couldn't care less. People in the past have moaned, but all I can say is: "if you don't like it, don't read it." What more could I possibly advise and say? Moaners, ugh.

Twelve hours sleep I had today and I was so damn happy! I couldn't sleep the night before and only got about an hour and a half, so to whoever calls me lazy: Screw You. Woke up at 15:00 but only because my Mum rang me to tell me to get my arse outta bed. Yes, Miss! Literally, today has been so uneventful and so boring. Even Katie has fallen asleep on my couch covered in my blanket - bless her. She looks so peaceful. I would take a picture but i'm not in a cruel mood haha. 

I even did my make-up ready for the plan we were supposed to do tonight, which was to watch her friend's gig. Shame it isn't happening, but if she's too tired then it's fine. I will just take lots of Selfies so my make-up isn't 'wasted.'

#NikaFriday is tomorrow but sadly I haven't heard anything from Nika so I am not sure if I am going to have to cancel tomorrow. Bummer. Don't be upset okay, i'm sure next Friday will be on schedule.

Today's entry isn't so interesting so i'm just going to end it right here. Hope you have a great sleep or a great day depending on where you are in the world.

Much love,


  1. Talking behind my back aye? :P hihih Nika to the rescue!!! <3


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