Baby Adventure Introduction | #1

Starting a new chapter in my blog where every Monday I will write about my Baby Adventure, is what is needed right now. There has been a substantial amount I have held back; I have wanted to share extensively but never really found a conscientious time to do so.

I've by no means been the type to write a blog about Motherhood or 'trying for a baby,' per contra, speculating upon the blog idea, I concluded that
it would be beneficial both towards myself and the people around me; that includes You, hun.

Have you ever searched the web for tips and advice on how to get pregnant quicker, or how to cope during a pregnancy? I have, an excessive amount of times that I couldn't count if I tried. This blog, however, isn't me giving advice and tips on 'How To,' but rather 'How I.' How I am trying; how I am coping; how I am doing certain things; and how I and my partner are planning.
Being a young woman, only the age of nineteen, I am determined to try for a baby; I yearn for one more than anything and Alexander is longing for one too. Though, when I do fall pregnant, I will be twenty [in two months] by the time the baby is born. Twenty-something women are accepted nowadays as Mothers, but are still frowned upon by some for being so 'young' and have 'far too much to lose,' for the sake of still having ten or so years to do what they want with their lives, but who says when and why someone should try for a baby or when and why they should do anything in their lives? 

Nonetheless, in order to write this blog, share my ideas, and my 'How I's,' I have all the more decided to enable you to write to me via Email; I would love it if you shared your baby adventure with me. Hearing different stories [adventures] may help me and everyone else, but also be compassionate and understanding towards you. I am here for you. I am always here to listen to your thoughts, feelings, views, or anything for that matter. I am welcome to advice or any tips and tricks you would like to share with me too!

Likewise, with the emails, I will share them and reply on my blog. However, don't get scared or anxious, if you don't want me to put them on public display, I will simply keep it private and I will reply via email itself. There is no need to worry, nevertheless, if you don't mind sharing, then you never know, your email could help someone else. That counts, you know? Your email could comfort and be a guidance towards someone and it may be the most rewarding feeling you could seek. No pressure at all. I just want to let you know that I am here for you with everything and anything. 

The reason behind 'Adventure' is that this is completely new to me and new to everyone who decides to start their plan and try for a little one, so no one knows what adventure it will take us on. However, once there is a baby, the title of this chapter will still remain the same, by reason of the baby having it's own adventures - it all ties together nicely.

Remember, you can drop me an email whenever you need, I commit myself to reply to every single one. Do not think due to it may taking a while, that I have ignored you, since that is not the case.

I will additionally be starting a chat via Twitter with the hashtag #babyadventure where you can interact and chat about anything 'trying for a baby' or 'motherhood' related. Please do contribute! The chat will start 6pm [GMT] on Monday evening. Follow me on Twitter @lnohara95

My Baby Adventure #1

Palms sweating; heart racing; tears pouring, I thought about my life and where it was heading. I thought this was it, this was my life. Is this it? I had just got into a relationship with Alexander and knowing he was an 'older man' had finally hit me: were we able to have a normal relationship? Were we able to have a child? Get married one day? Were we able to do all of this knowing I am twelve years younger? How will this affect us?

Honestly, these thoughts were rushing into my head so fast that a panic attack slapped me across the face, held it's hands around my throat and squeezed so hard I couldn't breath, at the same time, it felt like it was pulling my clothes so tight I blurred like I was about to pass out. Alexander had to rip my clothes from my clammy body and hold me upright, whilst telling me everything will be okay, but was it really going to be okay? 

I admitted what I was thinking about, I admitted what I really want in life, and I admitted that I wouldn't be surprised if he ran. I wanted a baby; I wanted a baby with him. Alexander has never had a child of his own [thirty-two with no child - jackpot] and I knew he would want one eventually: we spoke for hours about the pros and cons, we expected to conceive within the first year, but we never expected the emotional struggle. Both physical and mental issues arose as it finally hit us that this will be hard; this will be the biggest hurdle we have to face to get to our goal - a baby.

