Last Friday Night

My long lost mama friend got back in touch (she's been busy looking after her 1 year old! Shes super cute and is currently learning to walk. 5 steps max so far!) And she asked if i could meet her at my local pub for a few drinks.

I wasn't going to turn her down but i only had £10, therefore, i just went just for a couple drinks. Fortunately, a group of my friends turned up considering it was a mutual friend's girlfriend's birthday, and like the cheeky bitch I am, I managed to bag myself a few free drinks. Sam even joined us! I was so happy to see Sam. I have never been out drinking with him, besides, it was nice to finally experience it with him.

After a few drinks i started running out of my own money, but by chance, my friends were ordering 'rounds' and i warned them i was skint; they weren't fussed. I got shots and free drinks for the rest of the night, result! I should have kept that quiet, as if they read this they will just refuse next time. Damn it. 

However, when i have had a few to drink i become emotional and bitchy. Pretty much PMS but because of the alcohol lol dont judge me! I don't start fights though, I don't go out looking for them because no one really gets on my tits and I am friendly with everyone, but whenever there is good there is always bad. That night there was bag. Here's why.

A friend of mine that i ALWAYS speak too at the pub, turned up and started talking to me and having a catch up like we usually do. We weren't alone at the table, as I was surrounded by my other friends and mutual friends so there shouldn't have been an issue. 

We were the usual talkative selves until his girlfriend turned up. Ugh trust her to have the same name as me. The bitch. Strolling over, he chatted to her and she was awkwardly glaring at me so obviously she had a problem with me. Once he came back over, he told me that his girlfriend thinks i am flirting with him. I wasn't.

Ffs she knows I have a boyfriend and i am completely faithful. Jeez she is so insecure. Her boyfriend isn't even my type - can a girl not be friends with a guy anymore? By that time, he had told me that she has a problem with me and that she thinks her boyfriend finds me attractive, do you know what he said? "I think you're fit but she doesn't have to know that." Wtf. How was i supposed to react?

I brushed it off, looked at her and laughed. So petty of her. It's not like I only spoke to him all night, I spoke to every lad there because we are friends and it's easier to talk to lads than it is girls! Me and Ashleigh decided to take #selfie photos and funny videos to block that petty girl out and show her i'm not arsed and she could glare at me all night if she really finds me that interesting.

Eventually, Ashleigh left on the grounds that she missed her baba so i messaged Alex telling him i miss him and wanted him to come down. Annoyingly, he kept refusing, but me being drunken me, begged and blackmailed and was horrible so he ended up coming down. Oops bad girlfriend move! After 20 minutes i went to the bar with my friend Nick and saw Alex order a drink; by this time I had already drank to much so everything is fuzzy as from now.

I went over and hugged and kissed him and didn't care who watched or who whispered. Then I moved and I sat at a table next to the bar and told a girl friend and her friend what the guy before had said.

In the background, the girl heard her name and came stomping over with a face like a slapped arse and started shouting at me. I told her i didn't even mention her, we were talking about what her boyfriend said to me. (See told you i hate how she has the same name, she heard my friend tell her friend what i said, saying MY name to understand.) She was just going on with her bitchy self so i just looked at Alex, carried on drinking told her that i'm not arsed.

Stupidly, I tried to explain myself when really I had nothing to explain or defend myself about. I told her "i was telling them what your boyfriend said." But she would interrupt me half way through my sentence and say: "i don't give a fuck what he said."
Fucking go away then you loon!

Thankfully, she stomped back to the bar and my friend went over to her to try and explain for me.

All i heard then from that girl was:
"I Don't care what that SLAG says!"

What the fuck! Alex heard her say it and shouted at her saying she had no right and that she was out of order. I instantly got off my stool and tried walking over to her to punch her and fight her. Alex held onto me and dragged me back because he knew i would kick her ugly bitch face in.

Rushing over, the landlady (my friend) ran over to the girl and told her that if she carries on she will get kicked out of the pub. Subsequently, I got told the same thing from the landlady, but she also came over to me and asked if i was alright and to calm down. If Alex wasn't there to hold onto me there would have been a fight. So once i calmed down i sat back on the stool, tried to grab my drink and stupidly spilled it all over the table, my legs, and the floor. I wish i didn't drink so much. Stupid. I am going through a hard time alright dont judge me! That bitch pissed me off too!

Trying to have one more drink, i felt like throwing up so i ran to the bathroom where my friend's friend followed me in and asked if i was alright. I said yes then threw up. She asked if i had been drinking Strongbow and blackcurrant (cider) so i said: "yeah why." She told me my sick was purple. Lovely hahaha!

Like a darling, she  held my hair back then told me she will get my friend. Not long later, my friend came in, and i think i passed out for a little bit, but i remember her asking if i was alright and i remember saying i'll be fine. After AN HOUR Alex was given permission to come in and help. Whoops. It only felt like fifteen minutes, but then again, I was drunk and everything was just a blur. Eventually after throwing up more i got up.

I needed to go home so Alex pulled me up steady, made sure i was alright, then walked me through the pub where the landlady was laughing at me. It wasn't funny haha! It was about 4am and everyone had already gone home.

Alex came into my house, walked me up two flights of stairs, made sure i was undressed and in bed before he went back downstairs. He then used my key to lock himself out, posted the key through the letter box and WALKED 9MILES HOME! CRAZY ONE!

In the end, I didn't remember him leaving my room because i fell asleep so quickly lolol. But i thanked him in the morning after throwing up A LOT and then he got the bus down to mine again.

So that was my Friday. It was Alex's turn to play Mother seen as it's always me looking after him in a night out! *wink* . Hope i didn't gross you out too much. Enjoy some pictures.

Just a quick sneaky selfie

12 years of friendship and still growing strong! Sam and Me.

Ashleigh and Me

Little Drunks - our bad!

Just realised this is my 200th blog post!

Celebration time!

Much love,

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