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FYI I should have done a post last Saturday when FC UNITED WON their game ... oopsies.

They won again this weekend, and I had such a good time with my FCUM family. A lot of people disagree that FCUM is not a family but merely a group of fans that think they are all amazing, all jesters, and all think they are top-dog. Wrong.

Like every football fan, we all disagree with some other fans, we all have arguments, we all have 'banter.' But what everyone doesn't realise, is that we are One. We all support the same team, we all love the players, we all follow FCUM wherever and whenever. So what if we fight? So what if we sometimes disagree? So what if some of us class our fans as a family? We all support the same team.

I have recently got back into watching FCUM but I have never once not supported them - just because I wasn't there, doesn't mean I am any less of a fan. Things kept me away from the matches, but after a long six months, I am back to going to games and following them to away games. Remember, I even followed them to Switzerland and wrote a few posts about it. (Archives.)

What warmed my heart about coming back to the games was that I was welcomed with open arms. My FCUM family supported me through the hard times and hugged me when I needed it. They smiled when I smiled, and laughed when I laughed. We stand together and watch the games, then celebrate after when we win...again.

Many of you may find this cringey but I don't care - FCUM is a part of my life, and as you are my readers, you are apart of it now too. When I didn't watch FC United, I felt like a part of me was missing, like my life wasn't complete - it's complicated. Now I am back, I feel like the hole is now filled - I feel like ME again. 

Every Saturday, home or away, I will be going to games. Alex is going to start coming with me too, and I couldn't be happier. I can spend time with the one I love, watching the team I love. What more could make this better?

Though my ex-fiance goes to the games, we have spoke and cleared the air as we both know both of us will be there and there shouldn't be any tension or awkwardness. We both love the team and we both want to have a good time. I even met my ex's new girlfriend, and I have to admit, she is such a sweetheart and so pretty! I am glad she wasn't awkward to talk to and I am glad she doesn't mind standing with me knowing I stand where Danny does too.

Furthermore, the only reason I stand with Danny is because we have the same group of FCUM friends and I am not moving to another part of the grounds when I get on with his friends. My life isn't going to change because he is in it every Saturday - I love my friends and we both agreed that we will be civil for the sake of a fun day and the sake of our friend's having a good time too. 

Things are good. Things are getting better! I can't wait for Alex to start coming to games. Yet, I still have to introduce him to everyone... and that includes Danny and his Mrs. I hope there is no tension and awkwardness. But the good thing is, my FCUM family have been asking to meet Alex, which makes me feel so much happier about having him join us.

I kind of drifted off then. On Saturday, FC United won 2-1! Still top of the league; they have to do something stupid to lose the top spot so hopefully they stay strong and positive and kick ass at every game.

If you are interested in going to FC United of Manchester games, here are the fixtures that show the place, time, team, and whether it is a home or away game. Come and join us, you will be hooked instantly! Look forward to seeing you all there!

Two scarves.
Too cold.
Worth it.

After the game, I headed home to meet Alex and my old work mate, Mike, to celebrate FCUM winning Saturday's match! Here are just a lot of random photos for you to see. See you at FC United of Manchester games beautifuls! 

Much love,

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