Support is a Blogger's best friend

When I first started blogging I never really thought about what or how it would affect my life and my lifestyle choices. I also never thought about who would stand by me or to think that it would become anything other than an online journal.

In September it will be my second anniversary of my blog and no one really stood by me with it. My parents thought it was just a bit of fun, yet they used to like reading it, however, now they don't and I am not sure why. My twelve year old sister still reads my blog and has been doing since
day one - I hope I inspire her to blog too as she seems to enjoy reading them.

My twin laughs and thinks my blog is a joke, I can't really remember the last time she read a blog post of mine, or any blog post from anywhere for that matter. No one in my family really reads my blog but I know every now and again my Grandad will sit on his chair with a cup of tea whilst reading my blog on his laptop.

Support is always great when it comes to blogging because it isn't just like writing in a Diary; a lot of time and effort goes into every single one of my blog posts. The amount of promoting, the amount of searching the web, and the amount of Social Media accounts I have that link with my blog is crazy. I spend hours writing blog posts per day, I spend hours promoting, and I spend hours looking at what the latest trends are so I am caught up. It's tiring, plus it affects my eye-sight too. Support is necessary - support is nice.

Honestly, the only person that stands by me and my blog is Alexander. He believes in me like no one else does, he gives me boosts and makes me feel more rewarded with every blog post I make. He sits down when he can and catches up on my latest posts even though he knows exactly what I do each day. Though, he likes to read the posts of my thoughts that I feel easier to type rather than say out loud.

Alexander may not read this today or tomorrow, but one day he will. On that day I hope he realised how truly thankful I am for his support and for the gratitude. Alex if you are reading this, I hope you now realise how thankful I am that even though you watch me everyday spend hours on the internet typing away, that I am always writing for us. Writing for a career. Writing for a future. I am thankful that you support every decision I make, every little thing that I do, thank you Alex.

People need to understand that blogging isn't just a hobby but a way of life, even a career. It may be odd to some people because blogging isn't yet known to be a career to some eyes, but it is and it will soon catch on. Just because I am not out of the house in an office, or working anywhere for that matter, does not mean I am not working. I am. Working from home when blogging is no different to working in an office, the only difference is the destination.

You remember what it is like writing essays in your English classes, don't you? Remember how many hours you spent typing/writing your points and conclusions? Remember the effort you put in to make it perfect? Now think of all that and imagine doing it everyday. Difference is, bloggers love typing what they love, what they think, and what they are passionate about. Whether it's about beauty, fashion, football, food, parenting, relationships, travelling, advice, or even about their everyday lifestyle, it is the time and effort that counts, as well as the support and boosts of confidence that they need to believe in themselves.

Support is key in blogging and without anyone's support, even if your support is a small circle or from strangers, every single bit of support gives every blogger the boost they need and deserve.

There are the obvious anonymous critics out there that try and put the bloggers down after they have spent hours perfecting their blogs, spent hours editing their photos that took hours to capture at the right time and frame. Imagine there was no support towards a blogger and all that blogger got was anonymous critics; where is the confidence boost? Bloggers, everyday, will quit blogging because of critics, time wasters and haters, and they forget the real reason why they started blogging in the first place - they love it.

We love it. We love writing down what we are passionate about. Sadly, there will always be people out there to attempt to crush your dreams and hopes, but some bloggers forget why they started blogging in the first place.

Bloggers: don't forgot the real reason why you started blogging. Don't forget the thrill you first felt when you saw your view count rising, the world reading your blog, the compliments, the rush! Don't forget that you started blogging because you love doing so. Don't let anyone stop you or make you feel worthless. 

The blog is yours. There will always be people out there supporting you quietly or loudly.

Support is a Blogger's best friend.

Much love,



  1. Such a heartfelt post. My parents don't read mine either but I think it's a generation thing too. They also probably couldn't operate the PC enough to find it... Bless them. It can be tough without support but knowing there are other bloggers experiencing the same keeps me motivated..

    Becky @ BKYStewart ~ Eclectic Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you for such kind words BKY! x

  2. Such an incredible post Lauren. I am bless with a very supportive family and fiancee who all push me to blog more as they really like it themselves.. I'm honestly not sure how I'd manage without their support.

    Just remember, for every person that laughs off your blog, you will have at least 20 people in the blogging community that actually love what you're doing and what you're posting. The support is always there lovely, even if you can't see/hear it :)


    1. Ellie, thank you so much. Your comment honestly made me tear up with happiness. Sometimes I do forget that there is a community that will love and support my work, and I shouldn't give up xx

  3. Hi Lauren, i clicked on your blog link after you left a comment on my blog. Why i have the feeling that you are disappointing of something? This post comes truly from your heart and it is really beautiful said. Blogging community is very supportive, trust me. To be honest i have never cared if my family read my blog as i know i enjoy it and i am good about doing it in my own way. So you should concentrate more on connecting with people with the same interests as yours. Blogging community on Twitter is lovely and if you participate in Twitter Chats more often you should definitely see positive outcome. x

    1. Ninz, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Thank you for the kind words and the boost I feel from this. Your support is appreciated more than you think and has made me feel happier than I was before I posted. I occasionally join chats but I really should join more - the positive vibes rub off on me and I always support the community. Thank you again xx

  4. Lauren, you are so honest in writing, its really made me feel good. I wish you will keep on writing from the core of your heart. Great.

    1. Thank you so much Lootlo.Asia!! I am so glad it made you feel this way :') x

  5. Great, personal post. :) One you can look back on in another year and feel a lot differently about, as I feel this is quite a sad post..?
    I don;t keep my blog a secret, however at (31) and non of my friends really/to my knowledge know about blogs etc, I've never really brought it up or mentioned it. A few do follow my instagram and have somehow followed my blog twitter as well or instead of my personal, but I've never made a song and dance out of being a blogger.
    My husband supports me (is made to), he helps with photos and we have evenings where we do our own thing, me blog and him ps4, so I can catch up once our little boy is in bed..
    I find it an odd thing to bring up and mention. It is only a hobby, but even I myself have moments where I think, why am I doing this, what is this really all But I do enjoy it.
    As you're last paragraph reads, blog because you love it, you enjoy it. Blogging is so many skills. Writing, web design, marketing, photography.. You have to have that passion for everything for it to be anything. :)


    1. Thank you for your kind words and taking time to write it :)

      I'm so glad you have the support from your husband, i feel the support from your spouse is most important as they are the ones you hold onto with your passions and hobbies. Like Alexander, he supports me to and he does his own thing too.
      Like yourself, I don't sing and dance about my blog, but I will promote it to strangers via twitter and Google+, I just feel different and more nervous if my family and friends read my blog.

      Thank you again for commenting!


  6. I also never thought how much blogging would mean to me when I first started it (almost three years ago) and I just love blogging - I can't imagine stopping! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
      Your blog is lovely by the way, I pop by every now and then :)

      Much love


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