Mother's Day

Being a child to a young parent, I had Mother's Day with my Mum, and both Grandmother's. This Mother's Day has been more important than any other Mother's Day so far as my Nana is terminally ill and I wanted her to know that I love her and appreciate everything she has done in my life for me.

Alexander came to my Nana's with me because he wanted to visit her for the first time since her diagnosis - he was really sweet. I brought flowers for all of the Mothers in my life but I brought the best for Nana; she deserves the best and I am not going to hold back from getting her the best.

Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves the best but right now, right this minute, I think Nana deserves the ultimate best. She is the Mother Theresa of the family - she keeps everything together to help the loved ones in her life and I am more than grateful that she has done everything she has done for everyone.

Three Bouquets for three special women in my life

Waking up in a blur I almost forgot that it was Mother's Day. Every year I always forget what day it is on, and basically, I used to think Mother's Day was just another commercialised day for card companies and flower shops to gain a profit on a day that is greater than any other. 

However, now I know how short life is, I have decided to make an effort this Mother's Day and choose to actually make it special for the three main Mothers in my life. I refuse to buy cards because they are expensive for one day when they eventually just either get thrown into the bin or shoved into a box in storage never to be looked at again. 

Flowers, on the other hand, are different and I will be happy to buy them. Flowers have meaning more than a piece of paper with writing on. Plus flowers are beautiful and look so much better than a card sat on the mantle piece. The flowers I brought were the best I could find - definitely worth the money and worth making the Mothers happier. 

Java Cafe

Check out Rochdale getting a bit of class. There is now a new Cafe in the bus station, which did in fact come in handy when Alex and I missed the Metrolink that we needed to get on to go to my home town to visit the three Mothers. 

How cute is this cafe though - so new and pretty. The staff were extremely helpful and gave you answers to any question you asked, they were polite and always smiling, and they even have a range of items which I have never heard of before. Alexander seemed to like the cafe too - he loved that they had all sorts of beverages and snacks; he loves his food and beverages. *wink*

Hot Chocolate (mine) Black Coffee (Alexander's)

Okay okay, when I say Alex loves the treats and beverages, I mean I do. Me. I love food. Judge me. Alexander has the boring black coffee and I pig out with the fatty chocolate, marshmallows, whip cream and hot chocolate. See! Sorry not sorry.

Actually proud of myself for taking such a pretty photograph

Once I scoffed my treats and drank my hot chocolate, both Alex and I headed to my home town to visit the three Mothers in my life. Sadly, the journey took quite a long time so once we were in Radcliffe it was pretty late, nevertheless, we got there in the end and went to visit my Nana first - most important. 

I am still not used to seeing my Nana so ill, I am used to seeing her happy and up and about making pots of tea and having a girly chat with my Mum in the kitchen. It isn't the same any more. Everything has changed too quickly that it is a shock to everyone, including Nana. 

Alexander and I spent an hour talking to my Grandad and Nana before heading off to my Mum's to give her flowers and spend a little time with her before walking around the corner to give my Grandma her flowers. Grandma was shocked to see me give her flowers because she never gets any - more reason for me to buy her some. Afterall, she is a Mother too. 

I don't understand how some people only treat their Mums rather than their Grandmothers too. Grandmothers do a lot for their grandchildren and there, sadly, isn't a Grandparent's Day to celebrate them and show them our gratitude for everything they do for us. People forget how much Grandmothers and Grandfathers actually do for their family and how supportive they are towards them, this is what people need to recognise and be able to give them back the love that they receive. 

After spending hours travelling to Radcliffe, spending hours with the three Mothers, Alex and I realised the day wasn't long enough - Alex couldn't see his Mum on Mothers Day. There wasn't enough time and I felt like it was all my fault. Was I selfish for dragging him to visit all the Mothers in my life when he only had the one Mother to visit that day? I told him we should have visited his mum first but he insisted we travel to Radcliffe first.

I still feel guilty but he did reassure me and tell me it's okay and that he will visit his mum one day during the week. That way he could spend all evening with his mum and I could go with him too, if he wants. 

The journey back home wasn't so smooth. Alex and I had gotten a taxi to the metrolink to catch the tram to Manchester where we would change over and get the other tram to Rochdale; plan didn't pan out the way we wanted. We caught the tram to Manchester but without any notice, many people rang the information office and was told the trams stopped going towards Bury and Rochdale forty-five minutes before the people had gotten to the platform.

Manchester Metrolink Services need to put up a notice board of times and the time table of when the trams start and when they end. Stupid. How are people supposed to know when they should get to the tram stop before the last one leaves if there is no sign up? 

Therefore, Alex and I had to chance getting the bus in hope that we hadn't missed the last one seen as it was 23:30pm. Thankfully we saw the last bus to Rochdale hadn't left, yet, we still had to wait twenty minutes for it to arrive, BUT the bus wasn't going straight to Rochdale. The bus was only going to Middleton; we would have to pay £12 for a taxi from Middleton Bus Station to Rochdale. 

Travel really costs quite a lot and really takes its toll. All I wanted to do was get home and get to bed because I was exhausted. 

Thankfully, we finally got home at half past midnight, but whatever we needed to do had to wait until the next day. Alexander had to be up four hours later for work too! 

All moaning aside, my Mum, Nana, and Grandma had gotten their Mother's Day flowers and love from me so I guess that they are more important than any travel journey, whether it was walking on glass or swimming twenty miles, if they got their gifts and love, that's all that matters.

Soon Alexander will be visiting his mum for a late Mother's Day and I may go with him if he doesn't mind. Better late than never.

Mother's Day wasn't all bad. 

What did you do for your Mothers on Mother's Day?

Much love,


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely mothers day and the drink in the bus station cafe looked gorgeous! Rebecca || Rebecca Marie | UK Lifestyle Blog
    Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest xxx

    1. Thank you, I did :) it tasted sooo good!!

  2. This looks like you had a lot of fun :) lovely blog


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