We had decided that we will try for six months to naturally conceive with no help, no Ovulation Kits (OPK Kits) and no boosts of any kind; we wanted to do this ourselves, alone. However, this was not as easy as we thought originally, as when the sixth month time limit is up - it is time to get help.
In the same way, it has been hard for both Alexander and I these past five months that we have been trying for a baby and we have been going through all the emotions; there are times we have been disappointed that we have 'failed' so far each month, as 'the time of the month' has become a flow, but there will be the times where we are excited that maybe, just maybe, we have done it and conceived. Obviously, I will have been trying keep my own emotions at bay and be stress-free, as we all know being stressed will affect my menstrual cycle and my hormones; it will create difficulty to conceive otherwise.

Likewise, this is our fifth month of trying so Alexander had gone out last week and brought an OPK kit, as we have the feeling we will fail to conceive this month like every other month, and he knew we would need help knowing exactly when I ovulate. Nevertheless, I have had advice from my close friend [who's had five kids] about how I can help myself become pregnant, she told me to get some Iron and Folic Acid tablets/vitamins to help boost my health and help my 'environment' so the egg can implant and grow strong and healthy. I am all for trying things to help me fall pregnant.

In the next Baby Adventure, I will post about OPK Kits and how to use them. 

Recently, I have opened up to my parents and admitted to them that I am trying for a baby, and I have their full support which I am surprised at. I haven't told my siblings yet but I will know for a fact they will be ecstatic, as they have been begging me for a couple of years to make them an Auntie/Uncle. Now siblings, now is your chance to become excited that some time soon you will become and Auntie or an Uncle for the first time. 

When did you first open up to your parents? Were you scared; were you expecting them to flip; were you expecting them not to support you through it because they suspected you were not thinking straight and/or too young? How old were you when you opened up to them?

Honestly, I hid the fact Alexander and I were trying for five months, as I thought my Mum and Step-Dad would think I am bonkers and needed to screw my head back onto my shoulders. Surprisingly, it was the complete opposite when it slipped from my mouth and my Mum heard me; I was thinking she wouldn't click on, but she did - she isn't stupid. Mum explained to me that she has been expecting it anyway; how? Why? WHEN?! Mum's eh? 

How I planned when I ovulate and when to have sexual intercourse

The way I planned when I ovulate is to wait three months before properly trying to have sex the day I ovulate. What I mean is: you average your cycle length, mine would be 31 days, as it has changed these last few months, then you check an ovulation chart to check what day in your cycle you ovulate. 

Ovulation chart 

Length of your cycle (days)                21 or less     22   23   24   25   26   27   28   29   30   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39  40   41+
Count the first day of your cycle        
as 1,start testing on the day shown         
5            5     6     7     8     9     10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22  23   see
under your cycle length                                                                                                                                                             below

(In the next baby adventure, there will be more information about OPK Kits and the ovulation chart) 

For example, the number of days I should count in my cycle is 14 days as my cycle length is 31 days. On the 14 day I will ovulate. Therefore, I would have sex 3 days prior to the date, sex on the date, then three days after the date. Having sex 3 days prior to your ovulation date is necessary as sperm lives in your body for up to 3-5 days, and dating your ovulation date means you are more than likely able to catch the egg dropping when you have sperm ready inside you to fertilise it. Plus, having sex three days prior also helps if you ovulate a day or two early - better to be ready, right? 

Likewise, having sex on the date means that you have new sperm ready to fertilise the egg as well as the older sperm, plus the sperm from that day can fertile the egg if you ovulate a day or two after your presumed ovulation day. Finally, having sex three days after your presumed ovulation day is just for fun because who would say no? I hope that makes sense, as it did in my head as I was typing.

Though after having sex on your ovulation date, you then have the excruciating time of waiting until your period date to see if you 'come on.' Now this is what I really find difficult, to me, time slows down and drags so much you just want to use that pregnancy test to see if your egg has been fertilised. Sadly, it is what us women have to do, we have to wait, and I am an extremely impatient person. Alexander advised me to wait a week after my period date to test just in case I am 'just late' like I usually am, which makes perfect sense as I don't want to waste a pregnancy test I could use the next month, if necessary. It is just a waiting game now.

That's it for this week's Baby Adventure. Join me next Monday for another Baby Adventure update! I hope all this information has been useful for you. Thank you for following my journey. 

Remember, you can email me to share your Baby Adventure. 

I hope you join me on my baby adventure.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

ps// remember these updates will be a week delayed due to me actually doing the OPK Tests, trying and documenting. (whatever I have documented on my Baby Adventures, have already happened a week ago.)

Much love,

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