My views on Valentines day

EVERY Valentine's Day you will see girls flaunting what their boyfriends, husbands, lovers, or secret admirers have got them for Valentines, but you never really see the whole picture.

Valentines Day is just a day that was created by advertisers and card companies to earn a bit more cash. The 14th February is a day that people say is a day to remember and celebrate love. Why doesn't anyone do this everyday? Seriously, do you really need to use one day as an excuse to buy your partner flowers, chocolates, a teddy and a card? Or is it just a day to have an excuse to get a blowjob or get laid?

If you need a day to be an excuse to get laid or anything in a sexual nature, then I hate love to break this to you but you're relationship is a joke.

A day for love.. pfft makes me hurl thinking about it. You're supposed to celebrate your love everyday! Why do you need an excuse to show love? I show my boyfriend I love him everyday. Do you want to know how I show him?


How hard is it to show and appreciate your partner every day? Tell her or him you love them, kiss them, make love to them. Heck, even give them a treat! (You can take that any way you want. You know what I mean.)

I can hear the comments coming in now:
"Just because you have never gotten flowers."
"You're ugly that's why."
"No one will ever love you."

Guess what. I used to have a secret admirer as a kid where every Valentines Day I would receive a card in the post; I knew exactly who it was from by the hand writing. (No it wasn't one of my parents.) I even received chocolates and a flower too, but that still didn't change my views and judgement on the whole Valentine's Day bullshit.

Every 14th February, there will be hundreds of girls soaking up the tissues whilst watching The Notebook and P.S I Love You in their sweats as well as eating ice cream out of the tub with no remorse. Why? Because of this whole bullshit day and the fact they don't feel loved by anyone. Hate Love to break this to you ladies but if you don't receive a card or a box of chocolates, it means that the guy has the same view as me on the whole Valentines Day situation - or you're just ugly. Either or, doesn't make the slightest difference to me. 

Seriously, every day I wake up and tell my boyfriend I love him; I tell him how much I appreciate him and the things he does for me, and too me, if you really wanted to know. There is no excuse, you don't need a day that was made up for money-grabbers to show and tell the person you are married to, person you are lovers with, or the person you admire stalk from afar that you love them.

I wouldn't mind but everyone eventually throws away the card you have gotten them, or the sweet love letter you have written them. It's heart breaking, yes, but it is true. Don't waste your money. I don't even buy Birthday cards because I know for a fact that a few days later it will be thrown in the bin or shoved in a storage box that never sees the light of day.

Get a grip people!

Valentine's Day is a waste of time. You can do everything you do on the 14th February every other day of the year. No excuses.

Please comment your views on Valentines Day - even if you love it I want to know.

Much love,

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