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Getting back into the habit of Blogging every day to a couple of days. Quite an achievement seen as I didn't think my life was interesting enough to even blog once a week, and even then it's a Friday so it's not even technically my post, it's Nika's

Now I am back into the swing of things, I thought I would just give you an update about my sleeping pattern and how I have helped it. Believe it or not, I now wake up after an amazing eight hour sleep through meditation and hypnosis. 

Remember when I would be awake at 05:00 blogging about my insomnia and the fact that even though I try and sleep, I just couldn't and would toss and turn whilst listening to Alex snore away peacefully? Well things have completely turned around and my sleeping pattern has done a full U-Turn. 

How have I done this? 

Not long ago, I found a video on YouTube of an eight hour sleep meditation/hypnosis session and thought I would give it a try seen as I am always stressed with thoughts running through my mind when I am trying to sleep. To be honest, when I first wanted to test this hypnosis out, I thought it was a load of crap because I don't believe anyone could be under control by someone or something else. Truth is, this hypnosis and meditation crap is actually really good and helps me a lot.

For the past few days I have used this video and I now go to sleep around 22:30 and wake up around 08:00 which is a great sleep and the most normal pattern I have had in a very very long time. It's like a God-send and whoever made this video is a genius - I am going to use this video every night from now on. 

To be honest, I haven't tried any other video yet but if you have a video in mind or one that you use, please comment me the link so I can give it a gander and see if it is better than the one I am using at the moment. 

Give it a try for about a week and see if it helps you. Comment below and let us know if it has worked for you too; I would love to know. Thanks beauts.

Much love,

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