Will the real Lauren please stand up.

I want to tell you beautiful souls all how classy I really am. 

So currently, I am sat on the loo (TMI) peeing out my kidneys, or a lung, depending on how extremely dramatic I am feeling today, and I am leaning down to the floor to type this blog post. Dedication yo! 

Water Infections are my life, and it sucks. I hate it, don't make me hate you too, appreciate what you have and stop moaning about how you need to pee. At least you can pee without feeling like there is a fireball strolling slowly down your urinary tract taking the piss... get it? That pun was awful.

Seriously sick of these water infections. The bathroom has now become my living room - I spend most of my time in here! The laptop is on the floor, YouTube is streaming, and I am [disgustingly] drinking my bru in here. Okay, I spend a lot of time in here and I can't keep walking downstairs when I am thirsty - do you want my bladder to fall out whilst I waddle down the stairs?

Classy bird, I am.. right? This is the most disgusting TMI post I have written, but hey, blogs are all about being yourself and being true to your readers/viewers/fans too! I'm joking, I have no fans. 

However, I have noticed that I have a lot of silent readers. Don't be shy, there is a comment box for a reason, I even have my email address and social media sites available for you to contact me and tell me feedback. You can even tell me how much you hate/love my blog or me, depending on what you're going for. 

Want to hear something amazing [to me]? Last time I checked my Google+ views I was only on 96,000 on the 6th February/15 but when I re-checked again yesterday it was a crazy amount and I reached my goal. Check it out:

Are you proud of me? I'm extremely over the moon with this! I reached my milestone of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS on my Google+ page and I couldn't have done it without you absolute beauties!

The link is on the left of my blog. You can see the little picture with a mini bio. Go ahead, click and see the truth *chuffed smily face.*

Anyhow, I have finally got myself off the loo at 01:40am... I was sat on there for a good few hours. Luckily the laptop was there as well as my phone. I am writing nonsense and I don't know why I am still am writing nonsense.

Oh, oh! Who remembers my old friend Guy? MY ex-fiance's ex-best friend? Guy got back in touch like a sweetheart and has invited me to go for a coffee sometime in late March/ early April for a catch up seen as he has been in N. Ireland for almost a year! I miss Guy. He's such a top Guy. Get it? Damn I am on fire with the puns today. Guy told me he still reads my blog - melts my heart when people tell me they do and they love it. 

Guy told me i'm "something else" when I asked if he still reads my blog; no idea what he means though. He said that he likes how well I have done with it and how I look good doing it - no idea what that means either but I am taking it as a compliment. Thank you Guy! I know you're reading this, so Shout-Out to my boy Guy! Love ya!

This was a short update, I just got bored now and I need to give Alex some attention seen as he got home almost 5 hours ago and I haven't had a conversation with him yet.

My bad.

Much love,

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