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How beautiful has the British weather been lately? It is especially good seen as it was gorgeous weather on Saturday when FCUM were playing that day against King's Lynn Town! 

For the first time in a long time, I have blogged about the FCUM game so you can catch up on what you have missed / replay what you had watched. Honestly, I love blogging about FCUM but sadly after I stopped doing it, someone else started and I lost my spot.

However, I am going to get back into it and I do have competition - watch out t'other person! Only joking mate, there's no competition when i'm around. *wink*

As any typical blogger, we start off with a good old selfie, typically to show off how self-centred we are and how good are make-up is. To be honest, my make-up was on point - be jealous. *wink* 

My good friend and chauffeur for the day, Rob.

Check out the beard! 
Alex is jealous.

DISCLAIMER: All photos of the FC United game are not mine, they are the team's photographer, Mark Lee's. I have been given permission to use his photos in my blog post. Please do not use these photos without his consent, thank you.

Where's Wally?

Can you spot Rob, Me, and Alex?

Attendance: 2458

FCUM 1 - 0 King's Lynn Town

Goal for FC United of Manchester first goal scored by Payne (06:00) 1-0

Substitution for Kings Lynn Town 
ON Stephen Spriggs OFF Peter Winn (19:10)

Yellow card for Kings Lynn Town's Dan Quigley (25:44)
Yellow card for Kings Lynn Town's Jackson Ramm (33:00)

Goal for King's Lynn Town scored by David Bridges on 35:40 1-1

Substitution for Kings Lynn Town 
ON Henry Eze OFF Ryan Fryatt (39:05)

FCUM 2 - 1 King's Lynn Town

Goal for FC United of Manchester scored by Craig Lindfield on (40:47) 2-1


FCUnited of Manchester 2 - 1 King's Lynn Town

I have to say, I thought the referee tried her best though she was quite annoying and did need to get on with the game more than stand around talking when there were fouls. Not talking as in chit-chat but talking as in arguing with the players even though she had the best intentions of being fair.

Honestly, I thought she did a top job. Like every referee, they get grief but this referee was pretty spot on with her decisions and tried her best to catch every foul and illegal move. It had to be hard for her seen as a couple of the King's Lynn Town players were arse-holes and causing a lot of grief. I'm sorry but it's true and most of the fans would agree with me.

I have forgotten the referee's name. My bad.

Substitution for FC United of Manchester 
ON Rory Fallon OFF Callum Byrne (53:38)

Substitution for FC United of Manchester 
ON Greg Daniels OFF Matt Wolfenden (63:54)

Substitution for Kings Lynn Town 
ON Jacek Zielonka OFF Michael Frew (72:29)

In the background you can see 'China Armchair Army.' This is made either by or for the Chinese fans, which a couple have travelled for the weekend to watch an FCUM game or two. The first Chinese Fan, Fan Ming, saved up for around eight years so he could come to Manchester and support the team and I have met him.

I started talking to Fan Ming before he visited England and he is such a sweet guy - his English is pretty good too and could put half of the people I know to shame. He has even figured out what 'banter' is, to be honest, it is on point. So proud.

This weekend Fan Ming's friend, Iris Li, travelled all the way from China to watch an FCUM game. I love how people from half way across the world are that committed to the team that they will save up for years just to come and watch a game personally. It is very touching.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to meet Iris but I am sure she had a great time. She even got to have a picture with all the hot FCUM players. Now, I can guarantee she enjoyed that part, anyone would - I would; just being honest. Greaves though.

FCUM 3 - 1 King's Lynn Town

Goal for FC United of Manchester scored by Greg Daniels on (75:49) 3-1

Substitution for FC United of Manchester 
ON Tom Brown OFF Tom Greaves (78:53)

Yellow card for Kings Lynn Town's Sam Mulready (88:19)

Karl Margison 
Manager / Coach


FC United of Manchester 3 - 1 King's Lynn Town

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If you are not able to make the a games at FCUM, you can listen to the game via FCUM Radio on their live Twitter account. FCUM Radio  No excuses to not support your favourite team - there are even Replays so you can catch up on what you have missed! 

Ava and Alex

End of the day we went to visit our Goddaughter.
This is irrelevent to the game, but I love this photo and I am forcing you to look at it.


Cute isn't she?

I have to say, Alex really enjoyed his first time at FCUM and he will be coming again. *hurray* So glad he enjoyed himself and I can experience football with my boyfriend as well as the FC Fans and my FC Family.

When we got there, I couldn't really tell you how he felt but I am sure he was excited - I was excited for him. Every time I come home after a game, Alex is interested and asks me about it all and he checks the Table to see how everything turned out and how many points CLEAR we still are!

Knowing he will be joining me at every game he can make, makes me a little bit more happy. 

Annoying as I am, I did keep checking up on Alex and seeing how he was and every time I asked I got the same answer. Yes he was fine, and yes he was enjoying himself. We did get blinded by the sun, however, I was clever and brought my sunglasses. 

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful game! 

Another win in the bag for FC United of Manchester. Tuesday I will going to the game by myself, however, Saturday Alex will be coming to the game as well. If you spot either of us, don't be shy, come say Hi!

Much love,

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